In the beginning, we were just vast regions of consciousness, containing within us entire universes, spangled with galaxies and stars and planets — the stuff of creation. We are creator-gods, individualized portions of the One Infinite Creator, who are assigned the job of spinning off different realities in which the Infinite One can play. In this particular instance, 144,000 of us came together to form the reality in which you have established your present focus of awareness. We were each a particular “slant” or “angle” of the One Light, something like the little pieces of glass on a disco ball, reflecting the light in a slightly different way and sparkling at different times as the whole of the ball rotates through the beam.
So it has been, throughout the billions of years of our partnership. We precipitated this reality out of our joined fields of being and made a pact to be responsible for our creation. Some of us have elected to project portions of ourselves into our creation and to participate in it at various times, wearing different “costumes” for our various roles upon the stage of creative play. We have been both humble denizens of the most obscure realities and the luminaries that lit the way and redirected the course of “history” when it strayed from the original plan. We have come in all ages, and in all cultures worldwide. 

Our story is your story, for though we have appeared in the clothing of flesh, we never lost our identity as members of one family, the Hosts of Heaven. If you have been drawn to read these words, then this may be your story, also. You are probably one of us and soon you shall be reunited with your true family, your brothers and sisters in the many mansion worlds of the One Infinite Creator. When we have completed our task of seeing this planet through this transition into becoming Terra, our “mission” will be complete, and others shall come to pick up the task of carrying on. We will separate and go on to other forms of service to the Creator, and play in other fields of creation.

We each came to do a particular job, play a particular role, and now the dance is nearly over. We will all be leaving soon, and I am given the task of pointing the way for others to follow. 

I remember standing together in a group — the ones I call the “tall beings.” I have seen them several times, and I know them to be the ones with whom I am most closely connected. We planned who among us would come in, when and how we would connect up with each other, and who would do what. We planned who we would be born to and what portion of the Earth’s sorrows we would take on to transform within ourselves. We created ourselves with all the capabilities and proclivities that we would need to complete our task, and we made agreements to help one another when that would become necessary in the course of our lives. Ours was to be a lonely passage, as our greatest strengths would only be honed in the isolation from others of our kind. Even now, most of us are hidden from one another, except for those few who have an intimate role in assisting us toward our completion with this plane.
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