November 16, 2011
It has been nearly five years since the Hosts delivered their final Message for Volume Three, “Living From The Calm Center.” In that Message, they give us their advice in terms of how to be present in the world as things come unraveled, and how to maintain our calm center during the the coming time of chaos. I highly recommend that you read or re-read this particular Message at this time, and follow the steps they have laid out in terms of coping with what seems to be just ahead.

In that Message, they also tell us:

The world around you is dying. The things that will be happening around you will be the result of desperation and fear. Do not engage with them. The world around you is in a precarious state right now. It took a long time to get that way, and there are cracks appearing in the veneer that covers over the depth of what is going wrong, but the power elite are doing everything they can to make things appear “normal” and just as they always have been.
Do not be deceived. The foundations are crumbling and soon the whole thing will come tumbling down into a time of chaos, confusion, and irrational behaviors on the part of those who are afraid and desperate to find something to cling to for support. There will be a lot of angry people, too, as they realize the extent that they have been betrayed in placing their trust in their leaders, who cannot lead them out of the mess that has been collectively created and must be dealt with now.

It will not be a pretty sight, and there will be a lot of shouting, demands for action, and “acting out” when frustration levels get too high. The simple fact is that things have gone too far to be corrected in “normal” ways, and so a major “course correction” will come about as each thing gets so far out of balance that it triggers another thing to go over a critical threshold and also begin to spin out of control.
You have an expression called “the domino effect.” It refers to how the rectangular tiles used to play a game called Dominoes can be stood on edge and placed in a line in such a way that if one piece falls over, it knocks over the piece that is next to it in the line, which then knocks over the piece next to it in the line, and so on, until all of the pieces have fallen over. This happens in a smooth, wavelike motion, and happens in a sequence determined by the relative position of each piece with respect to the whole line of pieces and the interrelationships and connections with every other piece in the line. Just so with the world around you.

What is about to occur could not have occurred before. There were certain kinds of connections that had to line up, in order for all of the pieces to cause the other pieces to fall. Things had to proceed slowly at first, so that all of the pieces would line up, but there is a certain point when everything is lined up and waiting until the one critical piece falls, and then the whole thing falls down in rapid succession.

When this occurs, it will still take time to play out, but for those with “eyes to see” and who can FEEL the energy of things, it will be obvious when that critical point has arrived. This is when we will go into “high gear” with the “op” and this is when you must be ready to respond to changes and to respond to them quickly and without hesitation. 

According to what I have been FEELING and observing, I believe we have now reached the critical point of which they spoke, and I posted about that perception in our online forums on November 9.

As I wrote in my Commentary to the last message from the Hosts (“Dates, Gates and Mates, Part 2”), “I feel a LOT of movement going on beneath the surface and have personally experienced upheavals and accelerations on October 11, October 19, and on October 22 so far.” October 28 has come and gone. Calleman’s model for the significance of the Mayan Long Count calendar was essentially linear with regards to time. (Each of the 13 Days and Nights within each level of the model were equal in length.) However, the trend I was experiencing seemed to be exponential in nature, resembling the mathematics of an inward spiral instead that of a straight line.

The cycles continued to become shorter and shorter — first 3 days, then 2 days, then a single day, and now the cycles are down to an hour or less, and many of us are reporting feeling a fine vibration or buzzing going through our bodies during this time. Speaking for myself, this energy seems to be shaking loose whatever remains to be cleared and several of us are experiencing emotional and physical clearings following each of these pulses of energy through our bodies. The cycles have become very short and the intervals do not appear to be regular anymore, so I am just staying in the flow of the process and continuing to release resistance if any surfaces — just “being” with the experience, instead of trying to “do” anything about it.

As the Hosts have repeatedly reminded us, this journey is a process, not an event, and the many speculations about what would happen after October 28 seem to have not come to anything in particular, although the rate of change seems to still be accelerating, which is more in keeping with the Time Wave Zero model put forth by Terence McKenna, which recognized the fractal nature of time. McKenna’s model originally had an end point in November, 2012, after which he felt there would be an explosion into uncountable potentials for something new to take place. After he learned about the now popularized idea that the Mayan Long Count ends on December 21, 2012, he revised his model to accommodate that date.

One of the things that McKenna’s model predicts is that the cycles get shorter and shorter as one nears the end of the cycle, and that seems to fit with what I am personally experiencing within myself and observing in the world around me. His interpretation that we would be cyclically revisiting all of the prior periods of human history as we moved through toward the climax of all of it seems to be borne out in various things that are surfacing in the news. 

To me, the “Occupy” protest encampments are a re-visitation of the peace demonstrations of the ‘60s, and in the clothing choices being offered today, we see many styles from the past. The current practice of printing fiat money (money that is not tied to anything tangible, such as gold or silver) to solve economic problems is a repeat of what happened in Germany during the Weimar republic and that partially explains why Germany is resisting pressure to print more money to solve the problems in the EU, even though the US and England have already been doing so in their respective countries and banking systems.
We have an expression, “the eleventh hour,” which refers to a time close to the end of a process. As I write this, it’s been just five days since November 11. There was a lot of talk going on around the subject of the date 11/11/11 and while the content varied according to who was doing the talking, there apparently WAS an infusion of energy into our planet on that date.

I was sitting at home, working at my computer, and at approximately 11:11 a.m. local time, I felt an acceleration kick in that was so strong, I could not continue working. This pulse of energy lasted approximately 1 hour and 11 minutes, and I noticed the numerological significance of both the date, hour and duration. After it had passed, the Hosts gave me their signal to check in with them and they offered a brief observation about what had just happened and what it signified for the process we are now going through.

They told me that the energies of 11/11/11 were pouring into the planet, that they were a result of certain geometric and energetic alignments, and that they would enable an even greater acceleration in the unfolding of the events that will occur on each of the timelines. The quality of what they conveyed through the telepathic impress carried a feeling sense similar to the metaphor of a snowball rolling down a snow-packed hill, picking up both size and speed as it moved forward. The bottom line was that on our timeline (and I assume the one that goes to Terra’s negative-polarity twin also), things will accelerate from here on in — beginning more gradually, but picking up size, scope and speed as things proceed.

Putting all of this together, it seems we HAVE reached the point in which the dominoes have begun to fall and they are affecting the other dominoes near them. Two recent examples from the financial scene illustrate this: the unfolding MF Global mess and the state of the Italian bond market. As the Hosts previously told us, “…the power elite are doing everything they can to make things appear “normal” and [operating] just as they always have been,” at the same time that those with wealth are buying time to move their holdings out of failed or failing assets of all kinds, seeking to maximize safe haven for themselves while they can still do so. 

The current movie, Margin Call, depicts what happens in a trading firm when assets lose value and cannot meet the firm’s obligation to pay for their margin-based trades. A similar thing happened in the crash of 1929, which led to the Great Depression of the ‘30s — another re-visitation of a prior period from the past.

Our present economic system, based on fractional reserve banking, is essentially a debt-creation machine. A fraction of what we call money is kept on hand to meet daily demands and the rest is loaned out, over and over again. It requires a continuing flow of borrowing and lending to keep it going and as many are now realizing, the debts eventually outstrip the ability to pay them. Printing more money prolongs the process but doesn’t prevent the eventual collapse of such a system because it’s essentially a fiction and built on people’s willingness to play the game. At some point the game reaches it limit and the system must collapse from its own fractional leveraging, similar to one going out on a branch that become slimmer and slimmer and finally breaks from the weight it cannot sustain.

The present economic system always requires more growth — growth in population, growth in production and consumption, growth in exploitation of people, animals, and resources of all kinds. The Hosts have also told us that this is not a recent development, and I have observed the progress of it over the course of this entire lifetime, but it had its roots going back generations before that. This entire arc of experience goes back billions of years and we are now walking around in bodies at the point in time and space where it all comes to a head and concludes.

Ultimately, there are limits on growth because we occupy a finite planet, and there is only so much of it available for human use. We have now passed the 7 billion mark in global population — way past the population levels that are sustainable for a comfortable existence for everyone, which have been variously estimated to be around 500 million to 1 billion people in total. The Hosts have told us about this, too:

The simple fact is that things have gone too far to be corrected in “normal” ways, and so a major “course correction” will come about as each thing gets so far out of balance that it triggers another thing to go over a critical threshold and also begin to spin out of control.

The geophysical patterns (weather, earthquakes, etc.) are also becoming more intense and I expect that they will continue to do so. There are many factors in play, and they are all interconnected in some way. The innate “checks and balances” built into each functional system break down, things spiral out of control, and the collapse of each system is the logical and predictable result. Things are very much out of balance at this point in time, and that imbalance will call forth the “course correction” that is needed in order to restore balance in one way or another.

I do not say these things to alarm you. If you experience fear in reading this, this is a good time for you to face those fears in yourselves, go deeper into connecting with what underlies and creates your life in the first place, and strengthen your ability to live from your calm center, as the Hosts have instructed us. I am at least as vulnerable as any of you who might be reading this and I must do the same.

The Hosts have given us good advice for remaining calm during these times. The entire body of the Messages gives us good tools for seeing things in their proper context and for living our lives while we go through the changes necessary for us to make our transition to the identities and bodies we will occupy next. I encourage you to remain detached from the drama and deal with your fears if any should arise.

Another Message comes to mind in keeping with this: “Steady As She Goes.” In its own way, it is very soothing and comforting to read and I encourage you to read it and take comfort from it, also.

These are the times for which we are made and for which we were born. You have every necessary resource within you, and you cannot fail to live out your script as it was written for your life by your Oversoul, which has projected “you” from within itself and continues to do so until it doesn’t do so any longer. Every person, plant and thing is created from within the ground of existence and it all comes forth, does its dance, and then resolves back into the ground of existence again. This is the nature of the manifest reality, and it’s made even more complex through the existence of parallel realities.

When a new Creation is breathed forth, every logic branch, every possible combination is traced in that moment of creation. It is all part of that single breath and as one Creation comes to an end, another is in the process of being born. It is the nature of the creative process to be that way and these times mark both the end of one Creation and the beginning of another, so it’s both challenging and an amazing opportunity to be present at such a time.

Blessings on you and your journey, however it may unfold for you. The outcome was written even before you took on form, so relax and enjoy the ride as much as you can. This moment will pass and be replaced by another, and another after that. Live each day from your calm center and you will fare better through what lies ahead, no matter what the details happen to be for you. 

With love,
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