August 1, 2011
As of this writing, we are at the beginning of the fifth day in the model of the overall shift in consciousness that was mentioned in the last update. According to Ian Lungold, the fourth day characterizes the entire level, with the preceding days and nights being a transition from the previous level, and the days and nights that follow it being the playing out of what the level contains. In previous updates, I have also discussed the fractal nature of time, in which prior historical/experiential periods are revisited in subsequent turns on the spiral, only packed more closely together as we move toward the end point. The “end” is also the beginning of the new cycle/Creation that will replace our present one, so this is a time marked by major shifts and it seems we have just begun another one.
On July 29, I felt a shift take place that was quite noticeable to me. It felt like whatever had been unwound or released in the preceding weeks and months had completed releasing its energy and had come to rest. Now a new spiral was beginning to form up that would provide/contain the energy that would power up the movement that lies ahead for the rest of this year and beyond. In the model mentioned above, ALL of the levels will complete on October 28, 2011, but instead of a single outcome, what I have been observing is a great sorting out into the various destination paths that each person will experience. This morning, I received a glimpse of what is going on now and what this shift entails.

In the Message, “Booster Rocket Time,” the separating out into the various timelines that will emerge from this one shared reality is compared to the process whereby two cells separate from one another. The process proceeds somewhat slowly at first, but when all is in readiness, it completes rather quickly. What I perceived this morning is that we have reached a point in the separating out of the timelines in which the process will now move forward much more quickly toward its completion. 

Because of this insight/experience and the timing of it in terms of the ending of the fourth day in Calleman’s model, I have concluded that the October 28, 2011 end-point is the point at which the timelines will have separated from each other enough to begin to experience different phenomena and outcomes. It is significant to me that the model labels this final period of the fifth through seventh days as a time of destruction. I interpret this to be the destruction of the forms that defined the prior experience, making way for the emergence of yet other forms. I believe that what one perceives and experiences will depend on which timeline they are on and how that particular timeline unfolds.

For those who are part of Operation Terra, our timeline (and the one that leads to Terra’s negative-polarity “twin”) is the shortest of all. For some time now, I have been feeling more like an observer than a participant in the world I can still observe from my own individual point of perception. When I opened my browser this morning, I saw the headline that a “deal” had been made to settle the current impasse over raising the US debt limit, although it still has to be voted on by the entire Congress. 

What has struck me throughout the process that led up to this “deal” was that it was clearly NOT “business as usual” anymore. I observed the expression of deep divisions and conflicts between various ideologies and factions within Congress as a whole, and those in turn were symptoms of the deep divisions and conflicts between various ideologies in the populace as a whole.

I also observed that the points being argued and fought over still obscured what was really going on within the system itself and did not address or identify anything that was a cause of the present “problems,” but rather focused on symptoms of the problem and made attempts at correction that have to ultimately fail because the underlying causes are not being addressed. This is similar to the approach taken in conventional medicine, where symptoms are suppressed, but causes are not addressed, so true healing rarely takes place.

The present combination of a fractional reserve banking system and a fiat money supply (money that is not backed by anything tangible and is created simply by decree) is simply not sustainable any longer, and the deep cuts in federal spending being attempted are one sign of having reached that point. The population issue is also not being addressed.

In addition, there are growing numbers of people needing and demanding services from various levels of government precisely when decreases in employment are taking their toll on the tax base that governments rely on to provide those services. These are the elements stacking up for the collapse that must come, sooner or later. In many ways, it is already here, and it is my feeling that it won’t be openly acknowledged until the unraveling takes place in a much more dramatic and rapid fashion. The Hosts anticipated this occurrence many years ago and now we are seeing it unfold.

In the Early 2011 Update, I made the observation that none of the predictions for a financial collapse by the end of 2010 came to pass. While I cannot predict what will happen with any kind of precision regarding time, I do feel strongly that what I am FEELING and “seeing” right now does indicate a rapid movement toward the resolution of all of the issues that have to be resolved before we can move on to create our dream of Terra. It is my feeling that we have reached another kind of “crossing point” and the separating out of the timelines will proceed relatively quickly now.

I feel that the October 28, 2011 date given in Calleman’s model is the point at which each of the different timelines will proceed in their own unique direction. However, what happens for each of the timelines after that point in time will depend on which timeline one is viewing and referring to. Since my focus is on the timeline leading to Terra, all of my remarks that follow will be from that perspective and I will not attempt to talk about what might happen on the other timelines.

I occasionally receive e-mails from people who are new to the OT site that ask why the Messages stopped back in December of 2006 — why there is no new information from the Hosts in terms of what we can expect now. My usual answer is to point out that the Hosts indicated that there would be three volumes of Messages, and good to their word, they completed the third volume in December 2006. However, I received a number of private messages from them after that time, some of which I shared through the various forums connected with OT and occasionally on the site itself, if it seemed to have more general application. In the message received on March 1, 2009, the Hosts said:

All of you are in motion. None of you are remaining where you were, regardless of where you are going in the near and further term future. Some of you who are reading this will remain on the ground until the end of your physical life. Some of you who are reading this will remain on the ground until the time of the evacuation. Some of you who are reading this will be lifted in the first two groups. However, ALL of you are now in motion toward your destination. When we look at the trajectories, it is like watching those airshows where the jets fly off in different directions from one another, leaving their contrails behind to mark where they were before. Each of you can look back and see your contrail, but what you can’t see is the totality of where this is leading you. We wish to assist you in coming to terms with that.

The totality that will result at the end of this current unfoldment is beyond your ability to conceive at present. With the elohim activation, a germination took place of a seed thought that will result in the new galactic mind. It is already coming into being and will continue to develop over time. Each of you has your place or connecting point within the grid or matrix of fibers that connect all of the parts. That being said, it is important for us to mention that what you experience in 4D is not the whole picture. The Council of 24 (of the Great Central Sun of your galaxy) exists at a nonphysical level of existence. The 24 Lords and Ladies are the physical expressions of the Council of 24, inserted into the “pudding” of the 4D environment, similar to the way your present physical bodies are inserted into the “pudding” of the 3D environment, but with significant differences.

Each of the 24 Lords and Ladies carry a specific function, not only at the planetary level of Terra, but also at the galactic level of the group mind. The Council of 24 presides over the entire galaxy, so the 24 Lords and Ladies are not quite the same as the rest of the populace in 4D. The 24 Lords and Ladies serve the entire galactic system, and their 4D expression serves the entire galaxy at the 4D level of being. This is why they have certain special functions, and why they serve as the governing tribunal on Terra. They also appear to carry a slightly different energy and luminosity than everyone else in 4D. Remember, that there is still only one life being lived—that of the Creator, through Its creations, so all embodiments and appearances exist only in the Mind of the Creator. In that sense, and that sense alone, all things are equally important and unimportant at the same time. They are all just thoughts in the Mind of the Creator.

In order for the entirety to play out properly, all niches must be filled. In order for those who are supposed to govern to govern, there must be those who need to be governed. We have spoken about how 4D brings with it the gift of full consciousness, in which all things operate according to the needs of the whole, so one might question why there is a need for government at all. We have spoken before of love as the ordering force that makes it possible to have ever increasingly complex forms and structures develop and emerge. We have also spoken of entropy, which acts counter to this love force and causes things to break down into simpler structures.

Terra will be an emerging culture and a center within the emerging development of the galactic group mind, and the hierarchical structuring of information flows, tasks, and perspectives requires a certain governance to ensure that the development is orderly and in the direction that leads to greater complexity for the whole. If things were not structured in certain ways, chaos and entropy would insure the reverse would occur, and there would be a reversion to simpler forms that would represent a step backwards into earlier forms.

By the time the first generation of native-born Terrans are ready to take over the reins, Terra will be well along toward its own sustainability. However, since evolution always involves ever greater complexity, governance of some kind will always be a feature of the Terran culture. Each of you who is moving forward in conjunction with the Terra project is taking part in birthing something truly grand for the entire galaxy. However, while you are currently focused on the passage of a few weeks, months, or even a few years, we are taking a much longer view of the process involved, and eventually so will you.
Imagine that you have been living in a closed sphere with no windows, and all that you know is contained within that closed sphere. Then, one day, a door in the side of the sphere swings open and reveals to you a vast exterior environment that stretches beyond your ability to see its limits. This is essentially where you are at right now—unable to see clearly beyond that closed sphere that has made up your conscious environment—but a door is about to swing open and reveal such a vast landscape of potentials that you would not know where to go or how to begin exploring it. This is why this process is requiring the services of so many volunteers and also so many years to complete. The way you define yourself at present may seem like it is changing rapidly, and it is by a certain measure, but the degree of change that lies before you is truly monumental by any of your present measurements. This is why you are being brought along in very small steps—so that you can absorb, register, and integrate each step as it occurs and leads you to the next step.

We are taking you along in small steps through these messages, and soon at least some of you will be peering through that open door and walk through it. You will be met by those who are waiting for you. They will guide you through the next steps and you will be totally provided for in all of those steps until you can fully walk on your own, which will not occur for several years from now. For those of you who will not be walking through the door at this time, you will still have your support systems and teams, and each of you will end up precisely at your appointed destination in precisely the perfect way, in keeping with the script for your life.

We have spoken before of the need for trust. Trust is an essential part of the path you walk, regardless of the details of where that path leads. You are being shepherded through each and every stage of your process, whether you are conscious of it or not, and you will each go on to have the experiences called for in your script. No one will be left behind, because everyone is moving beyond this time and space. However, where you find yourself and what landscape you pass through is a very individual matter.

Because this journey becomes so highly individual from this point forward, it is not possible for us to give you many specific details through a message designed for an entire group of people. It is more important than ever for you to learn to listen within, and to make your choices in each and every moment based on that inner listening—that intuitive faculty that each and every person carries within them. This is one of the reasons we cannot continue to give you much more general information. There is not much more general information to be had, and you already are getting sufficient specifics from your fellow travelers. Anything that we have not addressed is not going to change the fundamentals of making this journey: trust in the process, trust in the journey, release resistance whenever it surfaces, and go where you are called to go. Each and every one of you is capable of sorting out the details for yourself from within your present situation, and we strongly encourage you to develop more self-reliance in that direction.

Each person reading this message is going on to new vistas for themselves, and they will be different for each person. No pattern repeats. We will speak to you again at least twice more, but there is not much else we will have to say that will be life-changing, so much as the experience itself will show you the way and change everything.

We leave you now in peace, honor, and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

This particular message came to mind recently as I observed how much of this individuation into unique experiences had occurred since that message was received. In feeling what I have been feeling since July 29 and observing how different the details of my own experience have been from the details being reported on the online forums and through various e-mails I have received, a certain relaxation has occurred for me. It’s something like a missile-lock on my personal destination and emergence, and it feels both fixed and unstoppable now. That frees me to stop thinking about where I am going and to just relax into the journey that is clearly coming to a head and will resolve itself of its own accord. As I have stated repeatedly, from the OT perspective, there is nothing to stop and nothing to fix, and everything will play out exactly as it was scripted to occur, long before we ever entered our present bodies.

We have all been in a state of waiting and preparation for what seems to us like a very long time. For me personally, it has been more than 30 years since I was aware of being called in this particular direction and I really thought things would take place a lot sooner than they have. What I did not realize was that the points of emergence such as “Booster Rocket Time” would be revisited again and again on new levels of the spiral, and not be one-time occurrences. And, as the Hosts have discussed in the private message shown above, what follows will play out over a long time, too. I do not expect to take my leave of Terra until after our children are grown and able to take over the leadership there, approximately 200 years from now, as calculated from by our present system of counting linear time. 

I think we are all tired of the seemingly endless waiting, clearing and processing we have had to endure and that we will welcome the resolution of this stage of the process when it comes. In the meantime, though, there is more ground to travel, more lines to be spoken, and more actions to be performed. The journey is now very individual in its details, but much broader strokes are being painted by us collectively and the future world of Terra will be the result of our present process and our legacy to future generations throughout our galaxy.

I will issue other updates as points of clarity and insight emerge later this year. In the meantime, I wish you well and hope your journey is a smooth one.

Love and blessings,
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