September 10, 2012

All right, now. We have asked to speak to you today in order to share some developments within the “op” with your general public. We are accompanied by Sananda, who will be guiding things from here on in, although we wish to assure everyone that we are very much present and will continue to be so throughout the entire circle of experience that culminates with the colonization of Terra and the arrival and maturation of its first generation of native Terrans.

It is time to begin the preparations leading up to the evacuation itself and for that reason, your own process and those of the first two waves has been greatly accelerated, so that you may be taken to that level of consciousness required for you to fulfill your individual functions within the “op.” Special forces will remain close to “ordinary” consciousness and will be processed on the ships along with the groups that they lead there.

[pause, while the Hosts step back and Sananda steps forward]

This is Sananda speaking. I will be the voice for the “op” from this time forward and Sara will be the vehicle to deliver my communications to all of you. I am present and overseeing others on other timelines as well. However, in terms of Operation Terra, Sara is the only person whom I will be speaking to and through, so if you happen to come across others who make claims in that regard, please consider my words carefully.

It is part of the times you move through to have various individuals bringing forth their “piece of the puzzle,” as it were, and this communication from me is not the only part of the equation. Each of you has your own team of communicants and supporters and each of you reading this is quite able to feel what is right action for you in any given moment. That being said, there is a need for someone to speak as the official voice for the“op” as a whole. I am that speaker for now, but when Sara has completed her present process and attained full connection again, I will pass that job on to her and she will guide you the rest of the way.

In the meantime, continue the practices that the Hosts have given to you in their various communications and they will serve you well as we all negotiate this transition time and approach the actual evacuation. That is all that needs to be said for now. You will be kept informed in a general way over time as things proceed. However, it is important for you to listen within in each moment that presents to know exactly what is right for you personally in that moment. That is why the Messages were given — to prepare you for the time that is now here and that will bring many changes for everyone and everything on the planet before much more time has passed, even as you measure time.

Love and blessings,
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