July 4, 1999
Today we would like to take you on a guided tour of Terra, so that you will have some idea of your destination and will then be able to relate better to the changes you are experiencing as you transform yourselves into those beings you will express as in the Terran landscape. We begin our tour from space, where we see Terra gleaming as a perfect blue pearl in the “sky” [of space]. She inspires love just to look at her. She gleams with an “un-Earthly” light, as she is now glorified beyond your ability to imagine. To physical eyes, she would appear as a blue-white star, but to those eyes that can see at the finer levels of reality, she is radiant and welcoming to all those who operate on the frequencies of Love.

Extraordinary light streams from her, for at this stage she does not reflect light (as in her present state), but radiates it. (You will all be very radiant, too!) We hear a sound. It is exquisite — the “music of the spheres.” It is the sound that every planet makes when it is totally harmonized with its place in the cosmos. To your present state of mind, it would sound truly “heavenly.” When you are there, you will “live heaven”; your moment-to-moment experience will be that you are in “heaven,” as it can be glimpsed through the shadows of your present state of awareness.

Drawing in closer now, we are struck by the fact that everything on the surface of the planet — its trees, animals, birds, fish in the oceans, but also the trees and flowers, even the air itself — is radiant with beauty, peace, and harmony. It is the crowning of Earth’s own exploration of her theme of “seeking harmony in diversity.” Every atom of this reality is in full consciousness, is fully aware of every other atom in that reality and consciously cooperating with the whole. It is like many voices merged into one glorious song.

To grasp an inkling of how pervasive this level of cooperation is, suppose that at some future moment, you would experience the desire for a piece of fruit from some particular tree that you will pass. That tree would put forth a blossom and form that fruit in such a way that it will be at its moment of perfect ripeness just as you pass by and put up your hand for it. Actually, a measure of the same thing happens to you now, but there is so much “static” on the line, so to speak, that you are not aware of it. Everything always is and has been coordinated perfectly, but we digress. On Terra, all IS the expression of unobstructed perfection. Everything is raised and glorified to its most exalted physical expression.    

This is a physical world, or at least it is experienced that way. You will do the same types of things that you do now, but you will do them in a perfected way. You will still eat, make love, sleep, meditate, have pursuits that please you, but you will not be restricted by the constraints of an economic system that seeks only to take from you. In the perfected level of cooperation that exists on Terra, all parts support all the other parts. There is no poverty, disease, or dying in the sense that you now experience. When you eat a piece of fruit, it merges with you and becomes you, so it has not died; it has only changed form.    

You will all be immortal beings. You will simply change form also, but you will do it without needing to “die and be reborn.” You will be able to transition from one adult form to another. There will be children born on Terra. There will be families. But the children being born will be the projections of those souls whose third-density vehicles were shed and who “qualify” for fourth-density existence. Once they are “born” into fourth density, they need never “die” again. They will simply move on to other realms of experience and service. The rate of reproduction on Terra is precisely balanced with the harmony of the whole. Not one leaf, fruit, or child comes into that world that is not in keeping with the harmony of the whole. There is no excess; there is no lack. As expressed in your tale of Goldilocks [and the Three Bears], it will be “just right.”

As we said in our last message, you will operate from an inner knowing of what is “right.” Terra will function as one giant organism, with each of the forms that exist on her functioning perfectly as part of that organism, just as the cells in a perfectly healthy body carry out their roles in harmony with the whole. Some things will seem like they are simply higher versions, more perfected versions, of things you are already familiar with. People will still make love, for example, but no child will be conceived until it is the perfect moment for that to occur. You will be totally free to explore your sexual expression without fear of unwanted consequences. There is no death or disease on Terra, no need for protection from unwanted conditions. Everything proceeds in harmony with the whole. You are totally free to create whatever you wish, but you will only want to create in harmony with the whole.

Terra will be the garden spot of the galaxy, a living “school” in which the various cultures of the galaxy will be able to experience living in harmony with others who are very different from themselves. There will be distinct communities of every type of being that qualifies for Terran life. Each community will have its own ways, its own cultural predilections. One will be able to tour these different “villages” and experience the different cultural flavors that exist in the galaxy, and see how they can all relate to one another in harmony and peace.    

Terra is the crown jewel of the galaxy, at least that portion of it that is functioning as fourth-density positive. There is a vibrational “barrier” at these higher levels that prevents any being or lifeform from entering the Terran space if that lifeform is not “qualified” by its own energy to do so. That is why you will not see disease-producing organisms there. They are the stuff of lower frequencies and are of the negative polarity expression, which has to do with entropy and death. Those who choose the negative polarity will have an abundance of death and disease, but they will have their own version of Earth to explore. Terra is not available to them.

So what will you do with yourselves? For one thing, you will travel a great deal. You will travel from one community to another, and to different spots in the galaxy that serve your further exploration and experience of life. You see, Terra will not have drama anymore. It will be very “tame,” compared to your present experience. 

There will not be any mountains, as mountains occur only when there is tension and collision between the crustal plates. The present Earth has such monuments to the strains she has been put under, but on Terra, all of these will be smoothed out. The surface will be even and sculpted into the most beautiful gardens. Even the atmosphere will be in harmony. There will only be gentle rains — no thunderstorms. You may want to travel to other places to experience some of the excitement that such dramatic displays provide. You will be totally free to find whatever pleases you to experience, both on the planet and off of it.

We cannot speak in detail of your individual paths or experiences, because you are all unique and your explorations and preferences will be unique. We can only speak in general terms, as you will only discover the exact nature of your life as you live it. That will still be true at all levels of reality, as even the Creator likes to be surprised. That is why the Creator plays hide-and-seek with Itself through Its many forms. There is always a mystery unfolding, and one never reaches the end. 

The Creation is always birthing itself, so there is no end to the possible experiences that can be had. It is a lot like a fractal design. Each part of the fractal unfolds itself a little like a “twig off the old tree,” but it does so in symmetry and perfection, and gives rise to other branches of itself that go on to do the same. That is how the Creator creates, like a fractal. It is the simplest expression that allows for all possibilities. Each point in the Creation is like a “seed” in a fractal. It becomes a site through which the Creator can unfold itself endlessly, creating new branches as it grows.
You are each one of those seed-points, and you are each a co-creator with the Creator, directly unfolding a particular exploration of reality from within you. We will have a discussion of how the different geometrical forms express this unfoldment at a later time. We mention these things now in order for you to have the proper context in which to place our words. In the end, you must experience it before you will “know” it, but we share these pictures with you now to give you a vision of “things to come” that you can hold in your hearts and minds and that will sustain you through the years of transition that lie directly ahead.

We will return to these thoughts in later messages. Each message will build upon the information of the previous messages, unfurling in a perfect spiral. That is the shape of the evolutionary path. (The devolutionary path is a spiral, also, but instead of expanding infinitely, it compresses infinitely until at some point it must reverse course and begin expanding again or it will entirely disappear.) You are being lifted out of your mundane experience by your ability to respond to the incoming frequencies of light. You built yourself to be able to do this at the appointed time. It is encoded in your cells, in your cellular memory. That is why you cannot “earn” your way onto Terra. 

You made the choice for that destination before you came into your present vehicle. If someone appears to be “missing the mark,” or not “getting the message,” consider the possibility that they are that way by their own soul’s choice. There are no accidents. Everything is being coordinated from the highest levels of your being, but as we said before, the Creator loves to be surprised, so you will only discover what you “planned” to do as it unfolds from within you across time. (Time is what keeps everything from happening at once, you know.)

Life is a constantly unfolding journey, and that will not change when you get to Terra. You will continue to explore your own unique expression, but in conscious harmony with the whole. Your own creative impulses and curiosity will spur you on. You will neither be “bored to death“ or numbed by perfection. Rather, you will finally be totally free to create, and what you create will be your own branch of the Creation.    

We leave you now in peace and honor and blessing. We shall speak to you again.    

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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