July 2, 1999
In this Message, we will attempt to paint a picture of what is currently playing out on planet Earth. There is a mixture of energies, due to the workings of the interlopers. We have been assigned the task of separating them out from one another and making sure that each one gets to their proper “destination.” If you see strange things happening — what you might call “miracles” — you will know that we are at work behind the scenes.    

The weather patterns have already shifted dramatically, You can see this in the droughts, floods, hurricanes, and odd seasonal weather. However, that is nothing more than the planet’s expression of ridding herself of all the negativity she has absorbed from the actions and thoughts of the humans who occupy her. She is merely “shaking herself loose” of the accumulated debris of human activity so that she can herself rise in frequency to meet her own appointment with destiny.    

She will begin to “shake” in others ways, too. She is going to develop a “fever,” with the aid of the sun, and that fever will do the same thing on the planetary surface as does a fever in a human being or an animal. The purpose of a fever is to burn off any foreign invaders (in the human/animal case, these would be the bacteria or viruses or foreign proteins of any kind) and to restore balance, or homeostasis. The weather patterns are the first symptoms of the Earth’s disease process beginning to clear itself.
There will be other symptoms of this process, as well. There will be eruptions of the volcanic and geothermal type, just as boils appear on the surface of one’s skin to eliminate toxins. There will be earthquakes as the Earth shudders herself free of the accumulated strains along the interfaces of her various parts. There will be massive bombardment by solar emanations, as well as the effects of a band of energy that your solar system has begun to transit. All of these things will be working together to provide the cleansing and purification that is needed, in order that the Earth may rise and achieve her station as Terra.

In these times, everything on the Earth will suffer the effects. There will not be any way to avoid it. Those who for now have artificial means of protecting themselves will soon see the loss of those means. Everything and everyone will be affected. However, there will be help for those who go within and find their security there. Inside of each of you, there is a center that allows you to connect with Source. It is more felt than seen, as it is invisible to the physical senses, but it is there. 

Those who meditate know what this feels like. It is not localized in any one part of the body. Rather, it is a feeling of expansion and comfort. If you do not meditate, now is a good time to start. Simply follow your breath as is goes in and out, and if your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the breath. You do not need any more technique than this. It helps if you meditate in the same place and at the same times every day, so it becomes a habit to go within. In this way, you will be able to not only receive the guidance or sense of what is yours to do, but you will also be positioning yourself to begin to receive the new information that will start to come in as your light fibers are reconnected.

Remember, there is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for what is coming. If you think you are in charge, you will cut yourself off from the flow of information that comes from a higher source. Your own ego is programmed for the survival of your body. It is stimulated by fear. Your meditation practice is the place where you can find a “safe place” in which you need simply to listen. You cannot prepare for something that you don’t know will come. You don’t know when or where or how you will need to cope with these coming Earth changes. If you are connected to Source, you will be led in what to do. If you are being run by your fear, you will make poor choices, and you will reap what you sow in that you will experience everything that you fear. You will draw it to yourselves through the principle of resonance. 

So, then, have we frightened you? That is good. As soon as a fear rises to your consciousness, that is your opportunity to trace it back to its roots and “uproot” it. This is your part of the bargain, your part of the work. If you remember, we defined love as the absence of fear, trust in the Creator, and the willingness to lay down your life for the truth. All of these go hand in hand. You are either in fear or you are in love. You must make this choice over and over again, in each moment that presents. When a birth is taking place, the labor pains come closer and closer together as the moment of actual birth approaches.

As we have said, you have now reached the critical point in which the rate of change will spiral upward exponentially. So remember to breathe. Give your meditation time or “quiet time” the highest priority, so that you can begin to eradicate those fears that you have left. Only those with love in their hearts — not fear — will be lifted. The vibration of fear will not be compatible with the new Earth, Terra. There will be no death, disease, or aging on Terra. All of those things are the result of unexpressed fear.    

The ultimate fear is the fear of death. Despite the abundant testimony of those who have been “to death’s door” and returned to tell about it, the fear of death underlies every other fear you have. Many subtle fears are tied to the idea of being socially unacceptable in one way or another. This subtly equates with ostracism, which in primitive cultures can lead to death from starvation or the lack of community support. This fear vanishes when you feel “connected” to Source. You carry within you the necessary comfort and faith, so that you are not swayed by outer appearances. Find others of like mind if you can, and perform group meditations on a regular basis. They will help you in strengthening the feeling of being part of a larger movement, a movement back to Source.    

We have spoken of the interlopers and how they interfered with the plan for this planet and everything upon her. These simple practices will remove you from the blind acceptance of the results of what they have done. It may not look or feel like you are doing much, but this is the ultimate rebellion. Those who are angrily demanding change from their government are placing their efforts in the wrong direction. You are perhaps familiar with the doctrine, “As above, so below.” The second part of that is “As within, so without.” If you want your world to be a safe place for you, you must first create your safety within yourself. Note that the change must occur “within” you before it is reflected “without” (outside of you).    

You each have the potential to become warriors for the truth. The truth is that you do not need to die, that you CAN live a long and productive life that fulfills you in every way, and that you have never been and never will be separate from Source. The Christ has never left you, either, and so he cannot “return.” This waiting for the “coming” that is present in all traditions throughout your world is really an expression of the sense of being cut off, of not being connected. The “coming” is about YOU, your coming back into the awareness of who you really are (an expression of the Creator) and coming back into your own true nature and estate. 

You are the “Second Coming,” because you are destined to return or “come back“ to what you were before. All the feelings that you must have a savior who is somehow out of reach is part of the Big Lie. There is only one Source, There is only ONE LIFE being lived, through each aspect of the Creation. You are both a part of and contain the whole of the Creator. The Creator can be accessed within yourself, and when you have achieved union with the Creator, you will know who you are.    

We leave you now in peace and honor and blessing, and shall speak to you again.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth, We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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