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The Final Message from the Hosts has now been received. The "op" is now formally "operational" and this site will remain unchanged from its present form until there is either no Internet or the evacuation is complete, whichever comes sooner.

From this point forward, everyone connected with the "op" will be communicated with individually, on an "as needed" basis. There will be no further public Messages or Updates from the Hosts. In keeping with the restructuring implied in the Final Message, the former links to the Mailing List, "Recommended" section and "Support OT" features have been removed from the site, as they are no longer needed.

The printed book, Operation Terra: The Collected Works, which contains information through July 2012, is available for sale through booksellers all over the world. It's a complete compendium about Operation Terra and contains about 30% more content than the 3 prior volumes combined. Some of this material had never been shared publicly before, not even through this site.

You can read more about it on the Books page of this site and/or by clicking on the title link above, which will take you to the page about the book. Amazon's “Search Inside This Book” feature will enable you to see a sample of the book and the entire Table of Contents. If a time comes that there is no Internet, this printed paper copy will be your best source for the Operation Terra material.

The previous news updates can be found in the Archived News section.

Welcome to the home of the new dawn! This site contains information about the journey to a totally new world — Terra — that will arise from this one shared reality we refer to as Planet Earth. Only one of several timelines leads to this particular destination, but this is the next step in human and galactic evolution. It is the new dawn that will come after the dark times that are just ahead.

This site was developed over many years, beginning on June 30,1999. Most of the material came in the form of a series of Messages telepathically transmitted from higher-density beings who refer to themselves as the Hosts of Heaven.

Their communications came through a 3D person named Sara, via her connection and identification with a 4D being known as Lyara. In February 2009, Lyara totally withdrew into 4D, where she will remain until it is time for the preparations to colonize Terra, the 4D positive-polarity version of our present planet Earth.

Adonna is the 4D being that is now linked with Sara's 3D body and with whom Sara expects to merge, in order to complete her next tasks for the “op.”

The Hosts have indicated that each person's experience will be uniquely their own. They have also indicated that it is important for us to become more self-reliant and independent of outside authorities, including them. Everyone has the capacity to discern what is "right action" for them in each moment, and that will be the best way to navigate your course through the days ahead.

If you are new to this site, or if you haven't read all of the material available here, please follow the steps listed below:


Read the entire “About Operation Terra” section for an overview of Operation Terra, what it is about, and how it is structured. Then read the Messages, from the first to the last, in the order they were received. Be sure to read the questions and answers sections, too, including those at the end of the “You Don't Have to Die” article.

If you want the information in printed book form, visit the Books section to find out more about the printed book. The Messages are also fully available at no charge in a printer-friendly format from the Downloads section.

For additional information, go to the Articles section, where you will find the foundational vision I received in 1982, a description of some of my experiences with the spacecraft of the Hosts, “My/Our Story,” that “You Don't Have to Die” and more!

Your script has already been written by your Oversoul, so you can be sure that you will get to where you are supposed to go. No one else has your answers or magic ways of circumventing the inner work, so just remember to breathe, remain grounded and centered, and to take each day as it comes, one step at a time. That's all you can really do, anyway. Good journey!

Love and blessings,


PRIVACY NOTICE: We take your personal privacy very seriously. None of your personal information will ever be shared with anyone else without your prior knowledge and express consent. Your information will never be sold to anyone under any circumstances.

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