April 15, 2011
In the previous update, the Hosts referred to a particular model of measuring time — the one formulated by Carl Johann Calleman, based on his studies of the Mayan legacy, and later adopted by the late Ian Lungold. This model describes a “stair-step” series of consciousness shifts, beginning with the emergence of single-cell organisms, moving through the emergence of the successively more complex lifeforms, and then through successively more complex social systems.

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The Hosts have described a period of approximately 4.5 billion years that they have identified as the age of the current Creation cycle. In Calleman’s model, the period of the single-celled organisms on this planet began 16.4 billion years ago. If we consider the Hopi prophecies that talk about the ending of the (present) fourth world, we can see that the Hopi view jibes with the period the Hosts have described, which is approximately one-fourth of the period that Calleman describes, especially if one adds an unspecified initial period during which the planet had no lifeforms above the mineral kingdom.

Calleman’s model appears to have some relevance to the experiences many of us are having now. Remembering that his model describes a shift in consciousness that is only gradually expressed outwardly in the world of form, it is still breathtaking to recognize that our consciousness is shifting at 20 times the speed it took in each preceding cycle. In this last cycle, we are shifting as much in 18 days as we did every 360 days after January 4, 1999, and in 19.7 years between 1755 AD and the end of 1998. Regardless of which model you use and which cycle you are referring to, we are certainly heading toward our destination at a much more rapid pace now, and many of us are experiencing internal shifts that would seem to support that perception.

When I looked down my personal timeline on February 7, 2011, I saw my life appearing to go on quite normally through March 9 (which, coincidentally, was the first day of the final cycle in Calleman’s current (revised) model). Beyond that date, it appeared that I would experience some kind of void, as if the bottom had dropped out completely. When I skipped ahead to June of this year, I saw a “golden time” occurring then and lasting through the months of July, August, and much of September. This seemed to occur on a different, higher level than the one I am currently experiencing in this body. On March 14, around 7 pm EST, I experienced a sensation of something slamming shut, similar to the experience I had on May 15, 1997, when the decision was made to move from Plan A (the original plan for the “op”) to Plan B (the present operation, a much smaller version, in which only “those who came down” would go back “up.”) This time it marked a profound falling away of everything that I had not yet let go of and a time of nearly constant clearings that seem to indicate a lot of sadness moving out of me.

On the inner levels, it feels like I am changing so rapidly, it is a little like becoming a totally new person each night, needing much of the following day to integrate the shift, and a feeling of almost being “normal” again by the late afternoon and early evening. This has been happening non-stop since March 14, and the effects don’t seem to wear off as much as they did in the beginning of this process. I feel very different inside as this progresses, but on the outside, I seem to look very much the same. However, at the time of this writing, the feeling of being very different is persisting much more and I feel this indicates a strong movement toward the completion of my merger with the other levels of my being later this year.

From what people have been reporting on our forums, it seems to be a time of making completions in a more complete and profound way than in the past, accompanied by feelings of detachment, having difficulty relating to the perceptions of those around them, and a sense of significant internal changes taking place. Some are feeling called to revisit places they have lived in before, see people they knew before, and other forms of taking a “last look” around. At least two people have been drawn to write their “life review” in the form of a book. For me and my husband, it seems the revisiting is more internal and experienced both in dreams and in the waking state as memories come up to be released. There also seems to be a heightened sensitivity to energies, both internal and external, that can be uncomfortable at times. My tolerance for disharmony of any kind is greatly decreased, as well.

Some are reporting a marked feeling of needing to withdraw from what one had been doing before (I am also experiencing this), and the metaphor that comes to mind is one in which we are each finishing up our lines in the present stage play and withdrawing to our backstage dressing rooms, where we can put on our next costume and privately prepare for the next “act” in which we will play. I am definitely feeling this pull to withdraw even more.

The experiences are all very individual now, and it’s very much as if we are being called to go deeper within ourselves, to draw upon memories that have been shut away from us in our present lifetime — memories of how we were before and that to which we are returning. I can feel these memories slowly coming back to me and they create a yearning for the return to our previous state — not so much to leave this world as to return to the world in which we felt more ourselves.

What I saw on my personal timeline fits well with the more detailed description of this final phase in Calleman’s model, as shown below.

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This last consciousness layer/period/acceleration extends from March 9, 2011 to end at the same time as the other layers beneath it — on October 28, 2011. Lungold said that the first 3 “days” and 3 “nights” of each layer were a transition period from the previous layer to the characteristics of the presenting one. He said the characteristics of the current layer emerged at the beginning of the fourth “day,” which will begin on June 25. 

Since all of this describes a PROCESS, I am not expecting a particular event in connection with any of these dates that will be observable in the external world. This is a shift in consciousness, and consciousness is best observed internally, not externally. It is my thinking that the “golden time” I saw when I looked down my timeline coincides with the emergence that begins on that fourth “day” in Calleman’s model. If so, given the speed at which I am experiencing this shift internally these days, we will soon be involved in actively preparing for the final stages in 3D, leading to the evacuation from the planet and the migration to Terra, with Midway Station an intermediate stop along the way.

As I moved forward on the timeline into October, the bright light I saw in the “golden time” gradually began to dim, and by the end of December, the energy had a quality that felt similar to operating in a war zone. It did not feel like we would be in danger at any time, from any source, but it definitely felt like we would be engaged in “serious business” by the end of this year. I do not know what form all of this will take in the outer. Right now, I am focusing on supporting my own transition and transformation and making my completions with the past, all of which is preparatory to what will follow.

I do not know what to expect about the October 28, 2011 date. It seems to mark an ending of a process that began billions of years ago, but because everything is cyclical, every ending also marks a beginning of something else. I can see the evidence of things wrapping up for this present phase by the end of this year, and I have to assume that I will have more information when I need it later on. Right now, though, it seems like the most important thing I can do is continue to let go of what must leave me and my life and allow everything to play out as it is scripted to. 

There have been some outer events, notably the earthquakes in Japan (and their nuclear consequences), as well as the unrest in the Middle East. The March 11 earthquake in Japan did not fit with any of the common theories (such as the earth tides model currently used by Jim Berklund) or predictions (e.g. the sunquakes dates given by Patrick Geryl), but it DID fit with the movements of Comet Elenin (discovered by Leonid Elenin in December 2010), which is currently passing through our solar system. This comet has an erratic orbit but apparently when its gravitational pull combines with that of the sun at certain positions, it can trigger earthquakes in a fashion similar to the “earth tides” that are caused by the sun and moon positions that occur each month. This gravitation effect apparently acts as a trigger on fault zones that are “ripe” to go off and are pulled on sufficiently that they move and release their stored energies.

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Comet Elenin will pass closest to Earth around September 27, around the time I saw the light beginning to dim, but the date that caught my attention was its November 23 alignment, because that occurs during the time I saw the light dimming on my timeline. In June 1982, I was shown a very large earthquake occurring in the New Madrid Seismic zone, with its epicenter in south central Indiana (in an unincorporated area near Surprise, Indiana!) and was told that this earthquake would mark the beginning of the cataclysmic earth changes. IF Comet Elenin’s passage triggers that particular earthquake in late November, it would fit with the timing I expect in terms of the cataclysmic earth changes and the subsequent evacuation process that is ahead for Operation Terra.

The outer news no longer draws my attention. I used to watch the stock market, the headlines, and the latest political moves, but now they are all boring and a blur for the most part. Even shocks like the earthquakes in Japan lose their impact quickly. The real “news” is within, just like the Hosts have said so many times. Some people are not experiencing much of the kinds of internal shifts I am experiencing, and that is just the way their life has been scripted to play out. Everyone will get to where they are going. No one will “miss out” on anything and everything will play out just as it is supposed to.

I do not have much else to say that will be generally applicable. If there is anything of significance to report, I will do so. If I am silent for awhile, it is because my attention is directed within. There is not a lot of talking going on in the forums, either, because so many people are being drawn more deeply within themselves — to go into their own private “dressing room” and to prepare for their emergence later this year. Nonetheless, it is nice to know one is “not the only one” going through this.

I would like to close with the observation that I am now IN that void I saw ahead of me back in February, and it is NOT EMPTY! I call it a void because it is basically formless and I can’t see anything in the ways I am accustomed to “seeing,” but there is a presence filling that void that makes it feel like a very safe place to be and that I am anything but alone in it. There is a “fullness” that makes up this void, and it’s more like a comfortable cocoon than a lonely, isolated cave. A lot of emotions seem to come up in waves while in this void, and they aren’t necessarily personal to me. Much of what I am clearing feels somewhat archetypal, rather than personal, and I feel it is somehow a part of the job we came to do in assistance to the planet, who now must shed the energetic residue she took on over these billions of years, also.

So consider this an interim report, to be followed by whatever comes next. In the meantime, remember to breathe, release resistance, come more deeply into yourself, and go with the flow of change taking place within you. Reading or re-reading the Messages also might be helpful, but I leave that up to you.

Love and blessings,
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