August 12, 2007

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you today because of some changes on the immediate horizon for everyone connected with the “op.” You are nearing the crossover point between 3D and 4D, and for those in the first two waves, this will result in a substantial shift in one’s perceptions and subjective experience. What will this look like when it arrives? We can only give you an analogy to something you can imagine, because otherwise you could not imagine it at all until after you had already experienced it.

Imagine it is daytime and you are inside a house, looking through a window to the outside. Even though the sun is shining, the window looks like it is coated on the outside with a thick translucent gel, so the images you see through the window are blurred but still recognizable by their overall shape and color. This is how you perceive 4D right now.

Now imagine yourself moving toward the window and then passing through it bodily. While you are still inside of the house, the window and the gel will still blur the images outside, but as you draw closer to the window, they will become somewhat sharper and clearer. However it is not until you have passed through the window itself and are fully present outside of the house that you will see clearly.

The window and the gel represent what you refer to as “the veil.” You are approaching a time when you will, figuratively speaking, pass through the veil that clouds your perceptions and begin to see clearly again. We say “again” because this is how you were before you incarnated as a veiled human being, and you will now return to that prior state, and once you have fully crossed over into 4.0 awareness, your memories will also be restored.

You will be able to see in all directions at the same time. You will be able to hear the thoughts of others, and you will begin to access the full range of your abilities—all while maintaining a physical presence within 3D. At some point, when you have adapted to this change in your abilities, you will literally be able to walk through walls. However, we must emphasize that this is still a process, not an event, and there is a continuum of experiences that will accompany the shift.

The first stages of this will involve a gradual shift in your ability to “see,” just as things began to appear more clear as you moved toward the window in our example. However, what you “see” will not just be visual perception. You will “see” with your entire beings, and it will be more like total “knowing,” involving your intuition as the container of the experience and your subtle senses providing the colors, shapes, sounds and smells that are part of that experience.

Most importantly, you will understand what you perceive for what it is. The blinders will come off and you will just “know” everything you need to know in that moment, and eventually—as you acclimate to this experience—you will know everything that is connected in that moment. You will be able to perceive all of the relationships—past, present, and future—that intersect in the moment and be able to trace them in any direction you choose.

Your sense of self will dissolve as you move into this shift until you become without boundary, able to merge with and become anything you perceive. You will know yourself to BE everything you perceive and when this process is complete, you will be in union with All That Is, and all experience of separation will fall away.

We want to remind you that this IS a process, not an event, so it will proceed gradually enough for you to integrate it as it proceeds. However we felt you should know what is coming so you will understand and recognize it for what it is when your perceptions begin to change.

This will not occur at the same rate or the same time for everyone, as each has their own unique process to go through. However, everyone who IS part of the first two waves WILL go through this and everyone who is NOT part of the first two waves will NOT go through it until after the evacuation.

This will be a profound shift of identity and perception and it will occur in small increments so that you can maintain function and adapt. You will not be able to explain this to anyone who is NOT part of the first two waves, so we suggest you don’t even try. There will eventually be a merging of the minds of everyone involved in this and you will be together even while your bodies are expressing in separate locations. This is all we wish to say at this point in time, but we will tell you more when the need to know arises later on.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

COMMENTARY: This Bulletin describes what I am currently experiencing (late 2014) and has been previously published as part of the additional material that is included in the print version of Operation Terra: The Collected Works. You can see more about what is in the book on the Book page of this site and/or by using the "Look Inside the Book" feature on the Amazon.com page for the book.

Because it has been more than 7 years since this information was received, it is clear that what the Hosts mean by "immediate horizon" in the first sentence is speaking from their experience of being outside of time. For those of us who operate from within linear time, it has hardly been "immediate," but the good thing is that it is happening NOW.

Lots of good things ahead for the "op," in 2015 and beyond!


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