June 15, 2015

All right, now. We have asked to speak to you today because it is time for us to do so. A certain point has been reached in terms of the financial manipulations we spoke about in our last communication with you that requires us to step forward now with more information about what to expect and how best to prepare for what is coming and will unfold — on the surface of your planet and around her, in the atmosphere and beyond.

First of all, please understand that everything has ALREADY happened. We are just following the script and doing what it calls for from us, in our roles as interpreters of the times in which your present bodies exist. Note that we say, “present bodies,” because they are not the ones you will use later on.

Each and every person reading this communication has a destiny and destination that was determined by their Oversoul in creating the “life” they are living. None of this is by accident, or even “choice” at the level of the projection you consider yourself to be. As we have reminded you so often in the past, there is nothing to stop and nothing to fix. EVERYTHING is exactly the way it is because that’s what the Creator desired to experience through it.

That being said (as we have also told you in the past), this is a time in which polarization will increase to its maximum possible extent, so it is natural that you will be repelled by the actions of the polarity opposite to yours. It is all the way it’s supposed to be and we ask you to embrace that idea to the point where you can internalize it and release all resistance to any of it being the way it is.

Now, then, there is a certain point at which things go “critical.” That is where we are at right now. A critical mass of energies has accumulated and a tipping point is imminent. That is why we are stepping forward now, just as we have in the past when something was about to occur within your perceptual horizon.

“You, as a planetary population, are about to enter a time of deepening strife and travail.” Do you remember that we said that on September 8, 2001? Have those words come to be fulfilled? Now we would reword that statement and say, “You, as a planetary population, are about to enter a time of greater turmoil and strife than has ever been experienced in the entire history of the planet.” The “good news” in that statement is (as the song title goes) that “It’s been a long time coming” and now that time is here.

Why do we call it good news? Because, from our perspective, the long time of preparation is over, and that which we have prepared for so diligently is about to begin. It is the fulfillment of all that we have worked toward for centuries of your time and now it is finally here.

This climax will resolve all of the questions about where one is heading and how one will get there. It will also resolve all of the timelines onto their path of completion and their finally separating out from the others so that only the experiences that belong to that timeline will be perceived by those upon it.

In order for this to take place in the manner in which the Creator gets to experience everything It desires to experience, a certain amount of chaos is necessary, to provide the “smokescreen” or curtain behind which this separation can take place so that only those on a given timeline will experience what is unique to that timeline.

Seen from that perspective, the coming chaos serves a higher purpose, so please remember that when things go into motion and look chaotic. There is an order underneath the chaos that will not be obvious unless you are calm, grounded, and centered enough to just observe it and not get caught up in the disturbance. It will look rather insane, but it really is an orderly exit being created behind the curtain of chaos.

During this time of increasing chaos, certain things you need will be unavailable or not easily gotten, so we recommend that you give some thought to what you might need to get by for a matter of weeks if stores were closed, banks froze up, and transportation failed because money and credit became frozen, too. If you are dependent on medication, stock up on that. If you will need food and water, stock up on that.

You might need several weeks’ supply of cash on hand (not in banks), but do not count on a stack of precious metal coins to get you through. They will be difficult to convert to cash when the coming controls are put into place, and small denomination currency will be more useful while the transition is taking place.

We will be speaking to you again, on an as-needed basis, and while things might look chaotic, know that each and every one of you is watched over, protected, and provided for in the ways that matter. Use this time to hone your skills in surrender, seeking inner peace, and using your intuitive sense to guide your choices. Even if everyone around you is losing their heads and shrieking in distress, really work at remaining in your center and stay in your observer mode as much as possible.

Each person will experience what they are scripted to experience. Each person will end up where they are supposed to go. The script has been written, cast, and filmed and now you will have the opportunity to watch it all unfold from where you are.

Know that we are with you at all times, every step of the way, and soon we will all be reunited in our true estate with one another. The road may be rough in spots along the way, but in the end, our reunion will pave the way to creating another road for all humanity — the road to Terra and all that that represents.

We leave you now in peace, honor, and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven, working as a team with Sananda and waiting to welcome you home.
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