Q. How do we accomplish the change from this body to the next?

A. Operation Terra is a cooperative venture. Those of us who have volunteered to incarnate and act as the “ground crew” are being assisted by many more of their brothers and sisters in the higher realms. They are the ones who are overseeing your transformation. It is a known process and they are fully versed in the mechanics. You have actually been moving in this direction for several years, but now you are in the “final approach” — the onramp to the next world.

The first wave is in the process of being transformed now. The third wave will not undergo this process until after they are lifted. The second wave will undergo this process at an intermediate time, depending on their “job assignment.”

The process requires a purification of all the cellular memory, both of the particular body and race consciousness, and the individual personality’s accumulation of karmic debris. It also requires the linking up — atom for atom, molecule for molecule — of the present body’s structure with the future analog or template of the body into which it will transform. For the first wave, the purification is not usually complete, so when this linkup occurs, there is some dissonance between the present body and the future analog, and this can cause some physical discomfort and low energy levels. However, this phase only lasts 2 to 3 weeks, so the discomfort is minimal in terms of the longer process.

Once the linkup and the purification are complete, there is a sort of “roll-up” that occurs. The present body traverses an energetic membrane and is subsumed into the new body. It will feel a little like a glove being turned inside out. One can have a similar feeling doing a somersault. There is a feeling of rolling over or rolling into as one releases oneself into the new form. For those who are ready, the moment will present itself very clearly, and there will be a certain act of faith required in accepting the full consequences of completing the action. Once the change has occurred, it is essentially irreversible, and in choosing to make the change, one is leaving behind all ties to the former identity and life. For the first wave, this will not be as difficult as for the ones who come later, as they have already undergone a profound stripping away of their former identity, so little is left to “leave behind.” All is in Divine order, being orchestrated by each Oversoul, so one need not worry about the details. It is what you have been waiting for, for a very long time. 

Q. What is the time frame for all of this?

A. We cannot give you a specific date or time frame, as that would infringe on your free will choices. However, we can say that the first wave is already past the “point of no return,” similar to the point at which the fetus is in the birth canal and there is no more turning around. One simply endures the process for as long as it takes and then one emerges into a wholly new reality. 

We are overseeing each and every one of you and are trying to minimize the discomfort you may experience. Each one of you is being personally tended by a team of beings who are dedicated to your successful transformation. For those who will transform in the second and third waves, your experience will be somewhat different. Those in the second wave will be directly assisted by those of the first wave who have completed their transformation, and may be lifted off the planet if they require a protected environment in which to complete the change. 

The second wave will be needed to receive and help those of the third wave, who will be lifted off the planet and make their change while the planet herself is completing her own transformation. It is an “event” that is progressing in stages. We can also say that there is an outer threshold in which it must all complete, for there are cosmic cycles and rhythms involved that are not subject to alteration. Earth has a date with destiny and HER schedule drives everything else about our efforts to harvest the seed stock to colonize the new world.

Q. What will we look like after this transformation?

A. You will still look “human,” but your form will be that of the true Adamic seed. Your present form is the result of the genetic manipulation by the interlopers, and you share in characteristics of simians (apes) and certain negative-polarity ETs. Your scientists have long wondered where the human pubic and axillary (armpit) hair patterns have come from. None of the other mammals have them. They are the expression of the genes from the negative-polarity ETs. The true Adamic model has hair on the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelids, but nowhere else. The areola — that area of bald skin around the nipples — is the mammalian pattern from the simian genes. That also is not part of the Adamic model. You will have small nipples but no areolas.

Your bodies will be perfect in every way. Every individual will be like what you might call a “god” or “goddess.” Your bodies will be somewhat luminous and iridescent, but otherwise appear quite solid to you. Your form will be somewhat under your conscious control, and eye color may change to reflect your mood. There was a fad in the ’60s for “mood rings” that were supposed to change color based on your mood. They worked on the principle that a change in mood produced a different skin temperature, and the material in the rings changed color with small changes in skin temperature. In your new bodies, your emotional “moods” will affect your eye color in a similar way. The more intense moods will produce different colors than the more relaxed ones. Not only will there be no privacy in thoughts (everything is consciously connected with everything else and “knows” everything in every moment in every interaction), you will not be able to hide your emotional state from one another. No more secrets! This might be a breath of fresh air in some ways, but it will take some getting used to!

As you can see, there is much more we can say about this future of yours, but it is time to close for now. More information will be forthcoming. We leave you in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.   
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