July 4, 2015

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you today because of what today’s date represents in the USA. Today is supposed to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, whereby a group of colonies declared their right to operate independently from the monarchy that ruled them. However, from our perspective, that rule was never broken. Its influence continued secretly and, in our perspective, it is increasing its influence today, even as we speak.

We feel that people should not be deceived by what they are told in the media, so we have stepped forth to put our own views in sight, where they can act as an “alternative press” of another kind.

As we have said in one of our earlier Messages, freedom that is forced upon people at the point of a gun is not freedom. There are many ways to force people to adopt a certain “rule” as being necessary in order to survive. However, since there is no true death, only a change in form, one must face down even that fear of not surviving. Until one does that, one cannot be truly sovereign and free. We feel that, as long as people feel that they need to obey some kind of human authority that is imposed upon them, they can never truly be free.

Freedom is not license. Freedom can only exist when one is in harmony with the needs of the whole. Animals and plants are run by instinct and while they are aware and can be communicated with, it is only at the level where organisms form collective societal relationships that the issues of competition versus cooperation come into play. When there is no societal relationship, then competition is the ruling method. There is competition for mates, terrain, nutrients, and so forth. However, once one becomes part of a societal relationship, competition must give way to cooperation in order for every member of the society to thrive and prosper. This means that numbers must be kept within certain parameters, also.

We have noticed that, while there are many ideas put forth to create an ideal world, none of them deal with the population question directly. Many of those ideas focus on things like energy resources that are sustainable, but do not address the exponential increase in demand that comes with uncontrolled reproduction. Only the elites have taken on that question and come up with their solution for the world.

Only the elites have recognized that the carrying capacity of the planet is around 500 million or so, which is the level that will exist on Terra. Only the elites have decided to reduce the population of the present planet to that level in the foreseeable future, but on the timeline to Terra, we are taking a very different approach to the problem.

The elites will reduce the population by eliminating everyone who does not serve the world they wish to create for themselves to rule. We will limit the population on Terra by not bringing more life into being there than will be compatible with the needs of the planet and everything upon her. We will accomplish that through a mechanism of consciousness that we refer to as “full connection.” Everyone who comes to live on Terra — either through colonization or through being born there — will be in a state of full connection and therefore will innately and automatically behave in ways that are in harmony with the needs of the whole.

No one will need permission to join with another to form a family unit. No one will bring a new life into being except when that is called forth by the whole. In your present society, everything is backwards from the way things will be on Terra. True freedom cannot exist within the present economic system because it is based on continually increasing consumption in a finite ecosystem and continually increasing the expenditure of resources, including the increasing creation of financial debt that can never be repaid.

Today, take a last look around at your world. It will not remain the way it is much longer and this day will not carry the same meaning if you were to be on the planet a year from now. All of this will be left behind as you move forward to create something else entirely, and the time is short before you will actually do this physically. We tell you this now, because very soon our prediction of “helmets and guns on every street corner” will come to pass. It will not just be in the USA. It will be everywhere around the globe that is affected by the coming financial collapse.

Treasure your remaining days as 3D humans. Very soon, you will be experiencing a wonderful new vista: the creation of Terra and becoming the “true humans” we have spoken about. All of the things you have been and done will fall away and you will enter your true estate as magnificent, sovereign beings who automatically operate in harmony with the whole, so that peace, love, joy and a quiet ecstasy are the norm.

You do not need to imagine this; you cannot imagine how it will be from your present experience, but you won’t need to. It will be your constant and ongoing experience and you will know your true nature and be whole again. Everything will function as it was originally designed to and this is the glorious future that awaits you, as everything of the old world falls away and is left behind.
Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven, working as a team with Sananda, and waiting to welcome you home.
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