It seems it is now time for us to gather again, so I have created a new online community. There will be no charge to anyone to participate, but donations are always welcome. (Click the "Donate" button at the left to do so.)

I have converted the entire OT domain to a secure server, and the boards of the new community will be password protected, so no "guests" or "bots" will ever see any of the content. It will also not be searchable by search engines. Only members that I have personally approved will be able to enter and participate, so this will be a totally PRIVATE and safe place for us to share openly with each other.


Anyone who resonates with the Operation Terra material and feels it is an accurate description of their view of their journey and "how it is." (You should have at least read Volume One of the Messages and the "About Operation Terra" page of this site before deciding if this is true for you.)


To create a safe, private and serene environment for Interaction and discussion with others of like mind regarding the journey to Terra. The Forums are not a replacement for professional counseling or therapy.


1) Solicitation or recruiting for other Web sites, products, services, or philosophies, either within the Community or via private e-mails to Community members.

2) Any exploitation or manipulation of any kind is not in keeping with the spirit or intention of Operation Terra activities. Please report any abuse of this rule to the Site Admin.

3) Disrespectful or abusive conduct toward other Community members or the Community itself.

4) To keep the Community PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL, YOU MUST NOT SHARE Community content or information with anyone who is NOT currently an active member of the Community. Violation of this guideline will result in your removal from the Community.

5) Political attacks on existing governments are not in keeping with the Operation Terra material and are not allowed. Personal admission of illegal activities, either past or present, could jeopardize Operation Terra and is not allowed.

6) Since the Operation Terra perspective is assumed to be the operative principle for all members, it is not subject to debate. Therefore, please refrain from posting material from other channeled sources that would conflict with or negate the OT material. There are many voices speaking whose information is meant for others and does not belong here.

If you feel you would like to join us, click here, then click on "Register" and follow the steps to create an account. (If you have already created an account on this new server, you can log in from that page once your new account has been approved.)

You will receive a confirmation email, telling you that your subscription has been entered into the system. I will personally review each subscription and if I approve you, you will receive a second email, telling you that your subscription has been approved. 

Please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOG IN before you receive that second email! If you try to log in before then, your password may have to be re-set. This is to keep "bots" out and to keep the boards PRIVATE for all members.

I look forward to visiting with those who choose to join us. For those who don't, I wish you a good journey, wherever it may lead!


Copyright Celestial Way, 1999-2017, All Rights Reserved
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