February 18, 2011

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you today on the matter of “dates, gates, and mates,” and you may distribute what we say publicly. It was not our intention to put out any more information for public use because it was our perception that each person’s path and the details of their path were so individual that we did not feel there was anything we could say that would be broadly applicable enough to be valid for most of the people reading it. However, given the present focus on various dates, various predictions for different “endings” to this grand cycle, and the confusion that has occurred in terms of the various components being created by each Oversoul, we felt an update and clarification was needed, in order to set things straight according to our perceptions of what is important to those who are part of Operation Terra, in its broadest sense.

First, on the matter of “dates.” As you can see, today is the date in your Gregorian calendar that was originally used by both Carl Johann Calleman and Ian Lungold in identifying the beginning of the last level in their interpretation of the Mayan Long Count. Actually this date is just another day, like every day that occurs now as we approach the end of an even longer “count” – the one that began billions of years ago, when 144,000 of the elohim came together and precipitated this sector of reality out of their beingness. They also made an agreement at that time that they would oversee and participate in their creation until it was time to hand over its stewardship to a new group of elohim, which would take over from there.
You are nearly at the end of this Creation cycle of billions of years and there are still many tasks left to accomplish before it can complete all that was written to occur. There have been some effects along the way that have ameliorated some of those tasks so that they wouldn’t have to be as drastic in their impact as they would have otherwise been, but overall, the task list is the same, and time – as you experience it and count it – is running out to accomplish all that must be completed as part of this ending and the new beginning. Your teams are working around the clock to assure that you are all ready for what must now come. It will come with breathtaking speed and because of the speed with which things must occur in order to be complete by the time you reach that immovable threshold that we have spoken about, there will be no opportunity to recover from each impact by the time the next one occurs. 

It was not originally envisioned to occur this way, but many things were put on hold that were expected to take place over a longer period of time and allow for a more gradual process. They were put on hold by both sides of the polarity game, in order to “buy time” in which to carry out their respective agendas and aspirations in terms of the goal that was sought by each side, which was to maximize the number of people who would be “harvested” for their polarity. However, it seems that, in Its desire to experience everything possible, the Creator balanced things out such that neither polarity had dominance over the other, and the numbers are what they are because of that. There will not be a large harvest for either polarity, and those who “go up” onto their respective worlds are essentially the ones who “came down” from them in order to participate in these times. The preparations have been taking place for centuries and neither side has been able to tip the balance either way.

In spite of the apparent success that the negative polarity seems to have achieved in establishing their ways in the present version of 3D Earth, there have been some stubborn stalwarts who have refused to give up their central way of being and give in to the pressures to conform to the ways of the consensus reality. Unfortunately, their numbers are small, but they have been enough to maintain the tension needed to keep the balance “in balance” and so not much has been accomplished by either side in terms of increasing their harvest and the numbers for the harvest will be small for both sides. When we saw that this would be the case back in 1997, we accepted it and made other plans to attempt to seed our perspective in ways that would benefit future generations of 3D incarnations and keep the door to Terra open to them as a “gate” that they, too, might pass through and make their way to Terra after more time in 3D.
At this time, there are essentially 12 “gates” open as exit paths. One of those leads to Terra, and one of those leads to its negative polarity opposite planet, which shall remain unnamed. That leaves 10 others, some of which have been documented by other researchers and authors, and a few of which have not (which means that they are not generally being seen as a “future” at this time and will come as a bit of a surprise). There is a lot of confusion around the dates given for 2011 and 2012 and what exactly they might mean in terms of outcomes or what someone might expect to experience in relation to those dates. 

Some of what is being said or predicted is simply not true for anyone, and is the work of the negative polarity deceivers, doing their usual thing of leading people astray and into confusion. Glamour and glitter are some of their tools of deception, particularly those that appeal to the lower self-image held by many who clamor to have their fears assuaged by such pronouncements. Some people feel a need to be constantly fed such pap and so someone else responds to that need by providing it. It is certainly much in demand, and there are many willing to supply that demand, like any other commodity in your marketplace – for a price. And that price is not measured in currency units alone. There is also a “price” to be paid in terms of how much more time one will spend in 3D expression. However, once again, this is how it looks from the surface. Every single choice that is made really has its roots in the desire of the Creator to experience every possible experience, so no path or choice is better than any other one. In that sense, they are all equal because they simply fill a niche in the possibilities available to the Creator with which to experience Itself through Its creations. In other words, it all serves the Creator, to whom all of its creations are equally “good.”
Now as to the subject of “mates.” There is really only the Creator, expressing Itself through Its creations, as we have often noted and emphasized. The idea of a “mate” is something of a construct that produces a kind of seeking in those that are those creations, and that seeking is really a seeking to move out of the experience of being separate from the Creator and become one with the Creator again. When a point of awareness experiences itself as separate from both the Creator and the other points of awareness that exist, there is a natural seeking to reunite and become whole with all of the parts that exist in the Mind of God. However, in fact, the experience of separation itself is an illusion that provides the experiences sought by the Creator, so the seeking is actually the seeking of the Creator to experience Itself as being separate parts that can interact with each other in ways that “pretend” they are separate and not really part of the whole. 

The idea of twins, soul twins, twin flames and the like is a fabrication of human minds that perpetuates this illusory seeking and it arises from the Oversoul that scripts each particular life so that taken as a whole, the sum of the experiences provided by all of the scripts written by all of the Oversouls provides all of the experiences desired by the Creator. No one and no thing exists in separation from the Creator. That is simply not possible as there is ONLY the Creator, expressing Itself through Its creations. 

Some of you have had the recent experience of having “parts” of yourself split off and leave you, while other “parts” have showed up as new ways for you to describe and identify yourself. Some of you have discovered you have more than one “twin” walking around on the planet, while others have discovered that while there is only one of you walking around in 3D, you occupy more than one body in higher levels of your being. The whole construct of all of these being is “made up” and none of it is “true” with a capital T. There is ONLY THE CREATOR. Everything else is a fiction, but it certainly moves the story forward, doesn’t it! And THAT is the whole reason for everything that exists TO exist – to move the Creation “story” forward, just like any good script. All action and interaction, all background and foreground, serves to set the stage and provide the action for the story or drama to move forward and to provide experience for the Creator to experience.

So, our recommendation to all of you who might be pondering the significance of these dates, gates, and possibly about your “mates,” is to get back to the basics, because that is where you end up anyway. Let go and let God provide the details of your journey AS IT UNFOLDS, and stop trying to figure things out, if you are still doing that. Many of you who are heading to Terra are already beginning to experience the peace of living in the present, with no thought or attention on the past or the future any more. This is how you will be all of the time once you are fully anchored in the higher levels of your being. 4D is only one of those levels, although it is where you will put your focus most of the time as part of fulfilling your agreement as one of the 144,000 elohim who are supporting the movement to the completion of what was created billions of years ago. Once you are through with that particular task, you will move on to other tasks and provide other kinds of experiences for the Creator. 

The work that has been done to clear your cellular memory has made all of this possible, because otherwise all of you would still be mired in the residue of all of the experience you have had across those billions of years, across the entire spectrum of your being. You are still veiled and cannot grasp the extent of how long and how vast your experience has been, but once you have moved beyond the threshold of your veiling and regained your memory, it will be something that will require a bit of adaptation, because there will be SO MUCH information to incorporate that you will need to be very still and very quiet while it fills you.
We chose to speak to you today because today is a date that at least two people originally settled on as beginning the final “countdown” to the end of this cycle. Because there are so many tasks that still need to take place in terms of providing the experiences and completions that need to take place, the time between now and the end of each of these exit paths will be increasingly intense. The shorter the time left on each exit path, the more intense the experience will be and the path to Terra and its polar opposite are the shortest of the 12 exit paths, so they will be the most intense. For people on the other exit paths, their dates will be different in terms of both what they experience and the conclusion it leads to.

The timelines continue to separate from each other and for those of you who are no longer turning to outside sources of information for your “news,” you will not even notice what is happening on those other perceptual screens. Your attention will be more and more within and your experience will be more and more focused on the shift in your awareness and how YOU are being changed. At the perfect moment and in the perfect way, each of you who is part of Operation Terra will simply experience yourself in a different location, in a different body, and with a different system to operate in. It will occur naturally and without particular effort on your part. As we have said repeatedly, this is not something you earn or can create for yourself. You just have to relax into it and receive it.

So what lies ahead for each person will be essentially a continuation of what has gone before for each of them. Each step has led to the next step and it will continue to be that way. You can look back with the clarity of hindsight and see how this has operated in your own life and it will continue to operate in your life so that each of you will get to where your Oversoul has scripted for you to get to. The “future” already exists, and the pathway from the “past” to the “future” through the “present” has already been laid out and drawn. You get to experience each moment of that pathway like a bead on a string, but the bead keeps moving along the string and as it does, you are changed by the interactions and experiences that appear in a particular location on that string. It is much more complex than that, but that is all we care to say about it. 

Your future already exists and you cannot miss arriving at it. There is no “final destination.” Even the future that you focus on right now is just another step, just another moment on the string of your experience as a point of awareness within All That Is, and it stretches out until you merge back into the godhead completely and lose all sense of yourself as a separate point of awareness. However, now your awareness is poised at a very interesting part of the journey and we felt it would be helpful for us to remind you of the basic principles that we have given you to practice in your lives. 
The event horizon has been passed and the course has been set. There is no more play in the system and no more room for interference. It will all go forward now to completion. Take some deep breaths and register this. It is going to be an interesting time to be in a body and things will unfold rapidly from here on in.

We love you and are with you always. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

To all,

I was very surprised when the Hosts asked me to take a dictation from them, as they had said there would be no more public messages. I have put their message, “Date, Gates, and Mates,” up on the OT site and you can access it from there. However, I do feel that, given some of the responses I received from some of the more seasoned members of our online forums after I posted the update there, I need to make some comments regarding this update.

There was a definite “edge” to the energy and content of this particular message from the Hosts, which was different from previous communications from them. My husband characterized it as being like an adult talking to another adult, rather than like an adult talking to a child or even an adolescent. This might reflect our own spiritual maturation, as well as the gravity of the times that lie just ahead, but the tone was definitely a serious one.

The "tasks" that remain to be completed are those that will result in fulfilling all of the completions that need to be made so that the planet and her movable parts that are heading into 4D at this time will be able to do so without those energies accompanying them. Some of these “tasks” will be in the form of various upheavals that will be the outpicturing of the cleansing currently taking place, such as earth changes and changes in the social and financial structures that underpin the present systems and paradigm. The amelioration of some of their effects has come about largely through humans who have been doing their part in clearing those energies within themselves (the inner work) and the efforts of those who have unified their intentions for a better world through events such as the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Therefore some of these “tasks” will not have as dramatic an effect as they might have had otherwise, but that is offset in part by the amount of time left before all of this has to complete, which will increase the intensity of the experience of so many changes taking place over so short a time.

The recognition that smaller numbers would be evacuated than had been hoped for actually crystallized on May 15, 1997, when the decision was made to move from a much larger “op” (Plan A) to a scaled-down version (Plan B, the present plan). Because it was observed that so few “native earthlings” had made the necessary shift in consciousness, essentially all of those who would be making the trip to Terra at this time were those who had come down” from the higher levels of their being to participate down here on the ground during the preparations for this shift. These preparations have been taking place for centuries and are only reaching their peak right now. The number being evacuated is less the 1/10 of 1% of the present population or around 6 million people. The 144,000 elohim who precipitated this region out of their beingness are vast fields of self-aware intelligent energy that is not expressing through physical form but which projects everything else that exists in form. The Oversouls are projections of the elohim, and we are the projections of our Oversoul.

For me, there was not really anything new being said in this message. It was instead a call to refocus our attention on living the principles given in the Messages, and to let go of our fascination with dates, gates and mates. :-) There is a lot of talking going on around expectations for 2011 and 2012, especially with regard to some people’s interpretations of the Mayan Long Count, and I feel that the Hosts’ intentions were to remind us to bring our focus back to the bigger picture, that of the much longer “count,” and remain rooted in the perspective that there is only one life being lived -- that of the Creator, expressing and experiencing Itself through Its creations. As a colleague has told me privately, “There is no [separate] God; there is ONLY God!”

I don’t know where that immovable threshold exists in linear time, but the description given in the Messages about a time when all of the “gears” (cycles) contained in our manifest reality line up with each other in the same positions there were in at the very beginning COULD be Dec. 21, 2012. However, I fully expect that, on the timeline leading to Terra, we will be well on our way by then and the timelines will have fully separated from one another. Each timeline will provide a different pathway out of this present reality and will have a different experience, both in terms of timing and content. Each of us will only be aware of the timeline WE are on, and everything else that occurs on the other timelines will be outside of our experience and our awareness, so we will only see and experience what is "ours."

On a more personal note, I continue to move through clearings and personal shifts and am experiencing more of my 4D self every day. According to the Message, “Density 3.8,” “...soon it will seem like you almost slip effortlessly into your new state of being and find yourselves in another place altogether. This will be a literal perception of being somewhere else when your oscillations have taken you across the threshold and you are vibrating wholly above the 4.0 density point. In the meantime, you will experience more and more of the fourth density ways and perceptions, so please do not think you are losing your sanity. This is totally normal in this process and we are watching over you and working with you constantly, to make sure the pace is perfect for you.”

I feel this is taking place for me (and some others who are reporting it on the forums) right now. I will report anything of significance that I am allowed to report when and if it occurs.

Love and blessings,
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