[NOTE: While this communication was made to me personally, it has broad implications for the "op" as a whole, particularly those on the ground, so take the "you" as being directed to me personally, but also take the implications as they may apply to you and your place in the "op." Also, please note that I had to make use of stock illustrations for the images, so the people are often portrayed as men wearing ties, but that is the 3D corporate model. Women and men are equal partners at all levels of the "op," so please do not assume otherwise.]

December 17, 2017

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you today because of what lies just ahead—for you personally, and for the “op” in general. We wanted to shape your thinking a bit because you are being flooded with such broad experiences that they need to become more focused in order to be properly utilized. You may share these thoughts with whomever it seems appropriate for you to share them with. There is nothing we will say that cannot be openly seen and read.

The “op” has indeed gone to a new level of implementation. All of the parts of that are being coordinated, both horizontally and vertically and both of those “directions” (horizontal and vertical) are occurring at the same time, as a flow of both energies and information. So, for example, when 4D operatives are interacting with those on the ground (within the 3D frequency band), that has a horizontal effect and a vertical component. Information is transmitted back and forth as a dialog between the various vertical levels (which have “higher” and “lower” relationships to each other) and are also communicated laterally (on the same level). This is all very complex, but all of the parts are being affected, in all directions, reciprocally and simultaneously.

As you may have noticed, the overall structure within 3D is becoming more and more unstable. Because of an innate preference within all forms of life for stability and predictability (it’s relevant to their survival), there is an intensification of various efforts that seek to resist the entropic forces that are in operation now. The cracks that are appearing in the current systems will ultimately shatter the existing paradigm in order to create the conditions for the emergence of new structures and new modes of thinking and behavior, new ways of existing within the conditions along each of the timelines that are separating out from the others at this time. 

It will be necessary to adapt as one goes and as circumstances change over time. There will always be a lag between when they HAVE changed and when the lifeforms (not just humans) become aware of the change and adapt to it. There will be a lot of experimentation and not all experiments will work, similar to the way everything evolves and has always evolved, if one views both the process and the results.

So now, within that overall environment of destruction and change, the “op” must adapt and experiment with possible solutions along the way. We know the outcome—the birth and colonization of Terra—but we do NOT know all of the details of that journey ahead of time. WE (those who are part of the oversight and management of the “op”) have to discover it by making the journey along with all of you who are reading this. Because of our level of awareness and consciousness, we have no fear about any of it, which is perhaps the single thing that differentiates us from those who are still operating within the 3D frequency band and have not yet transcended the fear from which so much of 3D activities arise. WE know that we are always safe and provided for, and WE know the outcome is assured, which is why we don’t fret about the details. We are content to discover them as we go along, whereas many people want to be told ahead of time exactly what will show up, how they will be affected, and how they will end up when it’s over.

The time has arrived when open communications between those on the ground (including 4D operatives) and those in the higher frequency bands must be implemented. To that end, YOU (Sara) have had certain filters removed and you are able to now access information in ways that you could not before. In addition, various 4D operatives have begun contacting certain 3D personnel, and are experimenting with the best ways of working with them. They are already trained with regard to certain methods and technologies, but there is just no substitute for hands-on experience, and since they have no way of grasping what it’s like to be still veiled (they are not themselves veiled) and unable to connect with the consciousness spectrum, the only way for them to grasp it is through a certain amount of trial and error. Certain individuals are being contacted right now who have been selected as the training ground for these 4D operatives to learn how to work with 3D personnel. Once the procedures have been identified and standardized, the rest of the 3D special forces personnel will be contacted and trained.

While that is going on, those who are part of the first and second waves are going through their own process of making their completions with their 3D existence, present and past. You (Sara) are being shifted toward your function as the conduit between the higher levels and the planet herself. You will have access to the entire hologram and be able to directly consult it, although it may be a little challenging to communicate your understanding to others who are not in direct telepathic contact with you. In telepathy, one exchanges the entire hologram, and language is not a barrier. When trying to convey holographic perceptions using language (which may have to be translated further into other languages), a lot of information is left out and there is a greater tendency for misunderstandings to occur between persons who have had different experiences and therefore interpret things differently because of their experiential base. 

Fortunately, this is a temporary condition. You will be on the ground only until after the evacuation is essentially complete, but even now people are sensing that you have access to information that they seek in order to reassure themselves or help them to adapt to these changing conditions, and so they are beginning to turn to you for answers that are not really your “department” to handle. The reason you were guided (from the earliest phases of your training) to maintain a narrow focus is that it is essential for you do what is yours alone to do. If you were sidetracked by things that did not contribute to your overall task, that would both diminish your effectiveness and possibly take you off in a different direction, and your intended service would not be fulfilled. 

Every part is necessary to complete the whole. No part is more or less important than any other part. Everything is proceeding simultaneously with everything else. If one were to view this as a pyramid-like structure made of succeeding layers, the bottom layer would have the most people in it, and as one looked at the middle and top layers, they would have fewer people in them. It is more complex than the usual 3D corporate structure because it has a spherical aspect to it, but to keep it in terms that most 3D people would understand, one needs to focus on the concept of “span of control.” Each person can really serve only a particular number of people. The actual number will vary, but in general, any person who oversees or is responsible for others will have their particular group to manage, side by side with others who are doing the same kind of thing.

In terms of the people who are currently on the ground, there are millions who will be evacuated, and there are tens of thousands who will gather them together to be taken up onto the ships. The people who are gathering them up are overseen by thousands of others who provide them with the necessary support to perform their tasks. Those thousands of others might be considered “field generals” or “support personnel,” and they are specialists in their respective roles. There is lateral support, as well, from other operatives who come and go from the higher frequency bands and also operate on the ground level. This is a massive undertaking, and it requires a massive number of support personnel to carry it out successfully.

Then there is the middle region of the structure. That is populated by various specialists who have also become skilled at working with others within their specialty and are a resource that can be tapped by those who are just developing their skills within that specialty. There is a certain amount of “cross-specialty” resourcing, as well, as certain tasks require skills from different specialties. This could be considered similar to the different functions supplied within different departments in a large corporation. Each different department might need to provide information or resources at a given point in time, but not be needed at other times, once the procedures are fully in place.

At the very top of this organizational structure are those who act as the interface between the overall “op” and those who are at yet higher levels and oversee the entire operation. This is the function of the spiritual hierarchy itself. The governing Tribunal on Terra will be made up the externalized portion of the spiritual hierarchy, who will manifest as the 24 Lords and Ladies, and who serve the entire planet, all of its lifeforms, and all of its populace. YOU (Sara) are now moving toward that being your function and your husband will share that function with you later on, once the two of you have fully formed your telepathic bond and can act as the dyad that you are. Therefore, we will continue to use you as our primary “channel” through which we will communicate and you will continue to perform that function from here on in. Others will begin to receive communications on an individual basis from their respective support teams and those relationships will change as they progress toward achieving their own state of full connection, after which they will be in full telepathic communication with everyone and everything else.

This then, is the beginning of the actual transition toward Midway and beyond. There have been centuries of preparation that preceded it, and this is the time that all of that preparation will serve as a foundation for the preparations that are now being implemented and will proceed until the “op” itself completes approximately 250-300 (Earth) years from now and the next wave of elohim steps forward to carry the responsibility for what happens after that. Remember that this is just the beginning and a lot will be “coming apart” at the same time that this is “coming together.” We have given you a lot of instruction and advice as to how to weather these coming storms with the least amount of discomfort. It is up to you as to how well you implement them in your own life, and all of that will depend on how you were scripted to respond to us and our information.

No one can go to Terra except those whose Oversouls created them to do just that and no one who was scripted to go to Terra will “miss the boat” in any way. That being said, the time ahead is going to act as the final opportunity for the Creator to gain whatever experience it can from the existing civilization, so we fully expect it will be filled with a lot of drama. That’s when creating haven within yourself and remaining calm, grounded, and centered will be very important for you to make the rest of the journey in relative comfort and safety. No matter what is going on around you, listen within for your direction, and always, always seek peace.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven, working as a team with Sananda. We love you, we are ever with you, and we look forward to having you with us again, as one of us. We are your brothers and sisters and you are family to us. We look after and take care of our own.

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