October 3, 2011
Like most of you reading this, I have had many questions about exactly HOW the transformation described in the Messages would take place. How do we get from “here” to “there”? What about the other timelines? How would THEY get to where they are going and experience what they are supposed to experience? Recently, two mechanisms have appeared that provide some possible answers to those questions.
On September 23, 2011 — the equinox — a grid of 12 stargates was activated during a ceremony performed in a remote location in South America. I felt the effects of this activation around 5:30 a.m. EDT and several others on our forums have also reported feeling the effects. I have“seen” that the grid exists in the shape of an icosahedron (one of the five “Platonic solids”), but since I am not knowledgeable about the energetic properties of that shape, I will just report it and leave it to others to know the deeper significance that might be associated with that.
In their message, “Dates, Gates, and Mates,” received on Feb. 18, 2011, the Hosts said, “At this time, there are essentially 12 ‘gates’ open as exit paths.” This implied that the pathway for each of the timelines to EXIT this reality was already open at that time. However, while I could sense some movement toward where I was going and an increasing loss of interest in things that didn’t seem to be part of where I was heading, it wasn’t until this grid of stargates was activated that I felt “locked” into my destination in such a way that it was palpable to me and seemingly immutable. 

Since 1984, I have had conceptual knowledge that there would be multiple “futures” emerging from this one shared reality, and I had expected 12 of them since I read David Sunfellow’s account of his vision quest and his account of being shown 12 paths opening up in front of him. This concept was further reinforced when I read the book, Mass Dreams of the Future, which documented 6 of those futures from data retrieved from 2,500 people who had been hypnotically progressed 150 years and 300 years into the future by three researchers following a standardized protocol. However, nothing had actually materialized that would explain to me HOW this could come about, until now.
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The 1994 movie, Stargate, depicted a single pair of stargates, directly connected to each other by a wormhole between them. When the gates were open at both ends of the wormhole, travel was possible between those gates in either direction, even though the gates were physically located very far apart — at the edges of the known universe from one another. A TV series followed, which depicted an entire network of stargates that made it possible for people to travel between any given pair of stargates for which they had the coordinates and codes that made it possible for them to enter at one end and emerge from the other.

The 12 “gates” that the Hosts referred to back in February were already open, but their corresponding “gate” on this side of things was not yet open. When the stargate grid on this side was activated, passage along the wormholes became possible in either direction, but only for the timeline that was encoded for that particular pair of gates. Each stargate acts as an exit or entrance point, depending on where one departs from. This also means that beings from the other side of the wormhole we find ourselves traversing can also appear in the reality that we presently occupy. Our “world” has become more permeable, and that might change many things available to our experience.

On the morning of the 23rd, the first thing I experienced came as a perception that I pulled away from being connected to what appeared as a large orange block of some kind (which I interpreted as representing this shared reality), moved laterally and then forward into a reality that somehow felt familiar. In that reality, I already AM how I expect to be in 4D, and was struck primarily by how young, fresh, and CLEAN I felt. The feeling of “clean” was like how the world feels after a cleansing rain. I assume that the feeling of cleanliness was the result of all of the efforts put forth for clearing our cellular memory as part of this transformation. The Hosts had said something along those lines in their “Dates, Gates, and Mates” message:

The work that has been done to clear your cellular memory has made all of this possible, because otherwise all of you would still be mired in the residue of all of the experience you have had across those billions of years, across the entire spectrum of your being. You are still veiled and cannot grasp the extent of how long and how vast your experience has been...

It also became clear to me at that point in time that any part of me or my identity that would not be valid “over there” would have to be discarded in passing through the wormhole — the “ring-pass not” phase referred to in the Message, “Building Bridges” (see note at end of the Message). An intensified stripping away of whatever is left in my cellular memory that needs to go began within a matter of hours of perceiving the activation. Since then, I feel more rooted within myself and my truth and seem to have less tolerance for behaviors in myself and others that are not compatible with the self I have connected with on the other side of my "gate." It’s like having a laser focus on that as my outcome and anything that is not part of that outcome has to go.

The other impression I received from the activation had to do with the equality of each of the gates. They all have equal validity in terms of providing experience for the Creator, and while I have thought this as a concept, I “saw” this and felt this clearly as a direct experience. I was struck by the uniformity of each vertex of the icosahedron and the overall symmetry of its geometry: there was no up or down, right or wrong, more than or less than. Each of the gates was equal to all of the others as a destination, and this brought home the principle of not having preferences as part of embracing the whole.

As I felt into the experience further, my sense was that the separation of the timelines has now reached a point where they will diverge more and more from each other as each of us moves along our timeline. Right now, we can still witness the same scenarios being witnessed by those on other timelines, but it will not remain that way. 

There is another mechanism that is apparently in motion at this time and it seems to be operating at all levels, from the personal to the galactic. It is the emergence of multiple chaotic nodes, which I became aware of in a message from the Hathors, channeled by Tom Kenyon on August 12, 2011. 

The Hathors refer to an overall process without identifying a specific outcome. I generally consider the material to be of high quality and fairly pure, even if I don’t totally resonate with the content itself. However, this particular article seemed relevant to the OT experience and context, which is why I mention it here. 

Without even having read the full article, I “knew” instantly that this was describing the appearance of yet another mechanism that would support the upcoming splits across the timelines. The point the Hathors made was that, while they had previously mentioned the changes taking place on the Earth as being the effect of a single chaotic node, they are now witnessing the emergence of multiple chaotic nodes — not only for our planet, but also for our sun and solar system, all impacted by the energies coming from the galactic core. (OT itself is an operation that stems from and is overseen by the Council of 24 of the Great Central Sun of this galaxy — the localized focus for a stream of energy that comes directly from Source — so this latter part relates to us directly.)
When I “looked at” the concept of the chaotic nodes, I “saw” them energetically as swirling patterns of energy on the surface of the Mind of God. They had a vigorous storm-like appearance, and were extremely concentrated and intense. I saw that they were just emerging but would grow, and since chaos is basically entropic and entropy works to reduce complex forms to simpler ones, I saw these chaotic nodes as being one of the mechanisms that would shred the existing fabric of our shared reality, create the chaos I saw in my original vision in 1982, and that the chaos itself would act as a kind of smokescreen that would make it difficult to see all that was going on at any given time. I also saw that once they had done their cleansing work, they would give way to new scenarios and provide for the renewal and rebirth that would follow. It was a lot like seeing new tissue form in the center of a wound after the cells that carry away the old tissue have done their healing and cleansing work.

Since Operation Terra is basically an “undercover operation” — even the Messages have a stealth technology associated with them in the form of the light codes embedded in them — I saw that the upcoming chaos would provide some of the cover necessary for us to carry out the evacuation safely. I still anticipate that other measures will be needed and at some point in time, those of us who have tasks to perform in connection with preparations for the evacuation will be called upon to carry out our parts in those other measures and to “prepare the ground” for the evacuation itself. It does strike me that — unlike those times in the past when we thought things would finally get under way, based on how WE felt at the time — we do stand at the threshold of all of this coming to pass now.

These two phenomena — the stargate activation and the emergence/actions of the multiple chaotic nodes — source from the higher planes and provide the physical and energetic MECHANISMS through which the timelines can separate from each other and move on to their individual destinations. I had known there was a plan for this to occur that was written when “we” — the 144,000 elohim who precipitated this sector of reality from their beingness 4.5 billion years ago — wrote the script for this arc of experience and determined where it would all go. However, it has not been until now that I have seen the emergence of actual mechanisms that will allow it to all occur.

These mechanisms have not been present or active until now, and as I have observed in the past, the concept of “efficiency/sufficiency” dictates that only the amount of energy needed to accomplish a given outcome will be expended and it will also be sufficient to accomplish that given outcome. It also applies to timing, in that nothing occurs until it is time for it to occur, and it appears that the time has finally arrived when the necessary mechanisms are appearing and lining up to make it possible for the timelines to separate from one another.

The chaotic nodes will act to produce more and more changes — personally, globally, and galactically — and the changes themselves will obscure the rest of what is happening until what is happening on our timeline is all we can see and feel, against a backdrop of chaos. Since our timeline and the one which leads to Terra’s negative polarity twin are the shortest ones, it makes sense to me that the changes will come more quickly on our timelines than on the other 10, so it would appear that things will become quite dramatic very soon. The opening of the stargates at this end of the wormholes provide the 12 entrances to the 12 exit pathways the Hosts mentioned and now we are beginning to move along each of those pathways, according to what our Oversoul has chosen for us to experience.

I’d like to conclude with the following passage from “Dates, Gates, and Mates,” which I feel is a nice summary of the entire process:

Because there are so many tasks that still need to take place in terms of providing the experiences and completions that need to take place, the time between now and the end of each of these exit paths will be increasingly intense. The shorter the time left on each exit path, the more intense the experience will be and the path to Terra and its polar opposite are the shortest of the 12 exit paths, so they will be the most intense. For people on the other exit paths, their dates will be different in terms of both what they experience and the conclusion it leads to.

The timelines continue to separate from each other and for those of you who are no longer turning to outside sources of information for your “news,” you will not even notice what is happening on those other perceptual screens. Your attention will be more and more within and your experience will be more and more focused on the shift in your awareness and how YOU are being changed. At the perfect moment and in the perfect way, each of you who is part of Operation Terra will simply experience yourself in a different location, in a different body, and with a different system to operate in. It will occur naturally and without particular effort on your part. As we have said repeatedly, this is not something you earn or can create for yourself. You just have to relax into it and receive it.

So what lies ahead for each person will be essentially a continuation of what has gone before for each of them. Each step has led to the next step and it will continue to be that way. You can look back with the clarity of hindsight and see how this has operated in your own life and it will continue to operate in your life so that each of you will get to where your Oversoul has scripted for you to get to. The “future” already exists, and the pathway from the "past" to the "future" through the “present" has already been laid out and drawn. You get to experience each moment of that pathway like a bead on a string, but the bead keeps moving along the string and as it does, you are changed by the interactions and experiences that appear in a particular location on that string. It is much more complex than that, but that is all we care to say about it.

Your future already exists and you cannot miss arriving at it. There is no “final destination.” Even the future that you focus on right now is just another step, just another moment on the string of your experience as a point of awareness within All That Is, and it stretches out until you merge back into the godhead completely and lose all sense of yourself as a separate point of awareness. However, now your awareness is poised at a very interesting part of the journey and we felt it would be helpful for us to remind you of the basic principles that we have given you to practice in your lives. The event horizon has been passed and the course has been set. There is no more play in the system and no more room for interference. It will all go forward now to completion. Take some deep breaths and register this. It is going to be an interesting time to be in a body and things will unfold rapidly from here on in.

I hope that what I have written here is in some way helpful to you in understanding your personal experience and that your passage to your individual destination is somehow smoother as a result.

Love and blessings,
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