January 31, 2011
The window for the tipping point period predicted by the timewavezero material (and by halfpasthuman.com, as well) ended on January 18, 2011, which was also the most recent “sunquake” period forecast by Patrick Geryl. The tipping point period was supposed to mark a time of profound change, such that — despite a return to the more familiar oscillations between “habit” and “novelty” — we would never go back to “business as usual” again, but you would never know it from reading the mainstream media articles and reports.

I feel it’s also useful to note that none of the predictions about imminent financial collapse by the end of 2010 were fulfilled. In fact, if one did not look deeper, it would appear that we are “in recovery” from the “economic crisis of 2008,” although anecdotal evidence would suggest this is not the case at all.

However, given what I and many others are reporting and experiencing, it is anything BUT “business as usual” now, especially for those whose personal script for their life calls for them to be in active preparation for the next phases of Operation Terra.
I feel a lot of movement has taken place on the inner levels, and I am not the only one who is feeling this. In my earlier updates, I pointed out that Terence McKenna (timewave zero) and Ian Lungold (the Mayan Long Count calendar) both emphasized that this period we are now traversing will be particularly remarkable because of its potential for an accelerated shift in consciousness. 

Given the existence of multiple timelines and multiple outcomes/destinations, not everyone will experience this in the same way or to the same extent. Each person is unique, and the script for their life is also unique. I can only report on what I am personally experiencing and noticing, and it may not apply to every person who reads this page. That being said, this is what I can share with you in terms of what I see and expect:

On December 1, I noticed a major shift and acceleration in my own internal process. Others have reported a similar experience that began for most of them around the first part of January 2011. Not everyone is experiencing these changes and I think that has something to do with what lies ahead for each person in terms of the timing of their task(s). 

My experience is that I am gradually moving into the kinds of behaviors and experiences that are similar to those I have seen in myself as I am in 4D. It does seem that the gap between how I am in 4D and how I am in 3D has narrowed a great deal and, at the moment, I am not having clearings of my own personal history so much as clearing larger patterns that apply to many people and many historical periods.

I would characterize my present process as a reclaiming or re-attainment of how I was before. It feels much more like a process of remembering how I was and how to be that way again than it does a discovery of something that is entirely new for me. I noticed this change only recently, and then I discovered that the Hosts had addressed it way back on December 30, 2004, in the Message, “Energy Packets and the Consensus Reality”:

You are pioneers in that you came to forge a path to a totally new world — not one that is a refurbished version of the present one, but something that has not existed at all, except in your memories of the “future.” The world you want to create runs totally counter to the present consensus reality, and would be considered a “danger” to the present system — an “enemy of the [present] state [of affairs].” How can you REMEMBER something that has not yet been experienced? You can’t. You remember this because you ALREADY HAVE experienced this world! You have come here, embodied here, and carried that memory with you, and you are awakening from your amnesia now.

What this “looks like” is that you feel more and more alien to the world you perceive around you, and your longing grows to return to what you ALREADY know is “how it should be.” Every one of you who resonates with these Messages from deep within your core self has already “been there, done that,” to use your expression, but it is the energy packet of “home.” You are on the present Earth as messengers (angel means “messenger”) and the message you carry, coded within your very cells, is the message of the “good news” of Terra — the world that lies ahead. By your being here, by your carrying this new tone, this energy packet within you, you are the seeds of that new world, and you carry within you all of the knowledge of how to live that energy packet, but it’s not something that you can give to anyone else.

You won’t GIVE this knowledge to anyone who does not already have it. You carry it within you, and collectively you sound a tone — a frequency pattern — that creates a new vibratory pattern. That pattern runs totally against the institutions and invested patterns of the consensus reality, so if it were possible, the consensus reality would try to keep that new pattern from existing. It is not because the consensus reality is “evil” or wants to control you. It’s simply that it wants to perpetuate itself. That’s the job of that energy packet — to perpetuate and maintain itself — and to do so, it must defend itself against all challenges OR change and adapt and incorporate those changes into its new definition of self. But change is not easy when there is so much energy invested in what “has always been.” Just as people will resist change until there is much more to gain by changing than by continuing to resist change, the consensus reality will resist change until there is much more to be gained by adapting to new models of thought.

I am also finding myself strongly seeking peace, almost above everything else. I take pleasure in simplicity, order, quiet, and have been actively working to reduce clutter in my life. I also take pleasure in the small things of life — the beauty of the sunrise, the nourishing sensation of a hot shower, and tuning out the noise outside so I can hear and feel more clearly within myself. I experience many moments of gratitude for what I have and what I need seems to be a very short list, indeed! 

When clearings arrive, I move through them with greater ease because I have really developed the habit of releasing resistance and allowing the energies to simply move. They still feel uncomfortable and they still can take up to three days or more to complete, but I am not incapacitated by them the way I have been in the past. I just remind myself to breathe into the experience and allow the energies to move without resisting them, and it goes much easier that way.

The Hosts addressed this on May 6, 2005, in the Message, “A Change in Plans”:

The whole intent and purpose of this response is to move up your entry into a higher frequency band so we can tuck you away safely onto the ships before the wars are fully unleashed on the ground. This will also require that whatever energies reside within you that are not compatible with these higher frequencies be purged from your system, so that translates to a more rapid clearing of those energies. Your attendants from our ranks will be working with you to ease the symptoms of those clearings, but you can also make things easier on yourself by choosing to ride this wave of change calmly and without resistance.

It is the resistance that keeps the energy from moving, and it is an innate tendency to resist when movement seems to be pushing, rather than carrying you along. If you can choose to relax INTO the movement and trust it, you can more easily experience this, with the least amount of discomfort possible. Above all, if you find yourself experiencing fear, breathe deeply and do those things that calm you. Create sanctuary within yourself and your immediate environment. Detach from the drama going on around you. If you are constantly listening to the news broadcasts, you will only increase your adrenaline levels, and it will be much easier to slide into fear and anxiety about what is happening. We advise you to pull your attention toward ways of calming yourself, rather than in ways of stimulating yourself. Slow things down for yourself as much as you can, and it will be a smoother transition. Do less and do it with full attention and it will be easier for you to glide through these changes smoothly.

Back in May of 2009, the Hosts said that there was no more that they could say that they hadn’t already said that would be generally applicable. In the middle of Volume Two, they said that there would be a total of three volumes of Messages, and when Volume Three came to an end, they stopped talking, just like they said they would. Very few other channeled sources have done that, and there is NO other channeled source that has presented this particular body of information, although there are some clues to be found in what has come down to us in the Bible. Even non-channeled sources that anticipate a pole shift do not anticipate that the current planet will become a barren rock.

Rev. 21:1: Then I saw a new heaven and a new Earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.

As far as I know, I am the only person who has seen what I was shown in the vision I was shown in March, 1982. There are some who have seen TWO Earths arising from this one planet, such as Annie Kirkwood, whose vision has been adopted by Dolores Cannon, but even Dolores Cannon truncated the last part of the above quote from the Bible, so that the part about “the sea was no more” had been left out. In the “Law of One” material, channeled by Carla Rueckert, the idea is presented that this planet will pass out of “activation” and into “potentiation,” which is in keeping with David Bohm’s description of the holomovement, whereby everything that is held in the Mind of the Creator moves back and forth between the “implicate order” and the “explicate order” — i.e. between being present as a potential and being present as a manifest reality.

When it passes into its “potential” state, the version of this planet that will ascend to become Terra will not be supporting any life above the mineral kingdom. In my vision, I saw the planet stop rotating and everything on her that was not bedrock got flung off into space, including every drop of water in the oceans. This is what the Bible describes as “the sea was no more.”
All of the other timelines being described by various sources will experience a different outcome. However, on the timeline to Terra, this is WHY there has to be an evacuation and why the rest of our journey toward Terra must physically take place off of the planet’s surface. We will not be coming back to a patched-up version of this present planet (although others may experience something along those lines), but moving onto Midway Station and making our preparations to colonize the new planet of Terra while we are there on that huge mothership. And it’s almost time for those of us who are going to be directly involved with the evacuation to prepare for our respective roles in being part of that. 

Some of us are experiencing more of our higher levels descending into our present bodies and awareness. Others are not experiencing anything in particular because their particular role does not require it of them. Every single person has the ability to listen within. For me, it has become a habit to go within for even the simplest decisions. I can always FEEL when something is the “right” choice or decision. I feel with my entire body, and that is something I had to re-learn, as I was conditioned to distrust that kind of experience early in this life, and now that I am actively engaged in reclaiming how I was before, that ability to feel is becoming stronger and more prevalent, no matter what I am experiencing or interacting with. The other day, I was watching two birds flying nearby and I could FEEL the nature of their “rowing” through the air. It wasn’t just visual.

I am also becoming more sensitive to and affected by the energies of those around me and my natural telepathic nature is also being heightened. I can understand why we have to be cleared of everything that is not part of our nature at the higher levels of our being. Without the shielding effect of the amnesia, the heavy veiling, and our “receivers” being turned way down, a lot of what is going on around us would end up within us and that could be very uncomfortable to experience. 

The bottom line to all of this is that I am moving steadily toward that state of being that I expect to have once the merger with the other levels of my being is complete. That merger is still proceeding and as it proceeds, more and more of how I am at the higher levels of my being is becoming available to me. I do feel I am shifting into becoming a very different person than I was and I like this other aspect of “me” very much.

I do feel that the current process will remain essentially internal until around the third week of March and I am not expecting events in the outer world to be remarkable before then. I also find I am not interested in outer news anymore, and others are also reporting that they are in that place, too. On the new online forums, the categories having to do with outer news, earth changes, and the like are still unused. These used to be the “signs” by which we reassured ourselves that everything was “on track” for the “op,” and now we seem to have enough going on internally that the outer news just isn’t needed anymore — or at least for some of us who are experiencing these profound internal shifts.

When I look down our timeline for the rest of this year, I see a gradual flowering of some kind taking place over the spring and summer and the truly “serious business” not entering the picture before the fall and last part of this year. The date of December 21, 2012 does not seem to have anything to do with the timeline leading to Terra, at least not that I can perceive. I feel those on our timeline will complete their tasks on 3D Earth before then, probably by June of that year. It does feel like the present period is one of finishing up any unfinished business with the past and settling into our seats for the wild ride ahead. I am very pleased with the tone and content of the new forums and hope others will feel encouraged to join us there. It definitely is a community of like-minded individuals!

I have personally accepted that the Operation Terra material and mission appeals to very few individuals at this time, but that also makes sense to me because OT is the leading edge of an entire wave that begins now and will span millennia in reaching that new shore. In keeping with that thought, I would like to conclude this update with a few paragraphs from the Message, “Terra Lesson #2: Building Bridges”:
A true wave has a wave shape to it. That may seem obvious, but to many it is not something they have really thought about. A wave has a leading edge, which swells into a fullness that contains the main body of the wave, and a trailing edge. Form follows function in the created world, and so the leading edge of this wave will contain those whose functions are necessary to support the activities of those who follow. There will be a sort of overlap between the trailing edge of the first wave and the leading edge of the second wave. Events were originally thought to be taking place over a much greater span of time, so the distinctions between the waves were much clearer and separate from each other before. However, because of the kinds of delays we have mentioned, events that were originally thought to be spread out over decades are now going to be occurring very close together. Very little has been discarded from the original list of events, although some were ameliorated through prayer, the collective effects of the personal work that has been accomplished, and other shifts that came about through collective efforts.

However, now you are IN the “birth canal,” and rapidly approaching the “ring pass not” phase of things. In other words, that immovable threshold that we spoke of so long ago is still there, still immovable, and the events that have to occur are piling up against that immovable threshold or barrier like a single large wave of enormous power and force. That wave is building force now, and so we can say with confidence that the waves of our ground troops will be lifting soon because they will be needed soon. The times ahead will be very intense — much more intense than they would have been if they had been more spread out — but they will also be much shorter in duration. This is where your “surrender lessons” are very valuable to you, in dealing with the acceleration that is now occurring.

The weather is still the biggest news, that and the impact of oil prices. Crop failures, fires, floods, and growing death tolls are all linked to those two. But there is a time coming of greater global breakdown — the conditions that will bring those of the third wave into readiness for their lifting, and so it is time to actively prepare those who will gather them up at the end.

Your timeline is the shortest one out of the twelve futures that will emerge from this one shared reality. That is partly the reason why the dates given that are associated with other timelines do not mesh with your experience. You are still accessing each other, but the groups are forming up and moving strongly to their poles of destiny. The timelines are separating and you are moving into the final part of your preparation for the task that lies ahead.

Your greatest service to the world at this point in time is to respond to what presents in your life, just as we do. There is a feeling to withdraw in some of you. Respect that. There is a feeling in some of you to move out into the world and engage with it more. Respect that. Each of you is being guided from within yourselves to be in the right place at the right time. Each of these steps takes you further on the path that is yours alone to walk. You are not many, and your task and your life are unique to you.

The lifting is occurring and right now it is an internal thing. At some point in time, we will experience ourselves in another place, in other bodies, but the way we get there may take a different form than we think it will. I personally can see that I am already there and that the two realities are simply lining up to become continuous with each other. As my husband has said, it will be like walking from one dream into another.
I am grateful for all of the support being given to those of us who are on the ground and I am looking forward very much to the time beyond the evacuation, when we will all be engaged in preparing for the manifestation of our dream of Terra. Good journey to you all!

Love and blessings,
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