December 5, 2011

All right, now. We have asked to speak to you this evening because of the way things appear to be unfolding at the present time. We say “appear,” because even we are not aware of every factor involved in what is playing out on your planet and, indeed, throughout the known Creation. We can anticipate certain trends that are more likely than others and we can with certainty describe the ultimate path that things must follow, but not all of the details are available to us at any given time.

That being said, we would like to shed some light on where things are at today and for the near-term future. Despite the efforts of the power elite to staunch the flow of “money” into private coffers, sequestering it from the general populace or the common marketplace exchanges, it continues unabated. Every last drop of economic “blood” is being drained from the system that sustains the system itself, and so a collapse is imminent and inevitable. Those who can obtain access to whatever is left of the resources and commodities that are not already being controlled are gobbling them up without restraint and without regard to the system itself. They consider that the risks and rewards make this worth it and self-preservation is the utmost concern, above the welfare of others or the system that has served them until now.
When the collapse occurs, it will come suddenly and without warning, even for those who are draining the last drops to be had. No one can see with certainty how far things can be pushed, including us, but pushing the limits of what is possible seems to be what is governing people’s actions in this regard. The thinking appears to go something like this: “Since the whole thing is going to collapse anyway, there is no reason for me to think in terms of preservation of the system, but rather of my own preservation and survival after the collapse.”

One system will be replaced by another system. People will still need a way to exchange goods and services and tangible goods will form the new basis for the new economy while the rest sorts out.

People will need food, so food will continue to be in demand. Even for people who raise their own food, there is a need for the means to continue doing that, and they don’t constitute a meaningful proportion of the overall demand for food anyway. People all over the world have become dependent on many aspects of the current system, and that dependency will carry over into whatever form things may take after the collapse. Each and every one of you reading this will be affected in one way or another, but those who are going to Terra will be provided for (also in one way or another), until you are safely aboard the ships and heading toward Midway Station.

Now that we have said that, let us tell you about the rest of the story — about the rest of what will be playing out on the surface of your planet. To begin with, the timelines have already begun separating, so scenarios are ALREADY occurring differently from one timeline to another. The headlines and the news stories that each person reads may be similar in some respects; different in others. Unless one could actually compare them side by side, these differences would not be apparent, and most people do not have access to all of the “copies” of the reality, so all they would ordinarily know is what appears to them on their timeline.

All of this has been anticipated and prepared for on both sides of the polarity game. We have been preparing and the loyal opposition has been preparing — for a very long time now — and all is in readiness for things to play out to their natural conclusion. The chaotic nodes continue to gobble up more and more of the present structures. Their “job” is to dismantle those structures and prepare the way for new structures to emerge. The way this process will proceed will depend on which timeline one is viewing and experiencing. We have our focus on the timeline leading to the establishment of Terra, so anything we describe will be particular to that timeline and not necessarily apply to any other one. It is how the “sorting out” will proceed on each of the timelines that lead out of this shared reality to another landing place, of which there are 12.

So, how does one prepare for such a collapse? How does one protect those one loves? The answer is going to be different for each person. The resources they need will be available to them, in the right way and at the right time. Some of these resources will not appear until they are needed. Some of them may already be present. No one who is going to Terra will suffer from deprivation, although simplification of one’s needs and lifestyle might be called for. True NEEDS will be met and gifts and friendships will come into being to provide support if they are needed. STO is based on collaboration and cooperation and upon sharing common values across people who are quite diverse from each other. It is from living from one’s heart that all of this will come together to serve the greatest good. 

The clearings you have each been going through recently are a result of the energies we have been using to clear your cellular memory of all residue from the past. Some of you might be experiencing a resurfacing of memories, associations, and emotions from prior relationships and experiences that you may have thought you were done with, but in fact no one is really “done” with any of this until they ARE. Some of you might not be having any of this as your present experience. Each person is unique and each person’s experience is going to be unique. That’s how the Creator gets to experience everything that is possible to experience. Every experience will occur for someone, but that does not predict which particular person it will happen to, when it will arrive, or what form it will take. The Creator loves surprises and this is one way It surprises Itself!

This will not go on this way much longer. Remember that we are talking from a perspective of billions of years, so how much longer is a relative statement. Still, there is that immovable threshold that we have talked about and it’s not any of the dates that any human has been given. All of this talk about dates, portals, activations, and the like is particular to the person being given that information and some of it is true; some of it is not true. It is also relative to the timeline that person is on. We have noticed the tendency of even the clearest of channels to treat their information as if it were meant for everyone, universally, but they are only being given the information that is appropriate for them to have and know. Its applicability cannot be universal, beyond certain general principles, because there is such a multitude of experiences to be had and this matter of multiple timelines would dictate that any given body of information is only applicable to a given group of individuals, all of which was sorted out at the Oversoul level, billions of years ago.
None of this arises from what you normally understand as the “present.” It also does not arise from what you normally understand as the “past” OR the “future,” although it may appear that way in your experience of linear time. It arises in the actual moment when an entire Creation is breathed forth, all of the logic branches are traced, every possible outcome is explored and expressed, and then all of it is present throughout the entire existence of that particular Creation. It is simultaneously present IN what you call the past, present and future, and this is not something you can grasp until you can experience that directly and know yourselves as the time-travelers that you are. That time is coming for you also.

Our last remarks are to offer this advice: Do not be fooled by what you see in the headlines, whether they are from the mainstream media or from some of the more peripheral sources. The key point to “get” out of what we are saying is that each perspective is unique to the person having that experience. There are going to be as many perspectives as there are points of awareness to experience them, and no two will be totally alike or totally in agreement.

Those who are more mental in the way they process data will have the greatest difficulty with this because they are not accustomed to using their feeling sense in order to determine whether something FEELS true for them or not. While mental analysis serves a purpose, it is not going to help someone really “know” what to do in the kinds of turbulent times that are coming. It can only take one so far and then one must FEEL into the energy of a given choice. If one FEELS into things in this way, it will become obvious that there is one “best” choice and every other possible choice will feel less “right.”

This is a function of one’s own vibrational pattern and that principle of resonance that we talked about in some of our earlier material. One resonates more strongly with what is “theirs” than with what is not theirs, and that is a function of the energetic pattern that makes up the individual. Everyone has this ability. Not everyone uses it, whether because they don’t know how or because it’s not in their script to use it. 

Every single one of you reading this is EXACTLY the way you are supposed to be. What you might consider a flaw or a mistake is actually part of your script, and necessary to the whole, JUST AS IT IS. There is no part of the Creation — from the smallest individual units to the largest bodies of organized matter — that is not EXACTLY the way it should be, in keeping with the Plan for the whole. Every possible experience is necessary to complete the Creator, and so it exists because it IS necessary.

People have a tendency to judge what is different from themselves. However, there is no ONE “right way” that applies to everyone, despite what some religions teach. There is only the Creator, expressing Itself through Its creations. For the Creator, every single expression is both “right” and necessary to complete the Creator’s experience. No experience is preferred over another. They must ALL exist and be explored equally. Therefore, while you might not choose to act in the ways that other individuals choose to act as things come to a close, understand that what is right for you is ONLY right for you. And for each of those you perceive of as “other,” each of them also behaves in the way they were designed and created to behave. The reason is always the same: to provide experience for the Creator.

In closing, then, we would say what we have said to you repeatedly throughout our communications with you. FEEL into what is the right choice FOR YOU, in any given moment, and follow THAT choice, while allowing everyone else to do the same, without judging them or holding them outside of your love. Every experience that you have had and every experience that you will yet come to have serves to further your script, to provide that particular experience for the Creator, in service to the Creator’s desire to experience everything possible. This is absolutely contrary to all of the teachings of your institutions, your educational systems, and your social conditioning.

On Terra, everyone and everything is sovereign. Nothing exists in order to serve anyone or anything else except the Creator’s desire for experience. Do not get caught up in the rhetoric of polarizing to a given pattern of behavior, the “us” and “them” mentality that makes up so much of how people strive with each other instead of peacefully co-existing with the diversity that this planet has as her nature. Rejoice in and celebrate the diversity, at the same time you celebrate your own uniqueness and place in the whole.

We leave you now in peace, honor, and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

I received the above message right after I had mailed a letter that marked a completion of a 23-year relationship with my former husband and just before I met with a cousin whom I have known for 48 years, and would probably not see again. Both of these were major “completions” for me, and it felt to me that this message was the beginning of what now lies ahead for all of us.

When I posted the message on the online forums, several people felt it was a “last call” before everything goes into motion for what will play out between now and the actual evacuation. The overall response was also that there was a lot of “meat” in this message and that it would take several readings to absorb all that is there. When I received the message, the energy felt very different than it had felt at any time in the past, although as in all messages from the Hosts, it seems important to read it carefully, both in terms of what is actually said and in terms of what is not said. There also seemed to be many layers to the message, and if past experience is any indication, different parts of the message will move to “foreground” and appear important with each repeated reading.

There were two particular details I wish to comment upon that jumped out at me as I received the message, and one part I wish to elaborate upon by sharing an e-mail conversation I had with someone following the previous Update on Oct. 22, with regard to the experience reported about “the Ocean.” The woman gave me her permission to share it and I am doing so, not because she is heading toward Terra, but because of what it illustrates about the complexity involved in the parallel realities/timelines through which the manifest Creation expresses.

The first detail that struck me was when the Hosts used the word “sequestering” in the paragraph that states:

Despite the efforts of the power elite to staunch the flow of “money” into private coffers, sequestering it from the general populace or the common marketplace exchanges, it continues unabated. Every last drop of economic “blood” is being drained from the system that sustains the system itself, and so a collapse is imminent and inevitable. Those who can obtain access to whatever is left of the resources and commodities that are not already being controlled are gobbling them up without restraint and without regard to the system itself. They consider that the risks and rewards make this worth it and self-preservation is the utmost concern, above the welfare of others or the system that has served them until now.

This is an example of the precision of the languaging used in such a message. I looked up the definition of the word “sequester” and it is different than simply storing up something against a future time, such as when a squirrel stores up nuts to eat over the coming winter. To sequester these monies and resources means to literally withdraw them from the present system, make them unavailable TO the system, contributing to the collapse of the system itself. However, the Hosts simply describe and observe this without judgment. 

It struck me that if the system is SUPPOSED to collapse, then those who might appear to be self-serving through these actions are actually serving the needs of the whole by furthering the script for the system itself. This is one reason why we, in our presently veiled state, cannot tell what purpose is being served just from appearances alone, especially when filtered through our own preferences and biases.

The other detail that struck me was when the Hosts mentioned that the timing of the immoveable threshold is “not any of the dates that any human has been given.” October 28 and November 11:11 have both come and gone. All we see is more of the process that had already been going on before either of those dates, albeit in a more accelerated fashion. 

I suspect that the December 21, 2012 date that so many have fixated upon is not going to be much different than October 28 was. It will be another day in the overall process, but will not be much different than the day just before it and the day just after it. No one, including me, who is walking around on the planet really knows the answer to the “when” question, and as the Hosts have pointed out, any given amount of information is relative to one of the 12 timelines, but is not universal to all.

The Hosts are focused on the timeline leading to Terra, and so am I. We have been told it (and the one that leads to Terra’s negative-polarity opposite) is the shortest one of all. I do not know the answer to the “when” question, but I can share a vision I was given in June 1982 of a signal event that will tell us “what time it is” in terms of the timeline that leads to Terra.

I was shown a very large earthquake that shook the entire continent, whose epicenter was in an unincorporated area in south central Indiana. When and if this event occurs, it would signal the beginning of the time of cataclysms, which will be followed by the evacuation and the Pole Shift, in that order. So now that the Hosts have effectively dismissed the various dates we have fixated upon, that is the marker I am watching for to know “what time it is” in terms of the whole process. If it doesn’t occur, I will just have to assume that things have changed. 

June 1982 was almost 30 years ago, so I am just feeling into each moment that presents and taking comfort in the Hosts’ assertion that we will somehow be provided for, without needing to know the details of how that will come about on a personal level.

I will close by sharing an e-mail exchange I had with a woman who wrote in response to another person’s account of “the Ocean” that was in the Commentary I wrote and attached to “Dates, Gates, and Mates, Part 2.” I repeat this here with her explicit permission.

Tish, November 12, 2011:

Hello Adonna,

Thank you for your newsletters and books. I have enjoyed reading both.

I wanted to comment on your October 22nd newsletter in regards to the Commentary section. I found it interesting that one of the blog posters on your site mentioned that they dreamt while sleeping about different timelines. What she explained is correct, as I have been experiencing involuntarily jumping to different timelines since June 7th, 2010.

I had been going through ascension for many years (since at least 2002), and in May 2009, I had finally reached a permanent state of peace, bliss, love, and joy. I was also living in the now moment with no reference to the past nor future. All of this was happening automatically with no effort required on my part. I felt so wonderful living in that state of being.

I was losing chunks of time and wanted to know why, so I did some Self-Hypnosis and found out that my consciousness had actually reached beyond 5D to 5 1/2 D while still living in a 3D body in a 3D world. I was losing chunks of time, because my consciousness was trying to go to a timeline that was vibrating at 5 1/2D. However, no such timeline existed at that time back in May 2009, so I would physically stay in a 3D world, and my mind would lose chunks of time as it was trying to leave 3D.

Then in August of 2009, everything changed. I started descending back to 3D. I went through hellish torture after having reached such a wonderful state at 5 1/2D. I was told by spirit that I needed to descend back down into 3D, because not enough people were ready to ascend to 5D yet, and I needed to help them through ascension, teach them about Metaphysics, etc. I was also to continue helping the wildlife and stray cats that I was helping at that time to evolve their consciousness.

I was also having very strong ascension symptoms and was having a hard time functioning due to not being grounded (living in a 3D world in a 3D body with my mind vibrating at 5 1/2D). So the solution, according to spirit, was to descend me back down into 3D. Then on June 7th, 2010, I involuntarily left my original timeline and ended up on another one.

I was on the new timeline for a year and then left it. I then jumped to another one again on June 26th, 2011. Now I am finding that I am jumping timelines as often as I change my underwear. It is happening more and more often and nearly on a daily basis. It seems that several different versions of the Earth are and have been created at different energy vibrations, and as I cleanse and ascend or descend to help the animals and people, I quickly pass through a few versions of the Earth until I end up on the one I’m supposed to be on. Then, I help the people and animals there, and then I am moved to another timeline.

What the person dreamt about and posted on your website is true. I have also noticed that there are duplicate copies of us on each on the timelines. However, I have noticed that each copy of each person is slightly different on each of the timelines. If you look closely at the details, you notice differences in people. For example, a person may be open minded towards Metaphysics and ascension on one timeline but totally close-minded about it on another. I have also noticed that sometimes the histories on each of the timelines are slightly different.

Also, on one timeline I have noticed that the fire station down the road from my house is open, but on another one it is closed. Then when I jump to another timeline, it is open again. So it becomes confusing, just as the blog poster wrote on your website, because some of the details are slightly different from one timeline to another. For the most part, however, everything seems the same. As I mentioned, you have to look at the small details to notice any differences.

Although all of the same people are on the timelines that I have been on, I have noticed that not all of the animals that I feed and take care of are on all of the timelines. Some of them are missing when I go to a different timeline. This is hard to experience, as I miss the ones who are no longer there. Interestingly, I can often still faintly hear and feel the animals on the timeline that I just left after I arrive on a new timeline, or I can faintly hear and see the animals and people on a timeline that I am going to before I get there.

Since each timeline is at a different energy vibration, my energy vibration is adjusted either up or down, depending on whether I’m ascending or descending before I jump to another timeline. This happens automatically with no effort on my part. It just simply happens to me whether I want it to or not. I also start feeling dizzy and strange energy sensations before I jump timelines, and I also see the number 1111 and 11:11 on the clock a lot when I’m about to jump or right after I’ve jumped.

I’ve noticed that there’s a group of people that is aware of going through on ascension on every one of the timelines that I’ve been on (for example, those who subscribe to your newsletter, etc.), so, it seems that the multiple copies of each of us are also experiencing ascension. Well, I’m seeing 1111 heavily again today, so I guess that means I’m about to jump timelines again. Very interesting things are taking place now.

Take care,

Adonna, Nov. 12, 2011:


Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. Would you be willing for me to share them with the members of my online forums? I would protect your identity and e-mail address and just quote the body of your e-mail, unless you would like me to name you as the source. Just for your information (not that it matters very much), the person whose experience I put into the Commentary is a man, so “she” is a “he.” :-) I am not sure it was really a dream so much as a dreamlike, or altered state. He has had a number of those in the past.

I find your reference to missing time interesting because I am continually having what I have called “dropouts.” I can be typing along and a word just disappears, like there was a brief moment when I was somewhere else and came back and didn’t notice that my train of thought had missed typing the word. I also experience this when doing even the most mundane tasks. One was pretty funny to me, but not to my husband, because I apparently disappeared while washing dishes between sudsing up his teapot and putting it in the drainer. I apparently didn’t register that I hadn’t rinsed it and when he poured out his tea from it the next time, it was foamy and sudsy. He now takes charge of washing his teapot and doesn’t trust me to do that anymore. :-)

I seem to go somewhere else while I sleep and sometimes I have trouble coming back for awhile after I begin to wake up. I don’t have the dramatic kinds of experiences that you do in the way that you do, but I have my share of “high strangeness,” too!

It’s sort of violent in places, but if you haven’t seen the movie, The One, with Jet Li, it deals with parallel realities and jumping back and forth between them, using technology and wormholes. There’s a lot of martial arts in it, so Jet Li can show off his skills in that department, but I did find it worth watching at least once.

Every niche must be filled to complete the whole and it seems your place in things is anything but boring!

Good journey!


Tish, Nov. 13, 2011

Hello Adonna,

Yes, the experiences I’ve had are anything but boring. It seems that I am sent to a timeline to help mostly animals but sometimes people as well, and as soon as I’m done helping them, then I am zapped off the timeline and sent elsewhere to help someone else on another timeline. It’s a wonder that I’m keeping my sanity through all of this. It’s been a challenge, but I think the animals actually help me through it. Without them, I don’t know how I’d make it through with all of the bouncing around I’ve been going through.

I have also had those experiences of “dropping out” that you mention. I have been in the middle of something, and my consciousness goes elsewhere, and I “mess up” whatever it is that I was doing. I also find myself dropping out and losing my memory of what I was doing before I dropped out, and then I end up repeating whatever it is that I was doing several times. This happened once when I was washing laundry. I dropped out for a few seconds, only to find when I came back that I was putting a load of laundry in the dryer that wasn’t ready to go into the dryer. Then, I found myself dropping out for a few more seconds and coming back and putting the same clothes that weren’t ready to be in the dryer back into the dryer again. I repeated this sequence a few times before I broke out of “the loop” of repetition. It was as if I was a broken record stuck in the same spot repeating the same thing over and over again.

Another thing that I have noticed that is interesting when I go to different timelines is that sometimes the people on the different timelines have a memory of what happened on a previous timeline that I was on, and sometimes they don’t have any memory of what happened on a previous timeline.

I was on one timeline taking care of the animals, and it rained so much that the woods where I feed them was flooded, and the river there had gone over the bank and was raging through the woods. I talked to a neighbor about it right after that, and he mentioned that he had noticed the river going over the bank and raging through the woods too. Well, shortly after that, I jumped to a different timeline, and I mentioned the situation of the river going over to bank to the same neighbor again, but on the new timeline, he had a blank “deer in the headlights” look on his face as if he didn’t have any idea of what I was talking about. Then I could literally feel time stop, as there was a pause, and I could intuitively feel information being downloaded into him* about the river having flooded. Then all of the sudden, he “came to” and acted as if he knew what I was talking about. I’ve noticed this same thing happening with other people as well.

Also, people seem to remember different details about my childhood and the past than I do on the different timelines. I was visiting my mother and sister last night, and they were mentioning things in the past that I had no memory of ever happening. Also, they’ve mentioned things that have happened in the past that I remember to have happened completely differently. I noticed that the longer I stay on a timeline, my true memories begin to fade, and I begin to take on the memories of my childhood, etc. of the new timeline. I fight to hang onto my true memories however, and in the end, I end up holding onto my memories instead of ending up with false memories from a new timeline.

Yes, you can use my experiences to share with people on your website or in your newsletter. I don’t mind if you mention my name. It doesn’t bother me.

Again, thank you for sharing your books and newsletters. They resonate with me so much!

Blessings to you,

*This is similar to how people’s perceptions are altered in the movie, The Adjustment Bureau.

I offer the above to enrich your experience and offer possible clues to what lies ahead. [edited to remove content that is no longer valid] No matter what the details may be for you, I wish you a good journey!

Love and blessings,
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