March 2, 2015

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you this evening because of some things that will soon be appearing in the world around you and will affect everyone on the planet as their effects roll out to their conclusion.

As you are already aware, the mainstream media paints a very rosy picture. However, the true situation is quite different than what they describe and it’s not too difficult to understand why. The power elite have done all they could do to prolong the perception of things being “business as usual,” but even they have limits on how much longer they can carry that out. A corpse can be kept breathing by artificial means, but eventually its systems will shut down and this is the situation with the world’s economic systems. They cannot continue to be sustained through the artificial creation of “money” that is based on nothing but computer entries, and the effects of this distortion are going to be experienced later this year in very noticeable ways.

We are only speaking to the first two waves and special forces (the third wave is not generally aware of us or of what we say), and those who are on the ground are going to be put through a process that will have them end up being ready to carry out their tasks regarding the evacuation. There is a timing required by this process that requires us to speak now and also later on, so that we can keep people informed (in a general way) of what to expect and when.

This process has already begun and some of you may be noticing that you are having some difficulty relating to what is going on around you in your outer world. It is because your frequency is sufficiently different from the rest of the world’s that it creates a form of dissonance — a state that can be quite unpleasant for you because the frequency patterns of the world around you are not harmonious with your own. This state will pass as your frequency continues to rise and it can form harmonic intervals with the frequency patterns of 3D. Let us use music to illustrate our point.

If everyone is sounding the same exact note, there is no disharmony. There isn’t even harmony, because that requires an interval between two or more notes sounded at the same time. If one then sounds two notes at the same time that are very close together (such as C and D on the piano), the sound is jarring and disharmonious. However, if one shifts the D to a higher note (for example, to E, F, or G), then certain harmonies occur and the jarring feeling is gone.

The world around you is dissolving into a chaotic state, and this chaos has a frequency pattern that is disharmonious with your own. This disharmony will increase for awhile, until you reach a certain threshold and break through (so to speak) to the other side. Once you are fully anchored there (on that other side), you will be insulated from what is going on as the present world systems break down on their way to dissolving altogether. You will be operating in a totally different compartment of reality and not be very concerned with what is happening elsewhere because you will have more important things to focus upon.
We are nearing a critical point in the overall process and we will be giving you more frequent updates as things move forward in linear time. For now, we just wanted you to know that any difficulties you are experiencing in trying to operate within 3D will pass and you will find yourself moving steadily into a state of full connection, from which you will carry out your specific roles with regard to the evacuation and everything that involves.
We leave you now in peace, honor and blessing, and we will speak with you again. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven, working as a team with Sananda.
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