July 3. 1999
Today’s message is about the different exit paths that will lead out of this one shared reality that you view as your home. It is true that you all see one picture now, but gradually this will change. It will not be noticeable at first, but it shall become increasingly amplified with the passage of time.

The greatest number of people will pass through the portal you call physical death. It is not true that they “die,” but that is what it looks like to those who remain behind in the third dimension. They simply pass out of their bodies onto a different plane of reality that is normally invisible to those on “the other side” of the boundary between the planes. 

For the rest, the experience will be somewhat different. A relatively small number will meet the criteria for moving on to Terra. Those are the ones that we will evacuate in their physical bodies. The others will think that they are still living on the same planet, but there will be a splitting off of realities, so that different timelines appear. To each person on a given timeline, it will seem as though a lot of people have simply disappeared. However, so much will be going on at the phenomenal level, that even this apparent disappearance will scarcely be noticed. They will be far too busy dealing with the challenges of moment-to-moment life. We are going to only speak of the experience for those who are destined for Terra. That is our concern in these messages, although it is to be understood that the audience to whom we speak is very, very small.    

A linkup is beginning to occur between those individuals who share a common destiny path. This is true for all of the different timelines. Through the principle of resonance, each “finds their own,” so to speak. Each person will find that they are meeting total strangers with whom they instantly feel at home. With others, even ones who have been familiar in the past, it will be as if you are suddenly speaking different languages. 

In fact, you are. Language is symbolic, and different cultures have different symbol systems. Each group will differentiate more and more from the others. It will be experienced as a “pull” or a “push.” You will either feel attracted to certain individuals or you will feel a disconnect taking place with other individuals. You will either “like” them or you will feel anything ranging from mild disinterest to strong dislike. You will not be totally neutral toward anyone. Even though there is only ONE LIFE being lived, there is still the aspect of the uniqueness of each expression of that one life, and therefore there are certain tendencies to group in larger “families,” rather than to identify with all people at the same time. 

The people who are destined to go to Terra will resonate strongly with these messages. Underneath the words, there is a strong vibratory signature that will trigger a response of “true” from within oneself, even if one does not totally comprehend all that is being said. You will either find yourself saying “Yes!!!!” or you will be repulsed. There is no in-between.    

Those that are destined for Terra will be drawn to this material in three waves. The first of these is made up of the leadership, those who made a soul decision to be among the architects and builders of the new world. They are equipped by their souls for the task. All of these decisions are made at the soul level. We cannot stress that too strongly. One does not “earn” the right to go to Terra. One has chosen it as part of their soul’s desired arena of expression and experience. 

True “free will” only exists at the soul level, where all is already known. To ask a blindfolded person to chart their course would be ridiculous, and everyone in a body who has not achieved a permanent state of Union with the Creator is essentially blindfolded. Only those who are fully awakened to and aligned with their soul can know the wisdom of the choices they make. You are not yet fully conscious, but you will be before this transition phase is complete.

To make the trip to Terra, all that is NOT of the proper vibratory level will be expelled from you. As you are raised in frequency, you will naturally be able to access more and more of the higher levels of existence. This will seem strange when it begins to happen, because the higher realities are not at all as “solid” as the one you are used to in your present form. They are a lot more “fluid,” in that there are no solid boundaries. If you have ever read a good piece of stream-of-consciousness writing or had a lucid dream in which every conscious thought affected what you experienced as your environment, then you have some idea of what we are talking about.

So you will experience two separate and simultaneous processes — the expulsion of all that is NOT compatible with Terra and the unfoldment of the sorts of experiences that make up the moment-to-moment way of doing things at the next level of reality. They will seem rather strange to you at first, but if you can remember to breathe (and keep breathing) and to keep letting go of all your ideas about reality, you will have an easier time of it. 

On Terra, you will operate with “beginner’s mind.” You will create in an “as-you-go” manner, with no real reference to what has gone before and no real plan of where you intend to go. Each action is both a result of the one just before it and the seed of the one that will follow. Each moment contains within it everything needed for its completion, but it is an experience of constant movement without any external referent to tell you which way you are going. 

Your entire process will be one of creating your reality without anything but curiosity to lead you. It will be as if there is an invisible finger always beckoning to you, “this way, this way.” And you will go that way without hesitation, because you will have a perfect internal sense of it feeling “right” to do so. You will not question where it leads or what the consequences will be. You will be a fully-conscious, fully-trusting point of awareness that is always discovering itself in the moment, with no fixed idea of who it is or what it is supposed to be doing.

In some ways that is not so different from what you are used to. The further one goes on the spiritual path, the less definite one’s self-perception becomes. You drop all of your accumulated “training” in how and who you are supposed to be, and instead become as innocent as an unspoiled child, totally authentic in each and every moment you experience. 

We are telling you this so you will not think there is something wrong with you when your memory begins to go, when you have trouble remembering things that relate to time and past and future. You will be less inclined to make plans, because as soon as you do, you will find things have changed and you will very quickly realize the futility of trying to second-guess the next turn in the road. This is as it should be. You are simply shedding your conditioned responses and becoming more authentically who your soul wishes you to be.

Your body probably has had some strange feelings going off in it lately — a little like pings and pops in the most unlikely places, and with no apparent order or logic. You may have felt a surprising tenderness [soreness] in some places. You may run a fever or feel heat in some localized portion of your body. These are all signs of energetic patterns being cleared or corrected. Your “wiring” has been dysfunctional for quite a while. Now your circuits are being repaired and the life current is beginning to flow again. 

As it does, where there are “blockages” of stagnant energy, you will experience a temporary congestion, which is expressed as heat or mild pain. You may ease this process with finger pressure on the affected spots. You do not need to press hard. Just make firm contact with the spot and hold the intention that the energy blockage will dissolve and let the energy flow smoothly through that area. Use your intuition or your subtle senses to tell you when you are “done” with the spot. With practice, you can feel the energy begin to move, and then settle down into an even flow.
We have already spoken about the importance of meditation. We cannot emphasize too strongly how important it is that you make the time and space for regular attempts at connecting with Source. Whether you are new to this or an “old hand,” it is important to develop a strong habit of inner listening. Your life depends on it, in that you must be able to hear and respond to the inner promptings that speak ever so softly within you. We will give you more simple techniques for honing this ability as we go on, but for now we just wanted to let you know that this is more important in getting you to where you are supposed to go than anything else you could do.    

In addition to meditation, it is important that you love and cherish yourself enough to make your spiritual practice the center of your life. Everything you do should support it. If it means creating a “sacred space” in your home, do that. Use pictures, objects, incense, candles, lighting, furniture, cloths — anything that will visually remind you that you are dedicating yourself to the attainment of your destiny. 

You will want to simplify your life if it is too crowded with activity, to clear the way for more “quiet time.” Baths are good if you can use them to relax further, to become more receptive. Essential oils that make you feel relaxed and open are helpful. Anything that assists you in the redirection of your attention to what is going on inside of you will help. Turning off the TV will be a BIG help!!!    

The reason we are speaking to you in this way at this time is to assist you in your transition from an ordinary “Earth human” back to the magnificent creature — a child of the Universe — that you are. All of these messages have as their intention the redirection of your priorities to what is really important — those actions, thoughts, and intentions that are supportive of your return to full Mastery, for only Masters will occupy Terra. We will have more to say on that subject later.    

As things “amp up” on the Earth plane, there will be much going on to distract you. There will be dramatic occurrences of all kinds. Your transition to Terra will go more smoothly if you can distance yourself from getting too caught up in the drama. 

Your media is the worst offender in the purveying of drama. Drama sells. In a world based on consumption rather than conservation, drama plays a big role in driving things forward in a downward direction. It will look and feel like everything is coming apart. It will look and CAN feel like you are at risk or in danger in some way, as the “chickens” lose their heads and go about shrieking that the sky is falling. 

You are not chickens. You are eagles. You will soar. While others are still pecking at the ground for crumbs, you will be taking your place at the banquet table. We are telling you this now, because soon your perceptual screen will be filled with scenes of drama. Detach from it. It is not what it appears. 

Just as your body experiences strange localized clearings, the body of the Earth will be doing the same. It is all in Divine Order and as it should be. As the body of the Earth experiences localized clearings, the thoughtforms that were frozen there will be released. All of the human experience will be playing out before your eyes, a re-run of a different kind than your usual summer fare. Just remember to create your sanctuary within yourself and you will not be so inclined to get caught up in the hysteria. 

You must become calm in the midst of the storm, like the eye of a hurricane. No one can provide this for you. You can receive support for this, but you must be in your inner sanctuary to receive it. Let your physical senses see and hear what is going on around you if you wish, but withdraw your sense of “you” deeply within. 

Give yourself as much quiet time as you can. Listen, listen, listen inside. Tune out the noise of the rising chaos. Become quieter as things become louder. Wean yourself from the media of all kinds. Nothing “out there” has anything to offer but more chaos, more things to be afraid of. Even the “human interest” stories have at their core a feeling of estrangement from one another. They tend to view other people’s lives like looking at germs under a microscope. They elevate the emotions to keep you caught up in the drama. Disconnect from that manipulation of your reality. Go inside for your “news of the day.” You will find that your inner “station” is the one that tells you what you really need to know.    

We shall speak to you again. For now, we leave you in peace and honor and blessing.    

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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