June 24, 1982
I am standing in what I know is a garden, although I can’t see it. My range of vision is limited to below my knees and the small circle caught in peripheral vision, as if I can only look down at my feet. I see that I am on a path of sorts. With my limited vision, I can’t see what sort of path it is, where it goes, or what is behind me.    

My gaze shifts upward, to try to see the garden, but I can only see a mirror hanging in front of me. It is rectangular in shape and framed in filigree-like pierced metal. I approach the mirror to try to see at least a reflection of the garden. The reflection shimmers like water that has been temporarily disturbed. Before the shimmering resolves itself into recognizable form, my gaze is again deflected — this time to the spaces behind the mirror’s frame. As I peer through the holes in the frame’s surface, I see what appears to be a concrete foundation of sorts, a pedestal form supporting some unknown, unseen structure. “What is that?” my distant mind wonders. As if in answer, the scene abruptly shifts.
I see three or four figures walking with their camels, silhouetted against a red-orange sky, as at sunset. The instant my conscious mind apprehends their form, the moving silhouette freezes, and the silhouette bursts into flames, burning away to reveal some sort of solid form beneath. “Aaah! Now I understand! All the apparent forms are illusions; the real form lies behind the apparent form!” In confirmation, the scene swirls away from me until I see the whole of the globe of Earth, shimmering before me with the same unreality as the shimmering reflection of the garden that I had seen in the mirror. I can now sense the “other reality” that shimmers through the apparent form of the Earth — all our sense information is that of illusion. The “reality” lies beyond sensory perception — shimmering, palpable only to our intuitive, “extra-sensory” perceptions.    

Somehow then I know that the illusory, familiar world of form is soon to pass away...

The scene shifts and I am seeing a map of the continental United States, shown in different colors to represent different elevations.
Suddenly the entire map shakes violently. A large earthquake has just occurred. A sharpened #2 pencil’s point indicates that its epicenter is in an unincorporated area in south central Indiana. The nearest town is named Surprise, Indiana.
In seeing this earthquake, I also “know” that when it actually occurs, it will signal the beginning of the time of the final cataclysms.*
*NOTE: Prior to having this experience, I only thought of earthquakes occurring along the West Coast, where I had lived for several years. After having this experience, I came across the book, We Are the Earthquake Generation, by Jeffrey Goodman, Ph.D. 

There are many maps in that book and one of them showed that the earthquake I had seen lay on the midline of the New Madrid Seismic Zone when I extended it upward to the north and east. It is not generally considered to go that far, but there are other geologic features associated with it that might explain the location I was shown. 

A more recent map of the New Madrid Seismic Zone is shown below. I have drawn a red line from the midline to the location I was shown, but we won’t really know the details until we see what happens:
Source: USGS, June 1996
The largest earthquakes ever recorded in the US occurred in the New Madrid Seismic Zone from December 16, 1811 through February 7, 1812. These quakes were around 8.1 in magnitude and rang church bells in Boston. From what I saw, this signal earthquake will be even larger in magnitude and will shake the entire continent.
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