August 12, 2015

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you today because we are dealing with a very dynamic situation and there have been some changes that we would like to disclose to you at this time.

The “loyal opposition” (the elites) have been going forward with their plans for a global totalitarian regime and have hit some unexpected complications that require them to delay certain actions on their part until they have worked out solutions that will allow them to proceed with a reasonable expectation for their success.

OUR timing is dependent on their timing, because we are expecting to carry out the evacuation during the time of chaos that we expect to follow the financial collapse, and to complete it before a comprehensive system of controls is put in place in response to the predictable outcry for someone to “Do something!” about the chaos itself. We also have to factor in the upcoming time of cataclysms and the end of the time dilation itself, so our timing is going to be delayed and must therefore also be shortened, in order to complete the evacuation within those opposing constraints.

This will result in a greatly intensified effort on our part and also in a greatly intensified climate of crisis all around the world. By putting off the financial collapse, when it finally does happen, it will be even more severe than it would have if it had occurred sooner. This, in turn, will result in an even more intense reaction from people all over the world, and therefore things are going to be much more turbulent than they would have been if this had occurred earlier. It’s similar to a pressure cooker that builds up even greater pressure the longer the heat continues to build under it without letting some of the pressure to escape in the form of steam.

What this means is that your preparations to get through that period of chaos won’t need to cover as long a period of time, and you won’t need to begin using them quite as soon as we had expected, but do not expect this present delay to be very long — perhaps a month to six weeks of your time. If you have not finished your preparations, we urge you to do so now because when this collapse comes, it will be even more difficult to obtain necessities than it would have been before.

The tipping point that we spoke about in June has now occurred and a rapid and progressive economic deterioration is under way at this time. In addition, those who are vying with each other to end up the winner(s) in this global competition for resources and assets are becoming even more determined in their efforts to maintain and increase their position, so the opportunities for “power plays” are also increasing in frequency and scope. This also means that the amount of money needed to sustain these efforts is also increasing, which will also act to intensify the financial collapse when it occurs. Everything is so interconnected that nothing will be unaffected or immune to the effects of what is coming, so the grand finale we spoke about in December is going to be even more “grand” than we expected.

Oddly enough, this takes things to a much higher level for us and for everyone that we work with. It somehow brings in more energy when things are more tightly focused and concentrated within a shorter period of time. We suspect that most women would prefer a shorter period of labor in delivering a child than a longer one. It seems natural to be willing and able to put forth a stronger effort over a short period of time than to sustain that level of effort over a longer period of time.

A very different approach is needed when running a marathon than when sprinting for a shorter distance, so what this will translate to is a greater number of hands available to share the work and the need for more space in which to carry it out, so that there is room for everyone who is needed to be present at the same time and in essentially the same space. We are adapting accordingly and it gives us great pleasure to contemplate the increased scale of the “op” due to this compression created through the delayed timing of the financial collapse and the amount of time remaining before the cataclysms make things difficult for the evacuation to complete.

We would also like to comment on another development, one that we did not originally anticipate. In addition to the various factions of the elite competing with each other to be the ones in control of everything else, there are various extraterrestrial races competing with each other to fulfill their own agendas, so there are a number of surprising alliances taking place between different civilizations that do not normally associate with each other. Each of these civilizations has different goals and different reasons for wanting things to go a certain way so that their “future” ends up the way they want it to be.

The particular time and location in which you are expressing through your physical bodies is energetically rich, containing many alternative potentials that can be accessed by those who know how to navigate the fabric of space and time in such a way that they can jump timelines and alter outcomes through the choices they make. What this means is that some groups that have been subservient to certain races (such as the reptilians) are allying with various groups of humans and other civilizations to collectively negate the absolute rule the reptilians have historically held for the present planet and to prevent them from completing their plans for total control and domination of the planet and everything upon it. 

We had anticipated that our collective fleets would have to singlehandedly engage with the reptilian presence in 3D Earth’s airspace and remove it, but now some of that work is being done by others, who have their own reasons for doing so. For now, we are watching and waiting to see how that goes.

We have been continuing to work on the erasure of the cellular memory in each and every person who is part of Operation Terra, and it may not now be necessary to actually engage in a space war to heal the wounds of the past from having dealt with the reptilians in other times and places. This would alter many things, including what each person will experience and be part of.

It is also possible that we may still engage in a space war, but in cooperation with other fleets that we would not have allied with before. All of this is being worked on and sorted out at present, so we ask you to be patient a little while longer because these current developments could mean far less pain and loss if they can be negotiated successfully.

OUR goal is to assist the planet in becoming Terra. Ultimately, that will assure the reversal of the prior trend where the negative polarity was destroying everything it came in contact with, and would subsequently restore the galaxy (and ultimately the entire manifest reality) to its former estate. We have no attachment to how the details work out along the way and if an opportunity arises to achieve our goal with less pain and loss, we are glad to take it, as long as it furthers our goal of bringing Terra to fruition.
Everything exists solely to provide experience for the Creator, and no experience is preferred over any other BY the Creator, so if we can achieve our goal regarding Terra in a less stressful and painful way, all the better!

We are willing to do whatever it takes to complete our mission for planet Earth. We have been working toward this time for centuries — indeed since the birth of the planet herself. From the perspective of the elohim, the planet is our child, and — like good parents — we have had to accompany our creation through its birth, childhood, adolescence, and to assist it in achieving its full flowering as 4D Terra, a cultural center for the entire galaxy and a living paradise for every lifeform upon it.

So, the bottom line to all of this is that you will have a slightly longer time to enjoy your days as 3D humans, and then the “days will be shortened,” during which we will conduct the evacuation against a very intense backdrop of chaos, turbulence, and turmoil. We encourage you to listen to the Operation Terra anthem again, and pay special attention to the transition from the more energetic opening notes to the higher, gentler and more soothing notes that musically trace the passage that you will be experiencing in the days ahead.

At first things will seem quite dramatic and the approach of the evacuation will come as a welcome relief. But then things will become easier and lift you free of the turmoil playing out on the ground until you are safely tucked away on the ships and on Midway Station. Finally, you will come into your own true nature as divine beings, worthy of grace and ease in every moment of your existence. All the struggle, deprivation, pain, and noise will drop away and you will find yourself at home with others of like inclination, experiencing the peace, quiet joy, and love that you have always innately felt was your birthright but did not know where or how to find it.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven, working as a team with Sananda, and waiting to welcome you home.
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