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April 23, 2015
Several people sent me emails, responding to “Coming on the Clouds.” Some sent their own photos of cloudships and one even sent a video of a pillar of cloud being formed in real time, for his personal benefit, captured on his cell phone.

I have selected the following images to share with you and will intersperse my comments with their own. Their comments will be shown in blue type, mine in white.

Dear Adonna,

I have enjoyed your books and articles over the years as well as following the process of you and your people. Although, I am not one of the opterra people there are many parallel “programs” going on and I am a part of one of those. For some reason I felt compelled to connect with you after reading your most recent post this morning….I am not sure why.

I will share with you a photo I took 4.5 years ago in Barcelona. I had been in the eastern Pyrenees “working.” I was at an airport hotel and up quite early for my flight. As you can see there are various cloud forms. The really interesting thing is that, although you can’t really see it here but they were in formation. I took the pic early just after waking. About an hour later when I took the shuttle to the airport the “discs” were all still in this formation and had not moved, but all the other clouds had gone.
There are all different types of beings here at this time. Some from this sector, galaxy and some from other universes. This is a big project and there is relevance to many. As well, some who are here, are here because they have done something similar before. They are here to offer their experience and mastery to this particular situation.

There are also many spirit beings (beings who don’t usually incarnate in physical form to expand their consciousness and do what they do). An unprecedented number of those beings are in physical form now and for the most part will not be a long term part of the physical aspect of the project. Even some of the material type beings who are here, are here for support rather than habitation.

For me, this is a special assignment and not my long term home. The parallel programs I refer to are ALL the beings who are here to support this new expression from start to finish. The ground work began a VERY long time (earth time) ago with seeds of consciousness planted to support the preparation for this new world being created. There continues to be many layers of support facilitating the enactment of the NEW. And that will be the case for many years to come.

Her reference to the diversity of beings involved “this new expression” (which OT refers to as the new Creation) fits with some of the experiences I have had in coming into contact with people who are “on loan” to Operation Terra, are going to return to their home planet and be part of the colonization effort from there, and some who have dropped their bodies and taken on other forms for their new roles in connection with OT. 

Her reference to “many years to come” agrees with the information I have been given about the amount of time the evacuees will spend on Midway (approximately 20-25 years), preparing to colonize Terra.

The type of ships shown in her photo are the kind I usually see, instead of the lenticular shapes that other people photograph so often. Her comment about the other clouds moving and the ships remaining stationary was a typical phenomenon in many of the experiences I have had.

However, one unusual demonstration of a “show of presence” that was put on for me and a man I was guided to take with me to also see it involved two cloudships and a normal cloud lined up near one another in the sky. The normal cloud remained in place, while the two cloudships moved toward and past one another in opposite directions. There was no possible way that normal clouds moved in opposite directions from one another! The cloudships were clearly under their own control, not passively moved by the wind. The same was true for the cloudships that remained in formation after the other clouds had moved out of the area in the photo above.

The next group of photos were sent by a man in New Mexico. They are the more familiar lenticular shape and I find them very beautiful.

Here are some cloud ships I've photographed from where I live, just south of Taos, New Mexico. Taken January 16, 2015:

These last photos were taken by the man who had the experience of Ocean and shared the photos that I put on the first page of this article.


I took 3 days off from work this week because I need to take care of some private matters back here at home. I've read your article about cloudships and I think that you did a great job connecting the dots. I've seen many cloudships over the years, but I've never seen a Pillar of Light/Cloud and since I've read your article I was very interested to see what one looks like.

Today after lunch I went outside and cloudships started appearing all over the sky, and I took my phone out and started filming one ship, when on the lower right of it a pillar of cloud started to form out of nowhere, and then it quickly dissipated. I've caught everything on camera and you can download the video file from here: [download links provided below]

I'm also sending you 3 photos of cloudships in attachment.
The video runs 1 min. 47 seconds. The pillar of cloud begins forming up at around 30 seconds on the timeline. You will notice that you can see the wind blowing the leaves of the trees below from right to left and that the lenticular shaped clouds are totally stationary while this pillar form is billowing up vertically. Toward the end of the video, you can see some other small cloud shapes appearing near the upper left of the largest lenticular shape. However, they remain rather small and not as well defined as the vertical pillar.

In watching the video the first time, I had the distinct impression that the Hosts had gone to a certain amount of trouble to create the pillar because it's not a natural shape for their ships. They have a great sense of humor, and I could feel their mirth bubbling up as I reflected on the effort they had expended in order to provide this "pillar" experience for this man to see and record with his cell phone.

They are always careful to not draw too much attention to themselves, and that's why I think those other small clouds appeared toward the end of that video as the pillar resolved back into being invisible again. (I saw something similar when they gave me that first display of 76 ships, then blinked off about 1/3 of them, so I could see that they were not ordinary clouds.)

The ships I and others usually see follow the natural contours of the ships themselves, as you can see in the still photos above. The larger ships usually appear as elongated, lenticular shapes and the smaller craft often take the form you see in the top photo. This is the same shape as the one I photographed on August 16, 1987, when Lord Michael Andronicus's ship appeared to me in the sky next to the house I was living in, on the morning of Harmonic Convergence (shown on "My Close Encounters" page).

The video file is 24 MB in size. I have a fast connection, so it downloaded fairly quickly. Depending on your connection speed and how many other people are downloading the file at any given time, your experience may be different.

Here is the link from which you can download the video of the pillar of cloud forming up. You can click on the arrow or on the words, "Download Video."

I hope you enjoy this "show of presence," too!

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