May 15, 2013

You have a saying, “All talk and no action.” To some, it may have appeared that was an apt description for us and our relationship to you. However, while it is true that our actions have been largely behind the scenes and invisible except to those we were working with in terms of their cellular clearing and internal guidance systems, that has all been in the nature of a preparation for what now comes.

We have been observing and preparing to respond to those actions on the part of those you have affectionately referred to as “the loyal opposition,” both those on and off of the planet, whose task is to provide the catalyst for the ending of this particular Creation and the beginning of the next one in ways that are neither harmonious nor pleasant, but rather quite extreme in the amount of drama that they can provide for the Creator to experience in Its desire to experience everything possible that can be experienced within the parameters of this Creation before it comes to an end. In this way, they serve the Creator and Its desires just as much as everything and everyone else does. We feel we must emphasize this — that everything exists solely to provide experience for the Creator and that there is nothing that exists that is outside of the Creator or that operates in conflict with the Creator’s desires.

What will play out now is the culmination of everything that was put in place billions of years ago, and it is for this reason that each of you reading this have been born into the bodies you presently occupy. You are here to take part in this final act of this Creation and you have been placed all over the world to do so. Most of you have incarnated or moved to locations in what you refer to as the western part of the world, due to the conditions that exist in various countries that would or would not support the kinds of experiences your Oversoul has chosen for you to experience. Not all countries are created equal in that regard, as every country has its own personal identity as a thoughtform and culture, just as every person in that country takes part in that experience and contributes to it.

Now that we have laid the ground for what we are about to say, we will move from being “all talk” to being “all action.” The time has come for the “op” to move from being “in preparation” to being “operational,” and in keeping with that, many things will change. For example, this is the last time we will speak to all of you as a general group. From this time forward, all communication will be done on a one-to-one basis, either through the application of technology or through telepathic means. Each person connected with the “op” has their proper place and timing within it, and from this time forward, everything will be on a “need to know” basis. Each person will only know what they need to know — not what serves their curiosity, but that which serves their function within the “op.”

There will be a great deal of compartmentalization in this. What this means is that any given individual will only know what they need to know and will not know what others know. This is for security reasons as well as to enable clear focus and communication among those whose tasks are connected in some way. Everyone — and we wish to underline this — will know what they need to know, when they need to know it, and not before then. There is much that we know that we cannot share at any given time because it would not serve you or the plan to do otherwise, so our prior advice to trust in the journey itself continues to apply now. A number of things are going to change, but that is not one of them.

Having said that, we will now say what we can say to all of you and then fall silent with regard to any public communications, pulling back into the background where we will work with each of you individually, as needed to carry out the larger task and effort that we call the “op.” Sara/Adonna’s identity as a messenger also ends with this communication, and from this time forward, she and her husband will be engaged in work of a very different kind, as will all of you who read this at this time.

We had said that we would not speak to you again before the second half of January 2013. Well, that certainly has been true, hasn’t it! It is now well beyond the second half of January, as you may have observed, and the reason we have waited is because there have been many decisions pending on both sides of the polarity game and we had to wait for clarity, just as we have counseled you to do.
There have been decisions made all along, but certain crucial developments were postponed for as long as possible. This is why it was necessary to create the time dilation itself, so that everything that was supposed to happen for the planet would happen and would have sufficient time within which to play out. However, as we have noted in the past, the Creator loves surprises and even we are not exempt from receiving them.
It is ironic that now things are being speeded up, even within the limited time provided by the time dilation, so that the timing of things has changed once again, and we can do nothing except “go with the flow,” just as we have counseled you to do. And so it is now.

Once the time dilation was created, we laid out our plans to carry out certain actions within it, and with an idea that there would be a certain logical and orderly sequence to them. However, the latest developments on the ground have required us to adapt to changing conditions in ways that insure that the evacuation will be completed safely and completely and before it’s not possible to do so. Things are going to go somewhat differently than we had originally expected and one thing we are clear about is that there will not be a second chance to do them over again, so it has been an interesting time of our having to wait and yet not being able to wait any longer, past the time in which action is clearly called for.

Those of you who are in the first and second waves will be “called up” soon — meaning within the next three months or so (this is an estimate at this time, subject to change if circumstances require change). Special forces will be given their directions in roll-out fashion, meaning that each individual will be contacted over that time and during a time that extends beyond it, according to the order established by priorities given to their tasks and intended “audience.”
The greatest number of people to be served are located in the western hemisphere, particularly the USA, but also scattered across both of the Americas and western Europe. There are a smaller number located in the Middle East and Asia proper. No one is less important to us than anyone else, but our attention will first be placed on those areas that have the highest concentrations of people needing to be reached and only secondarily on those locations containing fewer people who need to be reached. Everyone will be reached eventually and be in place when it’s time for the evacuation itself, but this will require more patience on the part of those who are located in those areas with lower concentrations of people, as we have described above.

That is all we are going to say on this subject and for the rest of the time anyone reading this is still on the ground, the communications will not be given in this way, but rather on that individual and group basis that we have outlined above. Therefore, do not write Sara/Adonna and ask what the Hosts have to say about developments on the ground. Once this communication has been shared with the mailing list and the site, there will be no more communications of this type, and the mailing list will be taken down altogether. It will not be kept on any server, anywhere, and this is also a protection for those who are on it. The “op” is going to go under “deep cover” now, and only those who have a need to know something will know it. This message will be published on the site, so that those who find their way to it later will be able to read it there.

There is another saying we wish to mention now. It is: “Those who say don’t know; those who know don’t say.” These are the “end times” or “last days” spoken of in your scriptures from various traditions and cultures, but primarily in those of the Judeo-Christian heritage. One of those prophecies for these times is that there will be many false prophets and there is a caution against believing in what they say. There will be many pointing at one phenomenon or another, and we would say to disregard all phenomena of all kinds, so that you can put your focus on what you “know” within yourself, rather than on what other people are pointing to.
Even in a given field (such as economics), the “experts” all predict different things, different timings, and give different advice for protecting oneself and one’s possessions during what is coming. There are people who interpret the Bible to mean different things. There are people who take different views about the lessons of history, but we would point out that history is only a good teacher if history repeats itself. While it is true that — because of the nature of that immovable threshold we have spoken about and the fractal nature of time — in a way you are revisiting elements that have historically occurred in the past, history itself is NOT going to repeat at this time.
What is about to occur has NEVER occurred before on this planet, and it is safe to say that it will never occur again. What is about to happen occurs only ONCE in the life cycle of a planet, and even on the timelines that do not lead to Terra, that is still true. There will never be another Pole Shift on any of the other timelines. There will never be a time of final cataclysms other than the ones that will occur now. There will never again be the rise of the kinds of controllers and planners that appear to be “calling the shots” right now. Their present rise to power will only occur this one time, even on the path to the planet that is Terra’s negative-polarity twin. We do not say this lightly.

Pay attention to this because you will be witnessing the “grand finale” of this final act of this 3D version of this planet. It (and you) will never come this way again, so embrace that for all of the richness it contains. It WILL be a rich time, experientially, full of lessons for those who have “signed on” (via their Oversoul) for lessons; full of joy for those who are heading toward joy, and full of sorrow and loss and pain for those who have “signed on” (via their Oversoul) to experience those. There will be much fullness of experience during these times, and none of this experience will ever repeat, so make the most of that for yourselves and your loved ones.
Take one “last look,” only make it a lasting one as the panorama plays out before you. Above all, detach from the drama itself. Witness what serves you to witness, but do not get caught up in the energies of the drama. Let go of any ideas that there is an enemy to fight or oppose. It is ALL the Creator-in-action, and the Creator is not your enemy. The Creator is only the Creator, doing what a Creator does: exploring Itself through Its creations.
Every single person, from those in apparent power to those who seem to have the least power, is an expression of the Creator-in-action. Remember that. Every single person has their part to play, their lines to speak, their actions to carry out in this “grand finale” that will play out now. Everything serves the Creator and the Creator’s desires. It cannot be otherwise, so detach from the drama, remain calm, centered and grounded, and follow your “inner director” as best as you can. You will get to where you are destined to go and so will everyone and everything else.

There is nothing more for us to say. The details will be provided to those who need them, as they are needed and not before. It has been a “long time coming,” as the song title goes, but now the time has arrived and we will move from “talk” to “action.” There will be no more messages or specifics coming from us that will be publicly available. New constructs will be put in place to support individual communications within the “op” and the “operational” part begins today.

It may take some time to put all of the structures in place because time keeps everything from happening all at once, you know, but all is now in motion and will remain so for eternity. There is no end point to any of it, and the journey is of infinite length, so stay over your feet, deal with what is squarely in front of you to deal with, trust in the journey, and continue to practice surrender whenever you experience resistance in any way.

You are not in charge. You never were and you never will be. Only the Creator is in charge, and only the Creator creates anything at all. The only place “free will” truly exists is with the Creator, so “let go and let God handle everything.” That is all anyone can do, anyway.

We love you and are with you at all times and we look forward to meeting with you again, face to face. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven, working as a team with Sananda.
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