The Messages on this site are the result of a long journey of awakening. It began in earnest on March 9, 1981, when the Christ materialized in my bedroom, put his hands on my head, and called me to a path that has demanded everything of me, but has brought me through to a place of deeper understanding with regard to these times we are in.

In 1982, I received a vision of the things that lay ahead. It is displayed here now so you can read it and feel into it for yourself. At the time, I experienced it totally within my “present” time frame, so I was expecting the Earth changes to occur much sooner. Later on, I learned that many others had the same feelings, but things seemed to be put on hold at various times and I began to wonder if anything in my vision would ever materialize. Nonetheless, I could not deny that it was true for me, and continued to explore my path as it opened before me.In August, 1996, I felt the “train” beginning to “pull out of the station.” This baby was going to be born, and this time, nothing would stop it. Nothing HAS stopped it and we are on the verge of major changes on a planetary scale.

On May 15, 1997, I felt a “whump,” like the sound of one of those huge dictionaries or Bibles being slammed shut. Feeling into the significance of this, it was as if [metaphor, not to be taken literally] a meeting had been called on the higher levels and a messenger was sent out to assess the state of consciousness “down here.” The plan was that if a certain critical mass had been achieved, “Plan A” would go into effect and things would not have to get quite as dramatic as the old drama came to a close. However, if the “messenger” did not arrive by a certain time, “Plan B” would be the fallback position, and things would go much differently. 

The messenger did not come back. 

There remained two questions to be explored. The first was “How can the greatest benefit be gotten from the work that HAS been done, on all levels?” and the second was “How can we get the Starseeds to a place of safety?” (The Starseeds are those higher beings who have taken on human form to assist in the planetary transition process at this time. George Hunt Williamson and the Law of One material called them “Wanderers.” We know we are here to help, and have often been frustrated that our gifts went unused. Now, however, the drama of 3D is drawing to a close, and we have other destinations and service to attend to.)    

There followed a period of intensifying personal purification, as all of our “shadow” material — all of our fears — was flushed to the surface to be dealt with. That process is continuing. As the vibratory frequency of the planet rises, all thoughts, emotions, substances, and cellular programming that is not in keeping with the stepped-up frequencies are thrown off and cleansed from our systems and the planet herself. It is intensifying and accelerating, and I can now understand the fear and confusion I witnessed in my 1982 vision. We are “in it,” and it will continue to intensify until it is done.    

But I would also remind you that the “people in white robes” will come, to be “centers of calm and blessing” for those who have prepared their hearts and minds for the journey to Terra. This site is my personal legacy to those of you who are destined to make that trip. I hope it provides information, inspiration, and comfort to you as the changes unfold, and please know that you are never alone.
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