October 3, 2016

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you today because of several items that are looming in the near future, any of which could affect everything on the planet.

The first is the stubborn determination on the part of certain people in positions of power to instigate a global war. The second is the massive amount of lies about economic realities that are being exposed as being the lies that they are. The third is tremendous social instability that has in part been deliberately engineered to bring about conditions that will allow certain individuals and organizations to take control of everything else—an apparent collapse in the structures that support order, being replaced by chaos that is used as the excuse to take control. And finally, massive confusion being promulgated by those in the media that are acting as the minions of those who desire all of these things to occur for their own profit and desire to rule what’s left in the wake of these changes.

We would remind you that you stand at the end of one world, awaiting the birth of another. All of the things we have just mentioned are the prelude to a period of utter chaos and confusion that will mask what is really going on beneath the surface phenomena and behind the scenes. This time is almost upon you, and everything we have taught you about remaining calm in the midst of chaos will serve you now if you employ it.

We have told you to remain calm, grounded, and centered. We have told you to not resist anything—that there is nothing to stop and nothing to fix. We have told you to create safety within yourself. We have told you to trust in the plan for your life and to face down your fears. We have told you that everything that happens was written to occur by your Oversoul, before it projected you into the body you occupy. 

The coming chaos will mask the separating out of the different timelines that are heading toward different destinations and experiences. Everyone and everything that is not part of your timeline will disappear from your sight and be gone from your awareness. You cannot imagine this and how extensive it will be, so we wanted to give you this notice ahead of time, so you could say to yourself, “Aaah! THIS is what they were talking about. I’m glad I had that advance notice so I can see it for what it is — the time we have been waiting for has arrived.”

Yes, everything is about to go into high gear. For those who are heading to Terra, this will mark your transference onto the ships and onto Midway Station, where you will remain and prepare to colonize Terra. All of the other timelines will disappear from your sight and be hidden from you from that point on. Those whom you are close to who are NOT heading to Terra will be provided for in ways that allow them to complete their destinies, too. 

Everything is about to change radically, and we would remind you that ALL of this was scripted to occur. Every element exists to perform its role in the larger drama. Everything serves and nothing occurs without having some basis in the larger plan. It is not a random universe and you are not an accident. You are exactly the way you are supposed to be and so is everyone and everything else. It’s all going to be affected and we have prepared you to transit these times and go on to create something else entirely. Now it’s time for you to use everything we have told you to transit what is coming until it’s time for you to set foot elsewhere, and that is not long from now — a matter of months, a blink of the eye in the millennia that have led to this moment that is now upon you.

Do not judge any of what you see occurring. It all serves the larger plan, even if you can’t see it as such. You do not need to DO anything except practice what we have taught you, moment by moment. You are already close to the end of the 3D portion of your life and about to transition to another kind of existence, one that will fulfill all your dreams and aspirations and mark the end of your pain.

We will speak to you again, as needed by circumstances, and in the meantime, know that you are not and never have been alone. We love you and are with you at all times, and look forward to welcoming you back into our midst as one of us, for you truly are that and more.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven, working as a team with Sananda and waiting to welcome you home.

© Copyright 2016, Celestial Way. Permission to share in its entirety freely granted; please do not excerpt or quote portions that do not include the entirety and this copyright notice.

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