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There is a saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It defines beauty as a subjective perception that will vary according to who the “beholder” is and what they bring to their experience, including their personal history and cultural beliefs. 

Much of what is taken as “fact” today (because “it says so in the Bible”) was not required to be factual at that time, and “poetic license” was allowed and accepted in the telling and re-telling of tales about actual events that had occurred prior to the re-telling.

When spaceships and extraterrestrials intervened in the lives of the ancient Israelites, they had been slaves in Egypt for some 400 years, according to what is said in the Bible. When you factor in the cultural vocabulary available to describe phenomena that were totally outside of their experience (such as spaceships or extraterrestrial beings), the words they used were limited to the ones that their culture understood, and were often either symbolic or metaphors. They spoke of fiery chariots, pillars of cloud and fire, whirlwinds, being “taken to heaven,” and interventions by “angels” and God himself.

In the movie Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, when Lucy and Mr. Tumnus first meet, neither grasps what the other actually is. They occupy totally different worlds.
Lucy knows nothing about fauns; Mr. Tumnus has been taught that humans are a myth. He assumes she is some kind of beardless dwarf. Just so, the ancient Israelites had no way of comprehending a technology or a people that are beyond even what we are generally aware of today, so they described the phenomena in terms they understood and felt comfortable with.

Despite all of the difficulties in trying to sort out what actually happened, there is still a perceivable continuity throughout the Biblical accounts that draws a connection between “God,” “the Son of man,” and “clouds” of various shapes that is relevant to those who are headed to Terra today. I had my own personal experiences prior to becoming aware of that connection, and sometimes others were with me to witness them also. We are not the only humans in the galaxy and ours is not the only inhabited planet!

These Biblical “clouds” and "whirlwinds" are not ordinary weather phenomena. They are references to spaceships. They appear, disappear, and move or hover under their own control, not blown by the wind. They glow or give off fiery sparks at night. They make loud sounds, and voices come forth from within them. They intervene and direct. They also strongly suggest that extraterrestrials have influenced the development of the Judaeo-Christian heritage from its earliest beginnings, and I mention something about that in the last page of this article.

However, the following discussion will focus primarily on the parts that are relevant to us today, as we anticipate “the Son of man, coming on the clouds” that will mark the final phase of the evacuation of those who are headed to Terra at this time. Those clouds are the ships of the Hosts of Heaven, coming to take us home.
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