July 1, 1999 
What people have come to think of as a human being actually is a hybrid creature, born of the manipulations of the interlopers. In the beginning, the Adamic seed was created whole and fully formed. It was designed to act as a steward of whatever world it found itself upon. To this end, it had the power of reason and the power to love and care for things other than itself. It had a unique genetic pattern that also allowed it full access to the higher dimensions and the wisdom contained in the Akasha, or Hall of Records. 

The interlopers were originally from this same seed but a perversion crept in. Somehow the ability to love and care for others became distorted and replaced by a sense of disconnection that resulted in fear. In this fearful state, everything and everyone became perceived as an enemy, someone or something that posed a threat and therefore had to be controlled or dominated.

From this original distortion of the design for the Adamic race, a dark spiral began to unfurl and to block and interfere with the Light from Source Creator. It began to spread itself through the many worlds of the Father, and wherever it went, this distortion created chaos. 

The life force is principally an ordering force. It acts against the tendency toward entropy. In any system, if some energy is not sustaining the system, it will dissolve and return to a more elemental state. In all systems, there is an ordering force or there would not be form. The evolutionary imperative is toward more complexity, toward more complex systems. The force of entropy is counter-evolutionary. It moves away from complexity toward simpler forms. In this sense, one can see the ordering force and the force of entropy as tending to oppose and balance each other. Since we have dubbed the ordering force as a life force, we can think of the force of entropy as a “death force” or “death wish,” as all is consciousness and thought creates.

If we now look at the actions of the interlopers, we can see that they oppose the life force. Their principal activity sows dissent, competition instead of cooperation, and generally leads to a breakdown of any system that they penetrate successfully. They perceive of “self above all” as their guiding tenet, whereas the Adamic seed was designed to place self WITHIN the context of “all.”    

The Creator designed the Creation to reflect the Creator. The Creator is the source of the life force, the ordering principle that operates on the matrix of Mind and gives it form. The interlopers have distorted the original design, and we have been given the task of restoring all things to their original Divine estate. In the case of Earth, at this point in time that means to restore both the planet and its lifeforms to their original destiny plan- to their original evolutionary path.

The true human is a special case in the Creation. It shares many aspects with the Creator. If the Earth is in keeping with her blueprint, she will soon manifest as “The Garden” of the galaxy. And the true humans will act as her “Gardeners,” in keeping with their stewardship role. Since Operation Terra is intended to restore Earth to her true destiny path, it follows that the so-called human beings must also be restored to theirs — to become true humans.
What does this mean? To understand the answer to this, one must look at what has changed. The DNA, which carries the codes for the operation of all the bodily processes, must be restored and elevated back to its original frequency of Light. The “shadows” cast by the interlopers must be cleansed and purified out of the system, and all of the entropic thoughtforms of separation, disease, and dying must be cleansed from the cellular memory patterns, which are carried in the DNA. Those portions of the DNA that were rendered inactive will have to be restored to full functionality, which carries with it the gift of full consciousness. If one could see the light bodies of animate forms, one would also see a web of infinitely delicate light fibers interconnecting all things, all the way back to the Source. These connections funnel in through the subtle energy channels of the body — the meridians of acupuncture and the chakras and nadis of the Sanskrit-based languages and cultures. 

To restore these energy channels to full function requires a purification. The source of this is the application of certain frequencies of sound and light to gradually repair the “dropped connections.” While it is true that there are many healers using the technologies of sound and light, the kind of “remedy” needed to restore all the lifeforms of Earth (including the human beings) is beyond the ability of even the most gifted healers. The scope of the “operation” is simply too large for any individual or organization to provide. There is a time coming when an even greater amount of light and sound will be available than has been in the past. The effect of this will be to shake loose anything that is not resonant with the original blueprint for the planet and all the lifeforms upon her. You have perhaps become familiar with “ultrasonic cleaning.” This is a good metaphor for the process. 
In ultrasonic cleaning, a piece of dirty jewelry is placed in a bath of cleaning solution. High frequency sound waves move through the solution, shaking the dirt loose but leaving the jewelry intact. It’s a very precise and safe method, as it does not disturb anything but the dirt that is encrusted on the jewelry.    

Every lifeform is a jewel in the crown of the Creator. An order has gone forth through the Creation that the original blueprint must be restored. Accordingly, every aspect of the Creation that is not in keeping with its original blueprint will be restored. In this case, the distortions are being “bathed” in Love and high-frequency sound is being used to shake loose all the accumulated “dirt” that is keeping the jewel from reflecting the Creator’s Light.    

The energy from Source is too powerful to be used directly. It must be “stepped down” through a series of “lenses” or “transformers,” much as your household electric current is stepped down through a series of transformers to a level that can be used by your household appliances. So it is with this process. The energy is stepped down until it is at a level that can accomplish the desired result without destroying the target altogether.    

We entitled this message, “On Becoming a ‘Human’ Being.” We chose this title so that you, the reader, could understand what is happening to you. You and every lifeform on the planet have been receiving a ”bath” of Love for many years now. It has gradually increased, in a geometric fashion, over a long period of time. If you are familiar with geometric curves, you will know that the effects are at first almost insignificant, but as the powers build upon one another, each step up the spiral becomes more and more pronounced. For example 2 X 2=4 and 2 X 2 X 2=8, or twice the first step. From 4 to 8 is not a big change. But after only 8 steps, the total is 256, an increase of 128 times the original number. The next step is 512, then 1024, and so on. You can see that the changes at the beginning were relatively small, but then each successive step becomes more massive. If you were to plot this on a curve, at a certain critical point, the curve would go almost straight up, toward infinity.

This is where you are at the time of this message. You are within the ”critical zone” and the amount of energy streaming over you is increasing so rapidly that you can’t help but notice the effects. If you watch your TV or read your newspapers and magazines, everything seems to be purring along, ”business as usual.” There are some ”bumps in the road,” such as school children taking up guns and killing other school children, peculiar weather patterns, droughts, wildfires, and intense storms. But what doesn’t make the news are the subtle changes in the entire substrate. The reason the killings take place is that they are a SYMPTOM of what is really going on. Everything that is not in keeping with the original blueprint is being flushed out of the Earth system. These behaviors are SYMPTOMS of the underlying patterns of death and disease that have operated ”under cover” for a very long time. This is coming to an end, but it will all surface as it leaves the system, just like one sees the pus coming out of an abscess when it finally opens up and heals itself from beneath the surface.    

People have begun to notice that something strange is going on. Perhaps they are afraid to talk about it, or they busy themselves with activities that take their minds off of it. They distract themselves and worry about this or that, but the real worry is deep under the surface, gnawing at them. ”What is going on?” they wonder, but they don’t speak of this with others, so they don’t know that others are experiencing the same thing. Your media looks for different ways to ENTERTAIN you. Remember the Romans? “Bread and circuses.” That’s how they kept the general populace from becoming restless. They were kept fed and entertained. But the Roman circuses were not the stuff of clowns and cotton candy. They pitted human against human, human against animal. It is not so different today.    

But now that will not be sufficient. With the increase in Light and sound, things are going to get pretty intense — so intense that the entertainment will fade into the background as people struggle to cope with the enormous wave of change that is sweeping the planet. It shows up a little in the rate of change in your computer technology, but that is only a tiny glimpse of the degree of change that is now occurring. And as we said before, this is a geometric progression. It is a spiral that will take in more and more as it turns faster and faster.    

Some will refuse to change. You have all known someone that would “rather fight than switch.” They will resist change to such an extent that they would literally rather DIE than change. Many will make this choice. Know that when you see this happen, it isn’t anyone’s “fault.” It was their plan all along. Their soul had made that decision before it came into their body. They are simply going to go out of this body and eventually take up another, so that they can continue with their “lessons.” No big deal. You’ve all been doing that for a very long time, also.    

Others have been embracing change for many years. They have learned the lesson of “surrender.” Instead of “fighting,” they have decided to ACCEPT the direction of their life and have decided to ACCEPT the consequences of that choice. No blame. You haven’t seen them on TV. They aren’t in People magazine. They are pretty invisible, but they are nearly ready to make their appearance on the world stage. They have been preparing for this for a long time, so they will be among the first to manifest the “true human” form. They will be helping others to ACCEPT the necessity of change and to make as grace-full (i.e. filled with Grace) a transition as possible.    

The amount of love that is available to you is staggering. There are so many beings on all levels of the Creator’s kingdom that are massed to assist you in this transition. They are holding the portals open so that more and more love is stepped down through their hearts to yours. If you could see them and know how many there are assisting you, you would be overcome with emotion at the idea that you were somehow worthy of such a gift. That is because of the shadows within you that have convinced you of your smallness, of your powerlessness. The interlopers made you that way so they could use you for their purposes.    

But you are a true jewel in the crown of the Creation. We have come to provide the high-frequency sound to shake you loose of all that keeps you from shining forth and perfectly reflecting the Creator’s Light. We are bathing you in a virtual ocean of Love. All you need to do is to SURRENDER and ACCEPT the gift. You will have to “die” to your idea of how small and powerless you are in order to become a “true human.” You will have to ACCEPT the information that begins to flood into you as your light filaments become reconnected to the Source. You will have to deal with your feelings when you discover how much of what you thought was important was part of the “Big Lie.” But you have so much help. “Let go and let God” is a good phrase to express the degree of surrender that you must achieve.

We have defined love as the lack of fear, trust in the Creator, and the willingness to put your life on the line for the truth. We ask you now to move into your true estate, based on that definition of love, to allow yourselves to cast off your shame and guilt and receive the love that you are. We are here to help you.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
Copyright Celestial Way, 1999-2015, All Rights Reserved
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