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Welcome to Operation Terra!

If you are making the journey to the New Earth, then you have come to the right place! This site will tell you what you need to know. It is based on a series of Messages that I received from a group of higher-level beings who refer to themselves as the Hosts of Heaven. They explain the significance of these times and offer guidance for making the journey to the New Earth as comfortable as possible.

Planet Earth is ascending to become the new Earth, Terra. As Planet Earth rises in frequency, the lower-frequency energies that she has absorbed over her lifetime as a planet are being flushed out and released. This is why we are revisiting and re-experiencing the actions and ideas of the past on a global scale. We are living in what is often called “the end times” or “last days,” and this is the grand finale of all that has gone before.

Twelve stargates will provide the exit paths (timelines) for 12 different “futures.” Only one of those will lead to the New Earth (Terra). The other timelines will lead to other destinations and experiences.

Each of these timelines will contain 5% or less of the present population and will not be visible to those on the other timelines. These realities will be mutually exclusive, even though each of them originates from our current shared reality.

Operation Terra began approximately 4.5+ billion years ago, when a group of 144,000 elohim joined together to create this sector of reality. Planet Earth was created with the intention that she would eventually become Terra.

The emergence of Terra will mark a turning point in the evolution of the entire galaxy. This will lead to a new level of cooperation for the positive-polarity civilizations and the eventual elimination of the negative-polarity civilizations within our galaxy, and ultimately for the entire Creation.

Those of us who came down from the higher levels to support the planet’s ascension are also ascending from our current physical expression. We are returning to who and how we were before.

When we have completed our transformation and it is time for us to do so, we will physically evacuate those who are coming with us to Terra. This will be necessary because (on the timeline to Terra) Planet Earth will undergo a physical Pole Shift that will leave her totally barren and devoid of all life above the mineral kingdom.

Some lifeforms from Planet Earth must be taken care of during the time Planet Earth is uninhabitable and completing her transformation. These lifeforms also must transform into the forms that will occupy Terra and bring forth more of their kind. This is a process that will progress in stages, and not be complete for approximately 200 years from now. (See the About OT section of this site for more details about all of this.)

This is the next step for human, planetary and galactic evolution. We are now approaching the end of this entire Creation cycle, which will pave the way for the emergence of a totally new Creation. This site describes the details of this process and tells us how to make the most of this once-in-a-Creation opportunity.

The Hosts are fifth-density beings. They live and operate outside of linear time, so although I received their Messages many years ago, it is only now that we can observe the accuracy of what they had told us would occur. (All of the Messages display their original dates, to give you a sense of just how long this has taken to play out at a physical level.)

The Hosts transmitted their Messages telepathically to me over a period of several years. They are always with me and are helping me to ascend by constantly pouring cleansing energies over and through my body. (Each of us has a team of invisible helpers who are aiding our ascension process. This is not something we could do on our own.)

This is a process of clearing our cellular memory, similar to the planet being cleansed of the energies she has accumulated over her history as a planet. None of the old energies can be taken into the new Creation, so this cleansing is a necessary part of the entire ascension process — for the planet and for every lifeform upon her.

The Hosts have said that each person’s experience will be uniquely their own. They have also indicated that it is important for us to become more self-reliant and independent of all outside authorities, even them.

That is why there have been long periods when the Hosts were not saying anything at all. They wanted us to learn to listen to the quiet voice within ourselves instead of listening to anyone else.

Everyone has the capacity to discern what is “right action” for them in each moment. “Listen within” and “Let go, Let God” will be the best way to navigate your course through the days ahead.

As for me, my third-density name is Sara. I will express as Adonna during the evacuation and on Terra, which will be a fourth-density reality. I also express in the fifth density as one of the Hosts, named Oriole. Since all of my expressions exist simultaneously, I use the signature “Sara/Adonna/Oriole” to represent this view of my reality.

Your script has already been written by your Oversoul, so you can be certain that you will get to where you are supposed to go. No one else has your answers or a way to eliminate the necessity of doing one’s own inner work, so just remember to breathe, listen within, remain grounded and centered, and to take each day as it comes, step after step after step.

You will discover the details of your journey by making the journey itself, so do what you can to find pleasure in each moment. The moment is the only place anything can ever happen. Past and future only exist in one’s mind.

Love and blessings,

SITE SERVICES: This site offers a free mailing list for those who would like to receive occasional emails regarding Operation Terra. Everything on this site is offered free of charge and it is up to each person to form their own relationship to its contents and services.

If you are new to this site, or if you haven’t read all of the material available here, I suggest that you follow the steps listed below:


  1. Read the entire “About Operation Terra” section for an overview of Operation Terra, what it is about, how it is structured, and how the process will unfold.
  2. Then read the Messages, from the first to the last, in the order they were received. This is the most important part of this site, as these Messages carry light codes that will resonate within those who carry the matching codes in their own DNA and activate and support their own journey to Terra. Be sure to read the questions and answers (FAQs) section, too.
  3. For additional information, go to the Articles section, where you will find the original vision I received in 1982, learn about the phase shift to fourth density, read about some of our experiences with the OT ships, and why you may not have to die.
  4. The Archives section contains advanced material that you will only understand after you have read and understood everything else.

If you want the information in printed book form, the Books section will tell you more about the printed books. The Messages are also fully available at no charge in a printer-friendly format (no images) from the Downloads section.


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