November 14, 2010

In the October 30, 2010 Update, I referred to a predicted tipping point that would mark a time of great changes. In the model Ian Xel Lungold adopted of the shifts in consciousness implicit in the Mayan Long Count, each subsequent level results in the same amount of change occurring in 1/20th of the amount of time as on the previous level. Terence McKenna’s view of the fractal nature of time also indicated that the amount of change would speed up tremendously as we approached the end of the timewave in late 2012.

Change is implicit in the nature of existence. Nothing is static. On a personal level, each of us descended from a place where we were not in a body into a tiny fetus, gestating in a womb. That was a great change for us and I clearly remember screaming as I tumbled down through all the intervening levels and was progressively wrapped in the veiling that would make me think I was the tiny body I emerged in. When I emerged, I was to become a force for change in this world, present in this world, but it took me many years to come to understand that.
In looking at the timewave graph for the period between 2008 and 2012, we can see a major tipping point occurred in the summer of 2008. It was even steeper and lasted longer than the one we have entered now. We survived it, so do not look at this current tipping point with trepidation and fear. Hindsight reveals that 2008 period as being (among other things) a time of global financial changes, complete with the bursting of various “financial bubbles” and fiat money printing (actually just computer entries in various accounts – “money” created out of thin air) accelerating tremendously to prop up the failing systems, and leading us to where we stand today.

You can see that by 2010, attempts at recovering from these previous changes were partially successful, but the overall trend downward from “habit” (business as usual) to greater novelty (changes) continued. Looking at the timewave graph as it moves toward its end point in late 2012, we can see that we never go back to how things were at their peak in 2008. In other words, the changes taking place now are not going to be reversed and it will never be "business as usual" ever again, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I personally think it is a good thing.

There is no one single “event” that makes up this extraordinary amount of change. It is a PROCESS of change, made up of many changes that contribute to yet other changes. That’s what the timewave graphs and the Mayan Calendar are tracking: a process of nearly constant change, leading to an endpoint in that process and a jumping-off into another kind of reality altogether.

Both Lungold and McKenna were saying the same thing, expressed via different models. The amount of change and the rapidity of change are going to increase in our very near term future. They both saw a point of emergence that held great promise at the end of that process and that is the view put forth in the Operation Terra material, also. In their very first Message, “Operation Terra,” the Hosts tell us:

In the beginning, this planet was created with a certain destiny path in mind. Its creators (the “elohim,” a group of vast, intelligent beings who combined forces to create this sector of reality) envisioned a rich environment where the planet’s theme of "seeking harmony in diversity" could play out. However, there were other beings that saw an opportunity to insert themselves into the paradigm and eventually did so, so successfully that the original blueprint for the planet was essentially abrogated and converted to another agenda entirely.

Every time the elohim would project expressions of themselves into the physical plane and try to restore the original plan and agenda, the interlopers would eventually undermine their efforts and redirect the planet toward their own aims and ambitions. The world you see around you is the result of this interaction. A relatively few individuals adhere to the original standards, based on love for and responsibility toward the entire planet and its occupants, but many more individuals put their own interests above those of the whole and engage in destructively competitive behaviors that eventually harm everyone and everything.

Now, however, it is time to restore the planet to her original destiny path. The behaviors that have destroyed so much of her diversity and beauty will be put to an end. … all must go forward in order for the planet to meet her appointment with her own destiny.

… A great wave of change is building now that will soon sweep the petty affairs of humans away, a great wave of purification and the cleansing of everything that is not in alignment with the destiny of this planet.

The elohim are here. They have incarnated as ordinary humans in order to act as human lightning rods, to draw down and anchor the energy of change, and to assist in the birthing of the new age. It will be necessary to evacuate those who are destined to inhabit Terra, for the necessary cleansing will render the present body of Earth uninhabitable for a time. The evacuees will be taken in their physical bodies to another location, where they will prepare themselves for the colonization of Terra, the “New Earth.” The remainder of this information will deal with the details of that process and paint a vision that those who can “hear” will be able to hold in their hearts and minds and that will help them to understand the necessity of the cleansing that is soon to take place.

The changes that are implied in these other models are necessary in order for this planet to be restored and take her proper place in the cosmos, where she will serve as a seed-point in the unfolding of an entirely new potential, in an entirely new Creation. She will also be the platform for the next level of human experience. I don’t agree with McKenna’s feeling that psychedelic substances are the way to attain the state of full connection that will be the nature of our experience on Terra. Despite prodigious consumption of such substances, McKenna did not attain that state of consciousness, although he had many glimpses of what it would be like. At the turn of the previous century, Aurobindo and Mother, his companion, tried to attain that state of consciousness, too, but also did not succeed despite devoting their entire lives to the effort to do so. I do agree with McKenna’s intuitive sense that it is time to leave the cradle and move upward into a fuller expression of who and what we are.

In order for this to occur, massive change is necessary and we have a lot of help in getting there. We are being worked with around the clock so we can attain the necessary state of consciousness (full connection with Source) without the use of chemicals. This is a process that is being carried out from other levels of being, for both the planet and the moveable parts of the planet — the people, plants, and animals that will make the trip to Terra at this time. In their second Message in 1999, the Hosts said:

You are within the “critical zone” and the amount of energy streaming over you is increasing so rapidly that you can’t help but notice the effects. If you watch your TV or read your newspapers and magazines, everything seems to be purring along, “business as usual.” There are some “bumps in the road,” such as school children taking up guns and killing other school children, peculiar weather patterns, droughts, wildfires, and intense storms. But what doesn’t make the news are the subtle changes in the entire substrate. The reason the killings take place is that they are a SYMPTOM of what is really going on. Everything that is not in keeping with the original blueprint is being flushed out of the Earth system. These behaviors are SYMPTOMS of the underlying patterns of death and disease that have operated "under cover" for a very long time. This is coming to an end, but it will all surface as it leaves the system, just like one sees the pus coming out of an abscess when it finally opens up and heals itself from beneath the surface.

… Some will refuse to change. You have all known someone that would “rather fight than switch.” They will resist change to such an extent that they would literally rather DIE than change. Many will make this choice. Know that when you see this happen, it isn’t anyone’s “fault.” It was their plan all along. Their soul had made that decision before it came into their body. They are simply going to go out of this body and eventually take up another, so that they can continue with their “lessons.” No big deal. You’ve all been doing that for a very long time, also.

Others have been embracing change for many years. They have learned the lesson of “surrender.” Instead of “fighting,” they have decided to ACCEPT the direction of their life and have decided to ACCEPT the consequences of that choice. No blame. You haven’t seen them on TV. They aren’t in People magazine. They are pretty invisible, but they are nearly ready to make their appearance on the world stage. They have been preparing for this for a long time, so they will be among the first to manifest the “true human” form. They will be helping others to ACCEPT the necessity of change and to make as grace-full (i.e. filled with Grace) a transition as possible.

… you are a true jewel in the crown of the Creation. We have come to provide the high-frequency sound to shake you loose of all that keeps you from shining forth and perfectly reflecting the Creator’s Light. We are bathing you in a virtual ocean of Love. All you need to do is to SURRENDER and ACCEPT the gift. You will have to “die” to your idea of how small and powerless you are in order to become a “true human.” You will have to ACCEPT the information that begins to flood into you as your light filaments become reconnected to the Source. You will have to deal with your feelings when you discover how much of what you thought was important was part of the “Big Lie.” But you have so much help. “Let go and let God” is a good phrase to express the degree of surrender that you must achieve.

We have defined love as the lack of fear, trust in the Creator, and the willingness to put your life on the line for the truth. We ask you now to move into your true estate, based on that definition of love, to allow yourselves to cast off your shame and guilt and receive the love that you are. We are here to help you.

The energies I referred to in my last mailing are the high-frequency sound technology that is cleansing us and the planet of all that keeps us from being what we were created to be. It is clearing out everything that is not the truth of who and what we are. Receive the gift of these clearings that are taking place. Embrace the changes that signify the flushing out of everything that is not in keeping with the destiny of this planet and all upon her.

There will also be other futures that arise from this one shared reality. The timelines have begun to visibly separate from one another. I can detect it in the way that various authors describe how they see what is happening now. We are not all heading to the same outcome and that is also by divine design. Through the efforts of a small percentage of the present population, aided by tens of millions from throughout our galaxy, Terra will emerge as the focus of a new beginning and an energetic pathway for future generations of humans on other 3D worlds to follow as they, too, follow the script for their lives. 

We are the pioneers and we are striking out ahead of the rest to create that pathway, and in order to do so, we must leave behind everything that defined us in the past. I will conclude with these thoughts from the Message, “The Splitting of the Worlds”:

… we have spoken before of a splitting off of different future worlds from this one world in which you move and have your experience. Each person has their destination, chosen for them by their soul, in keeping with their place in the larger Divine Plan. For those of you who are inclined to want to heal and fix things, it can be difficult to witness the playing out of the “scripts” that are not of your vibration and orientation. There is an intensification of essence taking place, so that those whom you might consider evil, or selfish, or greedy will appear to become more so, and those who are not able to surrender and bow to the winds of change will surely break from their rigidity. The winds of change are already blowing hard, and they will do so for the rest of the time left for your planet and all upon it. There is no letting up in this birthing process now, so if you are expecting it to pause, know now that it will not.

However, there is good news in this, because it also means that the push toward Terra will not stop, either, and those who are destined for it are being gently lifted into their own vibrational layer (stratum) and that is happening for all of those who are destined for other destinations, as well. There is a layering taking place and the layers are becoming more and more distinct from each other. As this proceeds, the resistance to the movement will be crushed by the relentlessness of the forces toward completion. Those who insist on clinging to the status quo will ultimately be swept away from that which they cling to, but it is all just the way of ensuring that each one ends up fulfilling their life’s plan and gets to where they are destined to go.

Embrace the changes. They are necessary and they lead to each of us fulfilling the plan for our life. Welcome the changes as what is needed to birth the world of our dreams, Terra. It’s all God, and it’s all good, no matter what form it may appear to take.

Love to all,
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