February 5, 2012
To all,

This update will be more like a personal letter from me to whoever might be reading this than some of the others that have focused on the larger landscape that we are traveling through.

In the January 5, 2012 Update, I mentioned that in mid-December of 2011, I received a communication from that aspect of myself (4D Adonna) that resides in/is focused within 4D, showing me what the rest of MY process will look like as I move into fully merging with her in that location.

She showed me that I would first anchor my consciousness into where she presently expresses and that, after that occurred, my awareness would slowly be pulled up into her location so that I would find myself identifying with being her instead of being my present 3D identity. 

She further showed me that this process would include a stripping away of everything that was still left as residue from all of my 3D lives that couldn’t go with me into that location and frequency band. There was clearly a process involved that would proceed steadily in small steps and culminate in attaining that final state in yet another small step.

On December 30, 2011, I felt myself anchor into that place. I feel that I go there every night while I’m asleep, but this was something that felt more like a “docking” of some kind – an arrival at a key point in the overall process.

On the morning of January 1, 2012, I woke up feeling like I had begun moving slowly and steadily forward instead of the kind of “waiting for something to happen” that I had experienced for so long in the past. It took me the next 5 days to write and put out the previous Update and a lot has happened since that will be the subject of this report.

On January 8, I woke up with the feeling that I was experiencing my “childhood’s end” (bringing to mind the title of that book by Arthur C. Clarke). When the Hosts first gave us the Messages, it was like a wise parent talking to a loved child. WE went through our own spiritual adolescence during the years after the last Message in Volume Three was given and we were asked to become more self-reliant.

We have also talked about the challenges of having to ride two horses — another form of adolescence. In normal adolescence, a person transitions between being a child and being an adult. There are swings back and forth between those two states and, in most people, due to emotional damage and unfinished business, the child never fully matures and can be triggered into coming forth in full expression by outside circumstances. Childhood never fully ends in a dysfunctional society and in dysfunctional adults.

However, now all of that is changing and rapidly so. There has been a great differentiation taking place ever since the spring of 2009, when the journey became so different across individuals and we found ourselves being rearranged in ways we had not anticipated. The Hosts remarked on this — that our paths would become so unique to each of us that they couldn’t really say much that would be generally applicable, and that has certainly been true.

SOME of us have now anchored into our 4D locations. Others have not yet done so, and may not do so until after the evacuation. There may be some people who think they are making the trip with us now and in reality are among those who were seeded with the information in order to make the trip later, from a future incarnation.

We are each exactly how we should be for our place in the larger whole, and everyone is also experiencing what they are supposed to experience, in keeping with their place in the larger whole. It is part of our maturation to accept all of this, just as it IS. Some have an easier time doing this than others, but it’s the same requirement for everyone at its root.

When I woke up on January 8, I realized that — in leaving childhood behind — I had also stopped riding two horses. Oh, yes, I still have to do the laundry, cooking, and dishes, etc. However, now that I appear to have most of my “final exams” behind me, it is time for me to think about graduation and moving on to my first job after college — after I have completed the curriculum I have gone through as a veiled 3D human, and moved on to the process of merging fully with the adult I am going to be after this is all complete. It’s a lot like that expression, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” The tasks of daily maintenance have not changed for now, but the experience I have in doing them HAS changed.

I am also having increasing experiences that I can only call “remembering” — remembering what it’s like for me to be this person I am merging with. This remembering surfaces as feelings that are familiar to me but have no source in my 3D experience. I find myself remembering myself doing gymnastics, for example. I find myself interacting with my husband as someone I grew up with and am totally at home with, even though we have only known each other for a few years “down here.”

I would say the veil is getting thinner, but it’s more of a sense of remembering and RETURNING to what was before entering the time loop and now it is becoming more available to me. At the same time, there are still eruptions of the things that remain to be stripped away, although they are less intense and come less often than in the past.

Memory is even shorter than it was, and often a thought will disappear before I can write it down or say it (that just happened and I had to back up and read the paragraph above in order to remember what it was I wanted to say next). When I think back to the way I was or people I used to know and be in relation to, it’s as if the completions are now SO complete, they’re not at all part of my present experience — not emotionally, at least, and often not even like they were something that happened to me at all.

However, no matter what specific form things may take, we are approaching a time when we DO get to keep some people and some things, and take them with us into the future. Not everyone and everything has to be left behind. Some connections are as eternal as we are, and will persist as long as we are making a journey in which we have individual identity, even if we ourselves change from one form to another.
On January 10, 2012, two days after that realization about where the journey had taken us, we woke up to a particularly beautiful sunrise. it finally “dawned” on me (pun intentional) that OUR dark days are behind us, even if night still lies ahead for others on the ground.

I can feel that I am being “called up” for my next service to the “op” and that it is finally time for me to leave behind my personal legacy in the form of a final book, Operation Terra: The Collected Works. Several synchronicities that began on January 7 showed me that it IS time to do this, so I am now working toward making that happen.
I have created a page on the OT site that shows an image of the front cover (above) and lists the major contents that will be included in the book.

This new book will be a true compendium about Operation Terra. It will contain a lot of information that has never before been made public, in addition to the material that has been offered through the OT site in the past. 

I hope to go to press in March and when it’s ready to ship, I will take the existing books out of print and this single book will replace them.
Things continued to accelerate all through the month of January. During the night of January 15, I felt like I was barely separated from the room where 4D Adonna is. I couldn’t exactly see what was going on, but the energy felt like the pace of activity had picked up strongly, similar to what would be associated with loading ammunition into a warship and getting ready for something big.

In feeling into THAT, I began to understand what the Hosts had been talking about. It seems that what they are doing with us now is one single arc of experience from now through the time when everyone is well settled onto Midway Station. My finishing up the last of my 3D tasks is just the beginning of what I am now calling “the action phase,” and it seems that — at least for me — the “waiting” is truly over and I am going to be quite busy from now on.

Then, during the night of January 20-21, something really out of the ordinary happened. Fortunately, because so many others have been reporting lightheadedness, dizziness, and sensations of being lifted out of one’s body, I did not panic, because this one was really quite different than anything I have experienced so far on a physical level. I had been sound asleep and woke up with cramps in my lower abdomen. It is not unusual for me to wake up at the end of some kind of procedure having been carried out “up there” while I am asleep, so I didn’t know if this was another such instance or if it was something else.

I decided to go to the bathroom to see if that helped. After doing what I could do about that, I started to stand up and became very dizzy. I sat back down and waited for the dizziness to pass. It lessened and I stood up, feeling that I really needed to get back to bed and lie down.

There was some sort of gap in my experience at that point in time — a discontinuity in which I somehow moved from the bathroom to the adjacent hallway, without any memory of having gotten there on my own. I have no idea what happened, but I “came to” thinking that I was back in our bed and trying to figure out why I was lying on a carpet face down.

I must have fallen there because my husband woke up and started calling out to me, asking where I was. It was at that point that it really registered that I had not made it to the bedroom and I was lying face down in the hall between the bathroom and the bedroom. I was still dizzy and my husband helped me get back into bed.

I still had cramps, although they were not as bad as they had been. My husband held me and the cramps went away, but in their place, I was running so much energy that I felt cold (kundalini always makes me feel cold, and the blue purifying flame that the Masters use to remove dross from their energy field is also very cold). My husband put another blanket on me and we just lay there in bed waiting to see what came next.

It was what came next that put this experience in a class of its own. The cramps were gone, and now I was aware of tremendous amounts of energies sweeping through what was left of my body. I say “what was left of my body” because my experience was that there was only a tissue-thin layer defining my body on the outside and inside was totally empty space. The energies moved through me without resistance of any kind and my husband remembered the part of the Messages that talked about becoming totally empty so Spirit could move through us without being impeded or changed in any way.

The energies then focused on different parts of my body — first my upper back, then my lower abdomen — back and forth across different areas, and we both went back to sleep.

This was definitely not something that had a physical cause. I wondered while it was going on whether I was going to be lifted to the extent that I would actually disappear, but I’m still here, typing this. However, something had changed, although I don’t know how to characterize it. I was quite tired (not sleepy, which is different), like I had worked hard and long or gone through an intense process that is now behind me. I feel like I can type quite functionally, but am watching myself doing that from a distance.

The Hosts have told us repeatedly that this “lifting” is a process, and I think mine crossed some kind of threshold. In the Message, “The Coming Storm,” the Hosts told us:

… a rather dramatic occurrence will be coming for you in the very near future (that is a relative term, of course, as time has no meaning for us in the higher dimensions — it is always “now.”). In the near future, as you are lifted in your vibration, you will experience yourself as living in a very different kind of reality. It will not be an abrupt shift, but a gradual dawning in your awareness that things are not the same somehow. At the same time, there will be a threshold that can be felt by those who are sensitive to such things, and you will be safely across the barrier that separates the third density from the fourth.

I feel that I have crossed the threshold they are referring to in the passage quoted above. It is now 17 days since that occurred and things are continuing to proceed toward the completion of that process. It has not abated or receded back to a “normal” state for me and each day brings more dizziness and fuzziness of focus — more of a feeling of not being “down here” anymore.

It does fluctuate in terms of just how focused I am able to be within the 3D envelope, which seems to take a lot of energy to maintain. I tire easily and when I am tired, I need to shift my task and attention in order to keep going and doing things “down here.” By evening and bed time, I am not able to be focused on much of anything except my husband.

Every day takes me further away from the life and identity I had and I find myself quite BORED with almost everything around me. I have no interest in outside news anymore — and I do mean NO INTEREST! I open my browser to go the forums and see some headlines there, but all of it seems hollow — the stuff of tabloids and the noise of distractions. The “REAL” news is what I find changing in myself and my experiences and more and more of THAT is extremely transient. I am totally DONE with the movies I used to watch and there just isn’t anything left in 3D that I feel drawn to do anymore.

To me, all of this is the surest proof of all that what the Hosts have given us as the road map we follow is true and real. I know I have now anchored “up there,” and the rest will play out with certainty, just as the dawn comes after the night has run its course. Neither of us feel a need to make a 3D “Plan B,” because it is so clear that this is our year and there is nothing else that would fill us to the extent it would be worth doing, anyway.

I am around 1/3 through preparing the text for the new book and finishing up with the new web site I am creating for Earth Angel Oils. Past experience has demonstrated that all of my personal details are being precisely coordinated and choreographed in keeping with everything else going on, so even if this experience is uniquely mine, it is also some kind of an indication of what is going on with everything else.

I don’t pay attention to the headlines anymore. I don’t find value in looking at outside sources of information for confirmation of what “time it is” anymore. Nothing else “out there” is as much a marker for my process as what I can observe of the process itself. I am going to have a very busy month in February and expect that March will bring many things to a head before we can see what will follow, for me personally and for the world in general.

It’s clear that it’s not “business as usual” anymore, or at least not for me and for others who have posted their experience on our forums. I hope that what I have shared here is helpful to you in charting your own course and process. I do feel that 2012 will bring different things for different individuals, and all I can do is report what is going on with me and those with whom I am in contact.

As I have often said before, “Time will tell the truth of all things,” and as the Hosts have said, “It is always NOW.” Regardless of whether you have been following OT for a long time or have recently discovered it, this is about YOU and your journey as much as it is about me and mine. If you have been touched in positive ways by coming in contact with the Messages and are willing to contribute a brief testimonial/endorsement for the new book, NOW is the time to do that!

Until the next report, I remain faithfully yours,
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