April 19, 2015
As I was working on creating the Anthem, images of what it will be like when the evacuation takes place kept appearing in my mind. As I saw in my original vision in 1982, the evacuation will take place during a time of extreme turmoil and chaos — a fundamental breakdown in society on a global basis, punctuated by cataclysmic earth changes and rising tensions and fear everywhere.

The finale for all of that drama, which is the culmination of the entire arc of experience that seeded Operation Terra approximately 4.5 billion years ago, will include the evacuation of those who are heading to Terra at this time. As I saw in the 1982 vision, “Order began taking form out of the chaos; the ones in white began to form columns, like waveforms — herding, gathering the ones in grey, calming them into steadily moving groups, herding them into an orderly procession, climbing up into the openings of vast hovering vehicles. It was a massive, world-wide exodus... a tremendous undertaking... .”

In the article, “My ‘Close Encounters,’” I talk about how the ships were the hardest part of the vision for me to accept. I did so only because that part felt just as real to me as any other part and I could not selectively reject it simply because I had no knowledge of those things at that time. In the rest of that article, I talk about my earliest experiences with the ships and how I came to be convinced of their presence and connection with the “op.”

Fourteen years later, the Hosts gave me the Message, “Across the Great Divide” and provided more details about their ships. They confirmed my prior perception that the ships are alive and use a kind of mind meld between the ship and its passengers to teleport to their desired destination.

The ships have names and the man who spoke about his experience with Ocean  has been good enough to share some of his personal photos of the ships that have shown up for his benefit, including one of his command ship, Jonathan, which is where he will be when it’s time for him to perform his role as the Commander of the Sirian Fleet.
This was a "show of presence" on January 10, 2007
This was taken on May 7, 2007. Note the difference between
the lenticular cloudships and the surrounding cumulus clouds.
This large cluster of ships was photographed on Nov. 23, 2007.
Note the layer of cumulus clouds that are below and around
the lenticular shapes. This is significant in understanding that
these are really ships, clothed in an ionization layer.
These were photographed on Dec. 3, 2007. He drew an oval around
the ship that is just over the mountain range in the background.
I have not modified any of these photos except to resize them for the web.
This is his command ship, Jonathan, photographed on
December 3, 2007. Jonathan is clearly distinct from 
the cumulus clouds  underneath him and to the left and right. 
You can see he is very similar to the large cloudship
 that was photographed over Florida in Nov. 2012 (below).
This is the most recent photo he sent me, taken on June 9, 2009.
The only other clouds visible are the cirrus clouds at the top and
the stratocumulus clouds in the distance at the horizon.
This 500-meter ship was photographed over Florida in November 2012.
Compare it with Jonathan above. They are really quite similar except in size.
Because of the angle between the ship and the photographer,
the ship is somewhat hidden by the cumulus clouds beneath it.
The ships I have personally seen usually take the form of clouds in the daytime, because when they cloak themselves with an ionization layer they look like clouds, but they FEEL different than regular clouds to those who can discern the difference. The ones I have seen usually look like cumulus clouds, although I have also seen lenticular clouds, similar to the ones shown above and below.
This lenticular cloud was photographed over Campbell Mesa, Arizona
(date and source unknown)
Most of the lenticular clouds that are photographed in association with
Mount Shasta are shown over the top of the mountain. In this case, photographed
in March 2010, only cirrus clouds are over the mountain, making the
lenticular cloud to the left even more convincing and spectacular.
(image source unknown)
This was photographed over New Zealand. I include it to emphasize that
these cloudships appear all over the world. Note that the surrounding
sky is otherwise completely clear. (date and source unknown)
I have also seen ships at night, which couldn't be seen unless they gave off some kind light in some fashion. The very first ship I saw at night was one that appeared on February 6, 1985, in connection with a channeling class I took under Robert Shapiro's guidance. Its ionization layer gave off pinkish-orange sparks that looked like a large sparkler firework display, moving under its own control. The next one I saw appeared over my neighbor's house at 4 am. It was self-luminous and was only visible long enough for me to clearly see it. I describe both of those sightings in the article I mentioned above, so you can read about them there.

In 1997, I saw one more HUGE ship at night while I was camped out on a friend's land. It glided silently over the valley, covering the entire sky. It must have been several miles long and looked as big as an entire city. The countless slits in its underside from which light streamed forth were an indication of just how much interior space was occupied and how many people were aboard. I am putting in two different artist's illustrations to try to convey some of how it looked:
In this artist's rendition of Ezekiel 1:4, there is a very large
mothership at the top of the drawing that gives some sense
of what I saw overhead in 1997. (source unknown)
This is an artist's rendering of the 1977 Colares, Brazil UFO flap.
The slits in the underside of the ships are similar to those
 in the underside of the ship  I saw in 1997. That ship was much bigger 
than either of these and may not have been round.
 It covered the whole valley, so I couldn't see the edges. (source: ufovideosonline)
The ships have shown themselves to me so many times I've lost count. Their "show of presence" has always been to reassure me in some way. (The same seems to be true for other people who have had these kinds of experiences themselves, as is true for the man I spoke about above.)

They haven't been visible as often in the recent years as they were when I was first getting used to them. Whether I see them or not, though, I know they are there and I expect them to play an important role when it's time for the evacuation of everyone who is going to Terra at this time.

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