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December 31, 2014

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you today about the year that lies just ahead. 2015 is “the year” that everything we have spoken about will come to pass — at least the portion of it that will be enacted within the 3D theater.

We use that word with all of its possible meanings. “Theater” can mean a place for entertainment, and it can also mean a location where something is carried out or done, such as a battlefield or an operating room for surgery. It is also an expression for the theatrics conducted by those who are highly visible or “important players” in the scheme of things — for example, the political arena that engages in propaganda of all kinds and pretends to take itself seriously. Theater can mean all of those things, and from our perspective, it’s a word rich with many meanings, all of which enrich our understanding and experience of that which we perceive.

We have spoken before about “life as a movie,” so this theater can also be understood as a movie theater. The point we want to make is that NONE of what seems so real to you IS “real” from our perspective. It’s ALL “theater” and that brings us to our central point about what lies just ahead.

It’s difficult for minds that only see and understand what can be perceived through the physical senses and through linear thought to grasp just how UN-real your “reality” actually is. Once the veil has dropped and you see as we see, then you will understand what’s real and what is not, and you will perceive that directly, as an integral aspect of your experience at any given moment.

2015 will be the year in which all of the drama comes to a head in a glorious finale to this very long Creation cycle. If you think of the playing out of the Creation story like a symphony, this is the part where everything speeds up in a crescendo of activity on the parts of all of the players who are taking part in playing the symphony itself. The music, the tempo, the volume all get turned up as the climax is approached and that is exactly how it will play out now.

You must remember that people are only some of the players involved. There are also what you refer to as “the elements of Nature,” the planet, and the solar system of which she is a part. Everything will be in motion, heading toward its particular destination. Toward the end of the year, the activity will be such that people will only be aware of what is happening to them as individuals. Everything else will be obscured and covered over by the drama of that time. On the way to that glorious finale, things are going to get quite intense, so your practice in remaining calm, grounded, and centered will serve you well until your time comes to disappear from the 3D frequency band entirely.
We have spoken before of three waves of people associated with Operation Terra, plus the special forces who act as a bridge to carry the third wave out of 3D and onto the ships. The first two waves are being strongly activated now, and will be taking their individual places on the stage to carry out their roles with regard to the evacuation. The special forces will remain where they are until the time of cataclysms arrives, building their connections with the people they are here to serve and guide through the turmoil that lies ahead. During the time of cataclysms, they will gather up their groups and bring them onto the ships.
The first two waves will assist them and carry out the evacuation itself, in coordination with all of the galactic volunteers who are assisting with Operation Terra in many capacities. We ourselves will only be in direct contact with those of the first and second waves during this time, but eventually everyone who is part of Operation Terra will know us as their true family, because that’s who we are — your brothers and sisters in your galactic family and beyond.

Everything we have spoken about in the past is coming to a head now. All of the preparations of the power elite are lined up for their final moves toward taking what’s left to take before it’s all gone. All of OUR preparations for OUR final moves are lined up, also, toward “taking” those we are here to take to Terra.

It has been a little over a year and a half since we last spoke. At that time, we said that there was nothing we could say that would be general enough to apply to everyone who might read our words, and that is still true to a certain extent. Each of you reading this has been differentiating out from the rest of the group and your uniqueness is now fully in place and fully expressing. No two people will have the exact same experience and that is also true for everyone who is NOT part of Operation Terra. It is precisely that uniqueness of experience that provides the maximum experience for the Creator, so that all of the possible experiences are explored. Each of us is unique, also, and so what lies ahead is going to be very rich in so many ways!

Open your hearts and your minds to possibilities beyond any that you could have imagined and you will only be catching a small glimpse of the richness that lies ahead. Our way of being and experiencing is something you will only grasp and appreciate once it is your experience, too. For those of the first two waves, you will be with us soon and experience that directly. For everyone else, your time will come later, but it will come if your Oversoul has written that as part of your script for this life. Some of you who have been touched by our messages will take another route entirely by dropping your present body and either returning to your home planet or incarnating in one of the future generations to be born on Terra. Nothing and no one is lost. The journey will be different for each person, but eventually it all sorts out perfectly, in keeping with the plan for each entity that exists.
There is little else we can say at this point in time, but we will speak again when circumstances warrant it. Our silence was necessary to encourage each of you to deepen your journey within and to sort out your answers for yourselves, but now the birthing has begun, the contractions are already underway, and we will be the midwives assisting the birth of Terra and everything that is part of that, too.

We leave you now in peace, honor and blessing, and we remind you that we are always with you at all times, whether you can hear or feel us or not. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven, working as a team with Sananda.
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