The Time Dilation
December 15, 2012

All right, now. We have chosen to speak to you today because there have been a number of developments that we feel we need to clarify and to place within the larger context of what is unfolding now for Planet Earth. There also appears to be quite a bit of commentary about expectations regarding the date of December 21, 2012, and we shall have something to say about that, also.

First of all, while there are many places we could begin, it seems most appropriate to offer you some reassurance around the date of December 21, 2012. That date has no particular relevance for us, any more than the date that had been previously given for the end of the Mayan Long Count by other writers. This date is just one date in your Gregorian calendar, and one that is not particularly important beyond it being the solstice. This date was settled upon by some veiled human beings who saw some parts of the picture and put them together to come up with this date as being particularly significant, but there is no solid reason to expect anything in particular on that date or even around that date, as we perceive it.

The reason we say this is because something else has shown up on our perceptual screen, something that not even the elohim had anticipated, something that appears to be one of those surprises that the Creator loves and has kept to Itself until it was time for it to be known by the rest of us. We, like you, are just points of awareness within All That Is, and we, like you, get to discover our next steps as they show up within the flow of our existence as points of awareness within All That Is. We do see certain things as being very likely and have spoken in the past about how we work with probabilities and respond to them, but now this is something that not even we had foreseen, and it will affect everyone and everything upon the present Planet Earth, across all timelines, which is also something we had not foreseen.

This new development is a time dilation. Due to the fractal nature of time and the fact that you are now approaching that point IN time where everything in your consciousness is cycling faster and faster, inner events are piling up faster and faster than outer ones could possibly reflect them. Even for the most skilled sailors of the inner seas, events are becoming so fluid that there is no distinction between the beginning, middle, and end of them. They are becoming a blur of motion on the inner levels, even while things appear to be ticking along at their regular pace in the outer world.

As events pile up within, there is that immovable barrier we have spoken about, past which they cannot proceed, and there is still a certain "list" of events that have to play out that were part of the Creator's script for the ending of this Creation. Because these events still have to be accommodated, the Creator has requested more time in which they can play out, so a mechanism for providing that additional time has to be used in order to accommodate that request. That mechanism is to stretch the remaining time so that it allows sufficient time for the remaining events to play out and yet not pass the immovable threshold where all must complete before the new Creation can begin.

In response to this request, one of the elohim will create a dilation of time that will add an additional three years and one month (as you presently calculate time) in which these events can play out, and then reality will snap back to the present countdown to the immovable threshold, so that all will complete by the end of calendar year 2012. For those who are sensitive to the currently speeded up cycling of inner processes, entry into the time dilation will be noticeable as a slowing down of their inner experience to a rate that is similar to how things felt three years ago. If you can think back to how you felt and perceived back then, that is how it will feel at the beginning of the time dilation.

In a certain sense, you will be reliving or re-experiencing those three years, only this time that period of time will be filled with the events that we have described as needing to occur as this Creation cycle ends. You will also be reliving or re-experiencing the acceleration you have already gone through, so as you approach the end of the time dilation, things will speed up again, just like they did before, and by the time you reach the end of the time dilation, they will be going just as fast as they are now.

This time dilation will begin around late December 18 to early December 19, depending on where you are on the planetary surface, due to the different time zones you use as your reference for measuring time. It will begin when most of you reading this are asleep, and you will not notice anything at first except that things will seem to be more "normal" than you have perceived them to be for the past three years. Then the acceleration will take place in the outer and everything that must play out for the completion of this Creation WILL play out, across all of the timelines, and according to what is supposed to play out on each of the timelines. The timeline to Terra is only one of those timelines and it is for that one we will address the rest of our remarks.

During the 3+ years of the time dilation, you (on the timeline that leads to Terra) will still witness and take part in those events leading up to the evacuation and Pole Shift. There will be those events in the outer, such as increasingly intense and increasingly frequent instances of earth changes, that have already begun taking place. There will be those events and phenomena that continue the present trends toward fiscal breakdown, war (which has historically been used as a solution for fiscal issues), and there will be increases in aberrant behavior, both on the part of humans and other species.

Weather patterns, earthquakes, shifts in migration patterns and even the seasons themselves will appear to be changing in unpredictable ways. It is their unpredictability and the fact that scientists will not be able to identify a known cause for these aberrations that will add to the rising anxiety levels in the general populace, and that will in turn feed certain kinds of behaviors - a form of "acting out" that will show itself in riots, wars, mass killings by individuals, increasing road rage - all symptoms of rising anxiety, at all levels of human society. Even the power elite will be stressed by these times because they are not omniscient or all-powerful. Even they depend on the actions of others, and your modes of transportation of goods and services will illustrate this very clearly when they are disrupted by the "acting out" we have referred to. The increase in violence will be seen everywhere and take the form of disruptions of all kinds, generating a chaotic backdrop for the final stages of the completion needed before the new Creation can come into being.

Because of this, the preparations for the evacuation will also be developed during the time dilation. They will involve many individuals, both on and off of the planet. There will be the preparation of Midway Station itself so that it will be ready to receive the millions of people, plus all of the animals and plants that are going to be taken to Terra. There will be the training and equipping of those who will participate in the war that will remove the reptilian presence from the planetary airspace. Some of you reading this will take part in that effort, and some of those who do so will drop their bodies during that war. They will then move into another form for the rest of their association with Operation Terra, a form that is the one they will occupy for their time on Terra, and even that form is not permanent. However, none of you will have to go through the cycle of birth and death that has been the way you have lived in your time in the 3D time loop. You will simply move on from form to form, and that is the way things are done at the higher densities of existence.

The babies who are born onto Terra are just entering into 4D, and they will provide the sperm and eggs for future generations to enter into 4D from the platform of future incarnations spent in 3D. The entire mass of Earth humanity is going to eventually make their way to Terra, because Terra is the "next step" for nearly everyone experiencing 3D Earths, whether the present version or one of the future versions. Those who will be returning to who and how they were before entering the time loop into 3D experience are the obvious exception to this. That is all we will say about this, and will now return to the immediate future for those on the timeline leading to Terra - the galactic task force that will prepare for the colonization of Terra and all that will be seeded and take place on her.

Everything that occurs on the timeline leading to Terra from this point on will be part of the preparation for and the carrying out of the evacuation. The Pole Shift will take place after the evacuation is complete and all of this will take place before the end of the time left in calendar 2012. The additional 3+ years provided by the time dilation will be experienced in the same way you have experienced the previous three years. Your wall calendars and your wrist watches will all continue to measure time as you have measured it in the past. You will use new calendars to reflect that passage of 3 more years, and then, when all has occurred, your awareness will sense that it is somehow still 2012, but by then, the time remaining for all to complete will be very short and the chaotic nature of what is occurring by then will obscure and distract perceptions in such a way that almost no one will be consciously registering that they are back in 2012 again.

It's a little like being anesthetized so that the shock of being snapped back will be minimal. It will seem like everything has just been a continuous unfolding and the chaos will be experienced as the natural outcome of what has preceded it. It will all appear quite "normal," except that in the fabric of time, there was a wrinkle and now it has returned to appearing smooth again.

Some of you are already experiencing a certain sense of the elasticity of time. Some of your scientists have mentioned that time is not fixed, but can be bent. But none of your scientists really grasp that everything is in fact a product of mind, and that awareness is not bound by physical constraints. People who have experimented with substances that alter their awareness are often catapulted beyond the constraints of space and time as you normally experience them. People who have experienced near-death experiences (NDEs) and people who have undergone hypnotic regression or progression (yes, you can move forward in time just as easily as you can go back in time!) have also had a taste that showed them that what you consider solid and fixed is not so solid and fixed. You will discover that more as you become more proficient at other levels of seeing and experiencing, but that is not our subject today.

In preparation for the experience of the time dilation (which, we will remind you, will be experienced across ALL of the timelines), those of you who will take part in the various aspects of the evacuation by assisting with it (not the evacuees, but the special forces, the field commanders, the fleet commanders, the pilots and crew who will be involved in the upcoming battle, and the Midway-based support staff) are undergoing your individual preparation now, and have been already experiencing a shift in your internal landscape in keeping with that. You have been feeling more and more detached from the world you live and move in right now, and we wish to assure you that each and every one of you is being closely tended by your respective “team.”

You may think that you have choice in this matter, but you do not. Each and every one of you will fulfill the script for your lives, just as everything will fulfill the script for its existence. The only effect of the time dilation will be to provide more time in which all of this can play out. Every element of every script will be fulfilled.

We will stop speaking now, as Sananda has something to say. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

[brief pause, while the Hosts step back and Sananda steps forward.]

This is Sananda speaking. My messenger for Operation Terra is Sara and she has undergone some personal shifts as part of her preparation to serve in new ways for the immediate future. Her team lifted her veiling between November 19 and December 3, and on December 8, a channel or path was cut through the density remaining from her "lives" at other levels of being such that there is now communication between her level as a 3D being and her level as one of the elohim. There is still some residue that is being cleared, and she is now learning to navigate all of the levels of her awareness and tap into them as resources for what lies ahead.

Once she is fully functional in that regard, I will turn to her to be my spokesperson and what comes from her you may regard as coming from me, for in truth she and I are one being, united at the highest levels of being, where there is no separation into individual awareness and only Unity prevails. However, in order to carry out the activities at all of the other levels of being that are needed in order to provide the Creator with the fullness of experience that It desires to have, there is a mechanism and illusion of separate awarenesses through which It can experience Itself. Sara and I are one, and you who are reading this are part of that Unity, also. There really IS only one life being lived, but that is only known when one is aware of oneself as BEING that Unity, expressing through all of the myriad expressions that exist in the manifest reality.

Sara is simply one of those expressions and she is being worked with in ways that will enable her to take over the function as the spokesperson for the "op" - to be the "voice" of the "op," and to be the "voice" for her mate and partner, who will be the "mind" for the "op" once he is in full connection again and fully functional in that. They constitute a unit that will act as a hub or node during the upcoming times, and once all is in place, their authority will be absolute, just as mine is now. It has to be this way in order that things proceed properly and according to the overall plan or script. Any digression, no matter how minute, would detract from the whole, and that is the reason that the cleansing of the cellular memory had to take place - so that each person who is needed to act within what is coming next will be able to do so without any aberration from the plan.

There is no place for the ego structures of "me" and "mine" in this effort. The ego is a structure whose chief job is the survival of the body in which one's awareness is lodged. It has no awareness other than that. It does its job as best as it can, given its parameters, but in what is coming for Operation Terra, the ego cannot be in charge or even be allowed to participate, because it would always place individual survival as the first priority and that would run contrary to the need for total unity among all of those who participate in the activities that precede the Pole Shift.

Those who are special forces and in the third wave will be prepared by the upcoming events to bow their heads in surrender to what must be, also, so even there, the ego will have to step back and let one's true awareness "run the show" for that individual. Whether it is understood at a conscious level or not, everyone and everything will fulfill the script for their lives and those who can move out of resistance to what MUST take place will have the easier time of it, but resistance or not, everyone will go where they are supposed to go and experience what they are supposed to experience. Everyone and everything has as its sole purpose to provide experience for the Creator, including myself, and that's just the way it IS.

Sara is now in full connection and learning to access all of her levels of awareness so that she can carry out HER role in what is coming now. Each of you reading this has a proper timing and proper process to go through, so that YOU can carry out YOUR role in what is coming now. If you resist, factors in your life will come along to break through your resistance, as some of you may have already discovered. It cannot be any other way. All of Creation exists only to serve the Creator. Even those of the negative polarity exist to serve the Creator, although they might not perceive of it that way until they have risen to an awareness beyond polarity, into full connection with Source. It is that way with all things, from the quarks through the galaxies. The entire Creation exists solely to serve the Creator's wish to experience Itself through Its creations.

This is all that I will say on this subject for now. More will be given later, after the time dilation is in effect and you will be guided through the next 3 years with everything you need to know. You also carry within you the most important guide - your own inner compass that only you can access with your awareness. Make use of that and you will always know what is right action in any given moment that presents. Ignore that and you will still end up where you are supposed to end up, but will do so with much more discomfort than if you had listened within and followed what you discovered there.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. This is Sananda, working as a team with the Hosts of Heaven and Sara.
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