October 1, 2017

To anyone with “eyes to see,” it is obvious that there is a lot of movement in the outer world, and I have been receiving occasional questions with regard to what the Hosts might have to say about what this means for the “op.” While the Hosts are with me constantly, they are not saying much of anything except on a level that is personal to me and my husband, and then not much. I recognized myself as being one of them in March of this year, so it is possible that the burden of keeping others informed is now my task—at least until such time as it may be needed to make announcements of some kind to the general population.

This past week, something showed up in my personal life that revealed many of the elements of my script and how they had come together over time to define what I refer to as “my life.” For the past two nights, while lying in bed and trying to sleep, I have re-experienced those elements in a kind of “whole life review,” along the lines of what many people have described as what precedes physical death. 

This morning, as I was waking up, I became aware of all of those elements existing like an image painted onto a single piece of fabric and the fabric itself was being wound into a single point, like a cloth being rolled onto a stick, pulling its expanse down into the single location from which it had unfurled in the first place.

This reminded me of what I had been shown years ago, when I had asked to see the “Mind of God.” I was seeing it from the surface, as an undulating, self-luminous plasma that stretched beyond my ability to see its boundaries, if it had any. 

Events would burble up to the surface, play out, and then be reabsorbed back into the plasma from which they had come. Physicist David Bohm described this as one aspect of what he called “the holomovement”—the movement up from deeper layers of the implicate (unmanifest) order to express as phenomena in the explicate (manifest) order, only to fall back and be reabsorbed into the implicate order once again after it had completed its visible actions.

Bohm came to this conclusion after seeing a science demonstration in which a drop of ink was placed in a cylinder containing glycerine and the fluid was rotated by a paddle inside of the cylinder. The discrete drop became dispersed in the glycerine when it was rotated in one direction and returned to its original state when the rotation was reversed. You can see this demonstration in a short video on YouTube (approx. 1.5 minutes).

The reason I bring this up is that this morning I witnessed that the fabric of my life is being rolled up and returned to “the Mind of God” from which it came forth. In addition, I recognized that our normal perception of our life within the 3D veiled consciousness that we take as what is “real” is LINEAR in nature, whereas this process is taking those of us who are moving upward right now into an experience of SIMULTANEITY. 

Instead of being aware of only one of our expressions and experiencing it as a series of events and developments that moves from the past through the present and projects into the future, we will be centered in a single point of awareness that is simultaneously aware of all of its expressions, as they are playing out across the entire spectrum of frequencies and locations that make up the manifest portion of reality. This will become our new “normal” state once we have moved past the limitations of veiled consciousness that have confined our perceptions to thinking that this (our 3D expression) is all there is to us.

This means that we must become comfortable resting in what is sometimes referred to as “the fertile void.” When I watch videos of Eckhart Tolle talking about his experience of enlightenment, I see that being modeled by someone who has become comfortable with that state. There are often long pauses in his talking as he waits for the next thought to arise to his awareness. There is an active and apparently continuous process of “listening within” being demonstrated that brings to mind a long passage from the Message, “Farewell for Awhile,” which was given at the end of Volume Two and anticipated a similar period of silence from the Hosts as we have been experiencing since their last communication in October 2016:

“There will be a time of no Messages for awhile, as that is part of the Plan.
In the interim, many things will be playing out on the planetary surface, and it is precisely for that reason that we will be silent for awhile. Those on the surface have to experience those times in certain ways, in keeping with the plan for their life, and they must do so unaided by us in order to have the fullest possible experience for themselves. It would only diminish the intensity and richness of those times if we were there, commenting on every development. 

…Our counsel to you would be to listen within at all times, during all activities in which you find yourself.

Some animals have the ability to point their ears in different directions independently. We suggest you do the same. Point one ear outward, to receive the data from your environment, and point one ear inward, constantly listening to the whisperings of your intuition and “knowing.” That inner voice is quiet and subtle most of the time. It is not like it is shouting at you. It is more gentle than that, so you must be able to hear it above the noise that surrounds you.

When your time comes, you will know it. Some of you know that you will be on the ground through the years ahead, because your particular part in the drama requires that. Do not feel either more or less special because of that. Everyone is totally equal in their importance with regard to the Plan. No voice will carry more weight than any other. No life is more or less important than any other. To think or feel otherwise is a matter of the separated self or ego.

Some of you still are wrestling with your self-worth issues, and need to make these kinds of comparisons, but in the end, you are who you came to be, and the best thing is to be the best expression of that intention that you can. So now, all things will be coming to a head and moving toward the eventual conclusion. The acceleration is upon you already and will become even more intense as time passes and the tasks surface for completion. You might imagine a person with a clipboard, studiously marking off each “task” in a list of things that have to occur. Each thing must take place, and each thing WILL take place in its perfect time and sequence.

We feel a certain excitement in contemplating that this day has arrived. The measures have been taken and each one of you has been “fitted” with the necessary “equipment” to complete the rest of your journey through the remaining years of 3D Earth and beyond. All of the resources — both inner and outer — that you will require are now stored up and available to be used.
A vast amount of preparation has gone into this effort, spanning thousands of years. You have experienced many lives in order to be perfectly equipped for this one and what now comes. It is truly a “grand finale,” and great opportunity for the richness and complexity of all of the themes and threads that will be playing out from now on. Regardless of where your life leads you, we promise you one thing: it will not be boring! This is an incredible time to be in a body on planet Earth, and you will have much to reflect upon when it has all drawn to a close.
…For those of you who are moving on to complete your transformation, it will be a time when you find yourselves actually among us, face to face. For those who remain on the ground, you will be assisted directly by those who complete their transformation and come and go from that point on. 

They will appear in your midst at the needed times, and will disappear when that assistance is no longer needed. It will be impossible to know from day to day what to expect, as there will be many surprises on many fronts. We assure you that each and every person will have the experiences they are supposed to have, as chosen by their Oversoul. There are no accidents, and there are no real losses, only change.
There is absolute certainty that each and every one of you will reach the destination chosen by your Oversoul, and will do so perfectly — in the right time, in the right way. None of you will be left alone, regardless of the form your assistance and support team takes. You will meet others like yourself, and you will gradually form small clusters of like-minded people. 

It will happen naturally. There is no need to create predesigned and preconceived communities. Follow the flow of your life, Remain rooted in the present. Deal fully with what presents to you in the moment. Remember that a moment is a unit of experience, not a unit of time. Live in the moment, moment by passing moment, and you will find yourself in exactly the right place at the right time. 
… know that we are always with you, waking and sleeping, and we look forward to the time when you are ALL back with us once again. 

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.”

In looking at what is happening for me and my husband right now and what the calendar is saying about where we are within linear time, it makes sense to me that this wrapping up of my life and returning it to the ground of existence from which it came forth is the required precedent for my moving up to that state in which I will be able to meet with the Hosts face to face, as one of them. 

Once I have integrated that state fully, I would expect to be aware of all of my expressions simultaneously, across the entire spectrum of my expression—as one of the 144,000 elohim that precipitated this sector of reality and who authored “Operation Terra” at that time billions of years ago, as one of the Hosts (named Oriole), as a 4D woman named Lady Adonna of Sirius Star System, and the 3D presence that I expect to maintain as Sara until the evacuation is complete.

In February of this year, I was shown a tube of light proceeding upward from where I was and ending inside a hollow sphere that felt metallic around November 23. I assume (but have not been told) that the hollow sphere is Midway Station, and the events of this past week seem to support the idea that I will be experiencing myself as being there around that time. I still expect to be available to communicate even from there, but I felt that enough people were waiting to hear something from the Hosts that I should come forward and report what I am experiencing as an indication of what is really going on within the current transition.

The Hosts have said that we are those of them who volunteered to come down to participate in the ground portion of the op and that phase seems about to complete. They are our soul family, for lack of a better term, and we had to forget who we were in order to do the job we came to do, within the Earth’s aura. It could not have been done from “up there,” or it would have. It was absolutely necessary for some of us to take on this veil of forgetfulness in order to fully enter the 3D state, but thankfully, the time when that was necessary is coming to an end.

They have always been with us, waking and sleeping, and have never abandoned us. However, in order for us to have the full experience we incarnated to have, their silence has been necessary, in part so we could become more reliant on our own inner perceptions, and in part so we could have the fullness of the way it is in 3D, where people are not aware of their connectedness with everything that exists.

We came to take on and transform a portion of the pain that the planet has absorbed and transform it within ourselves, to lighten the planet’s load and help her to become Terra. We also came to act as human lightning rods to ground the higher Light into the planet and support the earth changes that would result in the cleansings that were the result of that infusion of Light. We will each fulfill the purpose for which we were created by our Oversoul, and how we are is the effect of the script that was written for this life by our Oversoul. We are the outward EFFECT of that script, not its author. Everything that has happened was part of that plan, and it will remain so for as long as it takes for that plan to play out fully.

Although what I have experienced this past week was intense and highly emotional at times, I welcome it because of what it portends. As I say on the home page of the OT site, “Every ending is also a beginning, in the endless journey of the Infinite Way.” My former life is ending and being literally “wrapped up” and returned to the matrix from which it arose, and that ending also anticipates the beginning of the life I will lead once that process is complete. Each of you reading this will experience your own version of that process, and for me, that means I am being freed of the constraints of the past and moving into the kind of existence that I was intended to have from the beginning of time. I could feel those constraints falling away, and yet there is still time to be traversed before it all complete.

I don’t have any “news” to report other than this. As the Hosts have said, ascension is a process, made up of many small steps, and the final step across that threshold will also be one small step. I wish you well on your journey and look forward to the time when we can all be gathered together again, as the true family that we really are.

Love to all,

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