September 1, 2016

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you because of certain events that are imminent and we wished to comment on why they will be happening and how that concerns those who are connected with the “op.” You may share this information with others, as you see fit.

To begin with, we would remind you that nothing ever truly perishes. It merely changes form. Even things like mountains that blow up in eruptions simply change their form — from solid rock to molten rock (that later solidifies again), gases, and ash — but all of the elements are still there, configured differently.

In the case of what you refer to as “living things” (all things are conscious, but not all things appear to you as being alive), there is a separation of the physical manifestation from the spiritual portion that animates and guides its existence — an event you refer to as “death.” However, even in those cases, the elements that made up the physical form change form (usually into simpler elements and structures) and the spiritual portion withdraws from the physical form, but it continues to exist, be conscious and aware, and changes back into the more fundamental spiritual form from which it originally came.

We say these things to remind you that, in the face of great devastation, nothing really “dies.” Devastation is one way to reconfigure things when imbalances are so great that they must be rectified and be brought back into balance.

We have spoken before of the way things will be on Terra, particularly with regard to what you would refer to as “birth.” We are using the term “birth” to mean “come into being,” the formal entry of a form into a given environment, regardless of what that form is. A flower, a tree, an animal or a human being — at some point, each one of those is born into existence and a process follows in which it develops and matures. On your present planet, births are terribly out of balance with regard to the whole. Some are way too frequent; others are not frequent enough and many species are passing out of existence altogether. This is made worse by the introduction of genetically modified organisms that are the result of tinkering with the natural order of things, and that must be ended, as well.

On your present planet, many things are terribly out of balance, and this must be rectified. This WILL be rectified, and how it will take place and how it will end depends on which timeline one is speaking about. However, for a time, the beginnings of this process will be shared across ALL of the timelines, until they have separated out enough from one another to follow their distinct and unique process to its logical conclusion. On the timeline leading to Terra, we have spoken about how this will conclude, but we are speaking today of the beginning of that process — one that will be visible to and affect everyone and everything on the planet at this time.

So, then, we have stated that there are great imbalances that must be rectified. All of us that are connected with the “op” are participants in this. What you will see taking place is partly due to our intervention in the course things are taking, so that all scripts will be fulfilled. Regardless of what you may see, know with certainty that ALL of it was scripted. NONE of us are doing anything except following our script, and for us, this will require us to do certain things to assist in rectifying these imbalances.

On the timeline to Terra, once the evacuation is complete, the planet will undergo the Pole Shift and be stripped of everything that is not bedrock. The planet will lie fallow for a period of years (as measured in your time), and will gradually shift its focus to expressing as Terra in fourth density. During that time (as the planet shifts into expressing as Terra), all of the lifeforms that will inhabit Terra will also be going through their preparations to express on Terra. This you already know, but we felt to remind you of it, because it is important to have something positive to focus upon when one sees the degree of devastation that will now occur across the planet as a whole.

We want to reassure you that we are with you at all times. We are as close to you as your breath, as it enters and leaves your body. However, we have also schooled you in releasing resistance and remaining calm, grounded and centered. We have also told you to create your own place of peace within yourself. Your destination is whatever was scripted for you to experience, and that is true for everyone in the world at this time, regardless of how things may look as you witness what is about to occur.

As we have also said, the timeline to Terra is one of the two shortest, so things will conclude for you a little sooner than for others on other timelines. ALL of the timelines will share in what is about to occur, but then they will diverge and their aftermath will differ. All you have to do in the meantime is sound your note for Terra, keep your hearts and minds open to that glorious future, and remain calm, grounded and centered. There is nothing to stop, nothing to fix, and certainly nothing to resist. This is all part of the plan that was formulated billions of years ago, and now we are at the threshold of its conclusion.

You have a myth about a gleaming, golden phoenix bird that rises from the ashes of a consuming fire. It is an apt metaphor for the path that leads to Terra. Other paths will have other outcomes, and each one is also scripted to occur. The present options available in the present Creation cannot continue because they would lead to a terrible ending. The forces of greed, lust for power, and the desire to control have reached the maximum levels that are compatible with the continuation of life on the present planet.
They can be legitimately characterized as being “anti-life” for all but those at the top of the human structures that are behaving that way. The “experiment” in pushing limits is about to conclude in its present form and location, and will continue on various other timelines and other locations, but it cannot continue here, on the present planet, across all of the timelines. And so, dear ones, it is finally “time” for the ending that we (and you) have prepared for, for so long.

In just a matter of days, all of this will become self-evident, but we wanted to give you a “heads up” so that you would remember how to be with these events when they do in fact arrive. In one of our earlier Messages, we spoke about our role as “dispatchers.” We spoke about how it is part of our job to assure that everyone and everything goes to their “right place,” according to their script. No matter what things may look like, please remember that it was ALL written to occur when this reality came into manifestation, so do not over-identify with what you observe. We all took part in agreeing that it would be so, but we did so from the very highest levels of our existence as co-creators of this reality. Our current expressions are present to carry out those agreements in present time.

The present world is about to undergo extreme and radical changes. The first events are just the beginning of a process, so it will not all occur all at once, but will play out across time. The amount of time involved will be whatever is needed to fulfill the scripts across all of the timelines. You have had much training in adopting a “process” orientation rather than an “event” orientation, so keep that in mind. Each of the individual events (and there will be many) are steps in an overall process. It will contribute greatly to your peace and comfort if you do not focus on any of them, but rather open your hearts and minds to receive it all as necessary and ultimately beneficial. All devastation paves the way for the emergence of something new, even if it is not in the form that existed prior to the devastation. Some forms disappear and do not reoccur, but “life” does go on, and it will be helpful for you to remember that.

That is all we will say on this subject. Know that the time for which you have been waiting is almost at hand, and for some at least, that will come as a great relief. No matter what your feelings are about any of this, it must take place and it must take place now. We are with you. We love you, for you are “our own,” and we ask that you understand that our participation in furthering the script is done out of love for and obedience to the Will of the Creator. When you are back with us again, and see as we see, you will understand this better, but for now, we offer these words of support and encouragement. It will not last very long, but it must all take place for this Creation to end and be replaced by a new one, and it must happen now because there is that immovable threshold that cannot be changed or passed through, over or around.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven, working as a team with Sananda, here to see you home.

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