May 16, 2012
In the last update I put out on February 5, 2012, I mentioned many of the things that were going on for me personally and being reported by others that I am in contact with. On April 10, yet another acceleration kicked in and things have been speeding up ever since.

[edited to remove content that is no longer valid]
This matter of the differentiation of the various parts of our experience from one another has been increasingly pronounced since it first began in a noticeable way in April 2009. It is clear that the separating out of the timelines has also produced a marked differentiation in both the types of information being put forth from various sources and the experiences being focused upon by the participants in each of the compartments of reality that constitute a given timeline. At this point in time, I am not aware of anything, from any other source, that is fully in keeping with the perspective that the Hosts have given us, although there may be some common elements here and there.

The Hosts have repeatedly emphasized that the “real news” is about what’s going on within us, not what’s going on in the outer world. I have not made any effort toward excluding one type of information over another; my interest in outer news has simply fallen away of its own accord and almost everything I see when I open my browser’s home page seems hollow and irrelevant these days. It’s simply not important to my experience, so I largely ignore it and let it pass me by without engaging with any of it.

I am also shedding whatever is left of my prior identity and life and this has been accompanied with spontaneous clearings of deep sadness that is also being reported by others on our online forums.
My husband and I took a week of vacation (my first real vacation in more than 30 years!) and went to the North Carolina coast on April 29. On Monday, April 30, the Hosts told me that they would be taking the two of us up “several levels” while we were there. Now that we are back, things look and feel very different to us, and it’s as if we are living in a totally different compartment of reality.
I made my completions with my sailing experiences from this and other lives while we were there, and it was then that I registered just how COMPLETE and FINAL the leaving would be this time. We have come into 3D bodies repeatedly and it has been our experience that that would continue over and over again. Now, however, this is our LAST 3D experience, and that involves leaving behind EVERYTHING we have experienced here, including those moments of awe, beauty, or other peak experiences we may have had.

It takes a lot of concentration to stay over our feet while all of these changes (and their accompanying clearings) are going on, and it consumes a lot of energy (or at least it does for me), so I seem to need more sleep and rest and it seems very important to not overcommit or try to accomplish too much at any given time. I think this would be good for anyone who is going through this kind of acceleration at this time, which is why I mention this at all. I also have to keep working on my level of surrender to the process itself, because the current accelerations are almost overwhelming otherwise.

On May 11, the Hosts asked me to receive the following Bulletin from them, which seems like a “travel advisory” for the road just ahead. In receiving it, it felt like the drastic physical changes we are expecting would only come at the end, when the outer components hit that immovable threshold, but the inner changes would continue to accelerate. I am still waiting to see if the large signal earthquake I was shown in June 1982 (epicenter in south central Indiana) occurs, and if it does, we will know we have entered the period of the final cataclysms. However, it seems that the most immediate effects of all of these changes will be the inner ones, and those don’t exactly make the headlines!

It is clear from what the Hosts say that the differentiation into our various identities will be further accentuated as we move into our roles and positions for the upcoming evacuation. No given person’s experience will be identical to anyone else’s, but we do share a common journey and goal — assisting our present planet to manifest her destiny as Terra and doing those things necessary to bring that into full fruition. For the moveable parts of the planet (people, plants, animals, etc.) that will involve a physical evacuation, a period of time on Midway Station, and then the colonization itself.

The Bulletin was partly personal to me and partly a view of what lies ahead for everyone on our timeline, so I am sharing it in its entirety. I hope it is helpful to you in some way.

May 11, 2012

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you because there are a number of things on the near horizon that we feel you should know about.

To begin with, congratulations on your “surfing.” You have handled a lot of changes well and have demonstrated that (generally) you are becoming skilled at surrendering resistance and accepting changes as they appear. You have also refused to get too far out of the present and it is that skill that will serve you well with what lies ahead.
In terms of what is about to occur, there is the inner process and the outer one. The outer one reflects the inner one, but with a certain lag as things play out within 3D. The inner process is able to move much more quickly, particularly if one has learned to “go with the flow” and just “be” with whatever shows up. And now things are going to really start moving on the inner, much faster than they have in the past, and that WILL be reflected in the outer, but in a delayed and very compressed fashion.
We have spoken repeatedly about the immovable threshold that is sitting out there in space and time. It is something like a very solid wall, and while the inner process is directed at carrying your essence over that wall and into an entirely new landscape of experience, the outer process—precisely because it expresses itself within 3D forms—will hit that wall like an enormous wave, generated by a storm, and crash back onto itself, smashing everything it carries into unrecognizable pieces. However, we do not say that to alarm anyone. Everything is energy anyway, and energy is much more fluid than physical objects, so regardless of how it goes for a particular individual, we would remind you that NOTHING IS LOST; it only changes its form.

You and many others are about to complete this long period of preparation and take on the forms you will need in order to carry out the evacuation later this year. YOU [Sara/Adonna] will be available in both places—on Midway AND on the ground—until the evacuation is complete. We will be giving you more detailed instructions as things progress and your functions will change as required by the process itself.

Others will be moving into their 4D expressions also, and some of them will also be operating on the ground, while others will be operating from the fleets and from on board Midway. It will be a very active process for everyone, with much activity, and we are sure that after such a long period of waiting for something to happen, the activity will be a welcome change from the past.

Now we need to move on to another, related topic. There are massive changes and upheavals ahead and each person needs to listen within for their own particular movements within that. Everything serves the larger plan in one way or another, and some people may find themselves operating in a new environment, providing comfort for a group of people who are new to them in ways they might not have imagined. Even if one appears to be uprooted, it is all serving the larger plan in some way. As you yourself have discovered, breaking ties with the past can open one to many new possibilities than would occur if one just repeated the same patterns over and over again, out of habit.

You and everyone connected with Operation Terra will be provided for. None of you will perish, in the 3D sense of the word. However, there may be some rearrangements of living conditions and geography, due to changes in the financial environment. If one stays true to the principals we have given you (listen within, release resistance, let go of trying to stay in control, trust the journey, etc.), they will fare much better as things begin to get quite volatile later this year. In the meantime, there is still time to make completions if one has not done so already, so that when it’s time to move in other ways, one can do so without regret and without looking back.
You are quite correct in registering that the leaving will be TOTAL this time. No one who is directly connected with Operation Terra will be returning to 3D for other lives at that frequency, so while they might be glad to leave behind the struggles and sorrows, they will also be leaving behind everything else, including those things that brought them some degree of happiness as well.

That is all we want to say at this time. Things are going to be speeding up a lot more very soon, particularly on the inner at first, and we will be offering our counsel as things proceed and we feel we can provide some service in that regard that will be of help.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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