August 8, 2012
On June 6, the day of the Venus Transit, the Hosts gave me a directive to get rid of all records, both paper and electronic, that could implicate others in connection with Operation Terra. That directive has now been fully complied with, including removing some content from past News/Update pages that was not in keeping with that directve.

It took more than a month to complete that task and it changed my plans for the forthcoming "collected works" edition of the Operation Terra material. When I received that directive, I sensed that it was a preparation for something coming in the near-term future and the August 5, 2012 Bulletin (below) confirms that feeling.

In feeling into this further, I realized that my plan to publish the new book as a two-volume set was no longer appropriate. The new book is now in press as a single volume (672 pages) and should be available to purchase sometime next week. 

It includes about 30% more material than the previous 3 volumes combined, some of which has never been shared publicly before. It also updates some of the previous material and adds commentaries and footnotes to increase one’s understanding of the entire body of information that makes up Operation Terra as a whole. 

I will send out a mailing and update the books page of this site when the book is finally available for sale. However, when the Hosts gave me the following Bulletin, it seemed too time-sensitive to delay its release until after the book comes out, so I am sharing it with you now and will send out another mailing when the book comes off the presses next week.

Regardless of where your individual path may take you, their advice will serve you well in the times just ahead.

Love and blessings,
Sara Zibrat/Adonna 
August 5, 2012

We have chosen to speak to you today because of some things that will be occurring on your timeline that we wish to share with your audience — those who are your readers all over the world and those they are in contact with who may not be personally on your mailing list but with whom they share your communications.

To begin with, the timelines have separated sufficiently that they are experiencing different scenarios, even though the people on them assume they are witnessing the same things as everyone else does. However, that is not the case and it will become increasingly true with the passage of time as events unfold across all of the timelines that are unique to each timeline. In your case, the timeline will include the Pole Shift that will only occur on the timeline that leads to Terra and the one that leads to her negative-polarity twin. That will NOT occur on any of the other timelines, and the scenario presented by others in their writings and movies such as 2012 will not be how it will go.

However, there is going to be a large amount of upheaval across all of the timelines, extending across different periods of time (depending on which timeline one is referencing), and that will become evident very soon, as a sort of “smokescreen” that will hide what is really going on behind the scenes on each of the timelines.

While that is going on (i.e. the planet rising in frequency to fully become 4D Terra), a lot will be happening to those who are evacuated and residing on the ships and on Midway Station. There are also others who are going to be making the trip to their home planets and some of those will be preparing to be part of the colonization of Terra. 

A lot of you “came down” to be part of these times, and that includes a number of those being born as babies and who are young children right now. Each has their own reason for being on the planet right now, and most of them are not going to survive, as the very young and the very old are the most vulnerable during times such as these. They had their reasons for coming and they will have fulfilled their purpose just by being here, even if the time is short.

So, now, in a very short time — even when measured in your terms — a lot will be playing out on the planetary surface. It is going to be a noisy time, filled will a lot of shouting, crying, acting out, and other forms of conducting oneself in something other than a calm, grounded, and centered manner, as we have advised you to do. 

Everyone who is supposed to make the trip to Terra will do so. In fact, everyone is going to go to wherever their Oversoul has created them to go, but our focus in our communications is on those who are going to Terra. We mention these others because we know that some of them are known to you and wish to reassure you that they, too, have their script and it will play out for them as perfectly as yours does for you.

What remains to occur is still the same as it has been all along. The time of cataclysms is almost upon you and it is during those times that the process of sorting out into these different experiences and destinations will occur. It is also during those times that those who are to be part of clearing the 3D airspace will be “called up” to serve in that regard, and those who are going to serve on the ground in the "gathering up" that will culminate in the evacuation of those who are going to go that route will find that they are going to be “called” into that part of their service, also.

Not everyone will be talked to directly, as we talk to you, but everyone will receive exactly the experience they are supposed to have, according to their script and the plan for their life. No one will “miss the boat,” and no one will be unattended by those on other planes. Even those who pass out of their bodies will have escorts because it will be a time of great confusion and many will need to be guided so that the process is as smooth for them as it can possibly be. Their surrender will come through the process itself, and they will also have help in coming to that, even if it is only at the last moment that they draw breath.

We encourage everyone reading this Bulletin to deepen their degree of inner listening, because it is only if one is quiet inside that one can hear their inner director clearly. Some of you will also hear us, but not everyone is sufficiently attuned to do that, but in each moment that presents, everyone will be able to tell and FEEL what is "right action" in that moment. It is not necessary for anyone to know anything except what is right in that particular moment, and if one walks through this process by doing that — listening within and feeling into each moment that presents — it will be a much smoother journey for them and those they are in contact with.

This is YOUR part of the equation — to listen within, feel into what the moment is asking of you, and only then to act in response to that sense of “knowing” as to what to do, where to go, and how to conduct oneself. “Stop and feel,” over and over again — that is your best way of making it through these times. Those who are lifted onto the ships will have to do that, too, so now is a good time to begin living your lives that way. We shall have more to say soon, but soon it will also be over altogether, and you will not need to hear from us in this manner. You will be meeting us and the others face to face.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

[Amen, and thank you.]
To download a PDF version of this Bulletin, click here.

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